May 152013

“Samuel, look at me.”

I purposely did not. A minute ago I was alone in the car. Now it appeared that I wasn’t.

There was a tinkling of bells and something brushed my ear. It felt like lips. A tongue licked my ear lobe. It was quite nice except for the cold metal of her tongue piercing.

“I want to fuck you, Samuel.”

I bet she did.

The traffic jam relented for ten feet. I coasted the car forward. I glimpsed someone in the backseat from my rear view mirror. I averted my eyes.

“Take your cock out for me,” the voice said. There was a slight Southern tang to her voice. That was a bad sign. First she knew one of my names and now she was homing in on my desires.

The traffic refused to move.

There was a tinkling of bells just under my chin. A hand touched my chest. I looked straight ahead. Fingernails, tipped with bells, raked gently across my chest.  It was nice.

“I need you, Samuel,” the voice said. The desperate whine was straight from my last girlfriend.

She must have followed me back from my journey to the Astral Main. The fact that she came with me on the Pink Ship of Lewdness, around the Horn of Craving and through the Gates of the Abundant Woman was impressive. It was also telling that she was manifesting less than forty hours after my journey. She was no ordinary half formed spirit of lust. She had to be a true Angel of Perversity.

The tinkling of bells was right behind my ear. Heavy breasts pressed against the back of my neck. Tattooed flesh crowded the edge of my perception. I could feel the warmth of her forbidden flesh. All I had to do was turn my head and I could have nuzzled breasts as perfect as my imagination.

It would also mean I would see her. Seeing was believing; believing was surrendering. Surrender would mean the forfeit of my soul. There would be noting left of me except for a new bell hanging from her flesh.

“Fuck me like one of your little followers, Samuel,” the voice said. “I would bend over and take anything would give me.”

The traffic moved forward a few more feet. I glimpsed police lights a mile down.

The bells tinkled and something touched my crotch. Nimble fingers stroked the bulge that was forming in my pants.

The wisest person I know, Catalina, told me that you should never speak to Angels. The smart thing to do would be to sit here in traffic and recite banishing meditations in the hopes that the Angel will move on to other prey.

I am not the wisest person I know.

“I want to fuck you,” I said.

The bells shook furiously from the sound of the passenger seat. I stared straight ahead.

“Yes,” the voice said. “Look at me. Look at how wet you are making me.”

I heard the sound of a pussy being stroked and bells being rung.

“I can hear how wet you are,” I said.

She moaned. “Look at my tits. I want you to bite them.”

“I will,” I said.

“When?” she pouted. “Fuck me and I will get you off like you never have before.”

That was true but I did enjoy not being a damned soul.

“One minute,” I said. I jerked the wheel and drove into the bicycle lane. It was too tight so I had to also drive on part of the sidewalk.

Horns honked and gestures cursed me. The bells tinkled as the Angel stroked faster. The smell of pussy as sweet as my first girlfriend filled the car.

I found what I needed. A crappy little sandwich place lurked in a strip mall. I turned into the parking lot, sloppily parked my car and ran to the restaurant.

The bells tinkled behind me. The front glass of the place was terribly reflective. I caught the hint of flesh, tattoos and bells before I closed my eyes. Blind, I felt for the door and opened it. Only then did I open my eyes again.

“Hey, where’s your restroom?” I demanded.

The surly man behind the counter frowned at me with weary disappointment. Of course he couldn’t see the naked Angel behind me. She was my little blessing. “Restrooms are for customers only.”

“Make me a Philly cheese steak with everything and I’ll eat it when I get out.” I tossed my wallet towards him.

He caught it. “It’s in the back.”

I ran. “Do you want a combo?” he yelled.

“Yes!” I yelled back.

Praise the Older Woman and the Slut, the bathroom was unused. I darted in and closed the door behind me. My fingers found the lock and turned it.

“Yes,” the Angel purred. “Fuck me, now.”

“One more thing,” I said.

I turned off the lights.

The bells rang beside me. I reached out into the darkness. My fingers closed around pierced arms.

“Look at me,” the Angel cried.

“Do you care if I look at you?” I said and then I kissed her.

Pierced lips melted against mine. A pierced tongue wrestled against me. Pierced breasts pressed against me. A powerful leg wrapped around my waist. Fingers that tinkled grabbed my ass.

After a long kiss in the dark, she finally answered me. “No,” she said.

I laughed and removed my pants. She grabbed my cock and pulled. I pressed her against a wall and reached down to lift her. She was as light as a moan.

I pushed her against the wall. She squealed with delight at the dirt she could feel. I lowered her and felt my cock press up into pierced pussy lips and a bell on her clitoris.

Infernal heat gripped my cock. Desire as wet as the ocean washed down my cock and onto my balls. Muscles clenched my cock with the power of endless craving.

“You asshole,” she whispered and my cock throbbed. “You’re fucking me so that I will lose my grip on this plane of existence.”

I fucked her faster. She knew exactly what turned me on: acknowledging my cunning. The angel couldn’t help fucking me and helping me fuck. It was what she was.

Bells and breasts grinded against my chest. Fingernails scratched grooves into my back. Thighs tightened around me. Studded lips bit into my shoulder.

Bells tinkled, rang and chimed in a supernatural chorus.

I came. She was right. I had never come so fast or hard. I cried out. Half of the joy was from the pleasure at knowing I had banished her, the other half of the joy was having my seed pulled out of me by a magical vagina.

The bells stopped ringing.

I turned on the light. I was alone.

It felt good. Not many people got to fuck an Angel. Well, not fuck an Angel and not become a chiming body modification.

Best of all, I had a Philly cheese steak waiting for me.

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  1. Really enjoyed this and the angel analogy. The character is clever, and it is a delicious snippet in the story.

  2. Nothing hotter than sexual intelligence, (or smarts in this case).

    Loved this quicky ;)

  3. Yummy. And I love the charm bit.

  4. Cammies – Thanks. I hoped people would enjoy it as much as I did.

    Mystique – Samuel might be the smartest person that he thinks he knows.

    t’Sade- Thanks.

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