Apr 222013

Sheba’s is proud to announce the My-Sheba’s card for our frequent eaters. We know you love our topless employees in the kitchen, our thigh pressed hamburger patties and our cashiers who are always willing to make you happy so we thought we create a program that rewards you for your patronage.

The My-Sheba’s card tracks your purchases and enters it into our comprehensive database. This lets Sheba’s keep a loving eye on your eating habits as well as remembering your special orders. Just swipe your card on the cashier electronic bra and it will pull up your preferred special orders, your previous purchases and whether or not you do want fries with that.

But that’s not all! Check out these other benefits of the My-Sheba’s card.

Buy five Sheba’s meals and get your sixth meal for free!

Buy ten Sheba’s meals and your eleventh meal is a free salad! Because Sheba wants you to be healthy and stick around for more meals.

Buy fifteen Sheba’s meals and you get a lapdance from a Sheba’s employee!

Buy thirty Sheba’s meals and you get a pair of panties from a Sheba’s employee!

Buy fifty Sheba’s meals and a Sheba’s team of topless chefs will come to your house and prepare a meal in your own kitchen! We’re not saying that an orgy will break out, but who knows? Actually, we are pretty sure that an orgy will not break out but feel free to fantasize about one.

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