Apr 232013

I am 40 years old today. Holy crap.

In honor of my 40th birthday, I will share all of my accumulated wisdom so that younger people will not suffer as I have but because you are younger, you won’t listen to my advice because you know everything.

1. Love the things/people/music/tv/books that you love. Seriously. If you love something or someone, then love it without shame, guilt or hesitation.

2. Make yourself happy because no one else will fucking do it. Maybe because I had an alcoholic step-father, or a severely codependent first marriage, but I spent an awful long amount of time waiting for loved ones to make me happy. Fuck that. Figure out what makes you happy and then do it. Life will be so much better.

3. Be nice. I don’t know any other act that makes you feel better and makes the world better.

Also in honor of my birthday, my favorite song about birthdays.

And my second favorite songs about birthdays

  5 Responses to “Hitting Level 40”

  1. Happy leveling up while careening around an enormous swirling ball of gas undergoing a massive uncontrolled nuclear explosion day! Hope you’re getting to enjoy the day.

    And Concrete Blonde rocks.

  2. Thanks. Concrete Blonde always rocks :)

  3. Same birthday as Shakespeare (and a few others I know)
    No wonder you’re bless with literary grace, I hope you had a wonderful day and many thanks for the advice!!

  4. Mystique- The Shakespeare connection got creepier when I realized that the street corner I grew up on was Stratford and Avon

  5. It all makes sense now! ;)

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