Apr 172013

The phone rang and my cock throbbed. I was being summoned once more.

My stomach growled and I thought of the chicken in the oven. Two days of marinating and two hours of wonderful smells was about to go to waste. Sometimes I am not sure if the Invisible Collar understood the sacrifices of its servants.

I took out my phone and looked for the message. There was no message this time; it was an actual person calling me. That was different.

“Hello,” I said.

“The Invisible Collar protects the worthy,” a voice said. It was a woman’s voice. Slightly Southern but formal.

“The Invisible Collar chokes the unworthy,” I answered.

“We have a situation,” Voice said. “This is a Rescue operation.”

That explained the shortened protocol. The Invisible Collar didn’t mind making their members repeat endless vows. I turned off the oven. My stomach had stopped growling. My cock grew harder.

“What do we know?” I said. I plugged in the earpiece for my phone. I put on my boots and laced them. 

“Not much,” the Voice said. “Kelly is a submissive with the Invisible Collar. She has been a member for eight months. She activated her panic button two minutes ago. She is not on any scheduled activity.”

“So she’s playing with someone outside the Collar,” I said.

“Or someone that is in the Collar but hasn’t registered this activity,” Voice said.

I shook my head and realized she couldn’t see me. “An eight month initiate might be that dumb, but not anyone else. Have you tried calling her?”

“Yes, and there was no answer,” Voice said. It was actually a stupid question on my part. It was part of protocol to call but I just double checking. I appreciated that Voice didn’t mind me asking. We were going to work well together.

“The GPS tracker says she is on Peachburn street. Do you know it?”

“No,” I said. I opened the closet. I had nine bags prepared for special occasions. I took the red bag and carried it out the door.

“I’ll give you directions,” she said.

My hands shook as I put the key in the ignition. I smiled. I wasn’t nervous. I was damn excited.

Voice told me where to go and I went. She spoke only as needed. I appreciated that. I needed the quiet. My mind was trying to focus on the job at hand and my cock wasn’t helping. Rescues were tricky, hard and dangerous. They had to be done right.

I arrived outside a house in a decent neighborhood. My hands pulled what I needed out of the bag and clipped them to my belt. I hesitated as I realized that I hadn’t done any stretching and I dismissed it, there was no time now. I’d pay for it later.

I scanned the nearby houses out of habit. Today was the rare day that I didn’t need to worry about witnesses. The Invisible Collar had lawyers on retainer for operations like these. It was one of the few times that I didn’t have to hide what I did. It felt good. In fact, I wish more people were watching.

“I’m going in,” I told Voice.

“May the Invisible Collar guide you,” Voice said.

I walked up to the front door and knocked. My fist punched the door fast and angry. I kept punching the door until I got an answer.

The door swung open. The man standing there was thirty something. He had the stylish hair and black goatee that was so popular among the fetish crowd these days. He was only wearing pants and that was to show off his rather good physique.

“What the fuck do you want?” he yelled.

I answered him by punching him in the nose. The satisfying crunch of cartilage sent shivers down my spine and right into my ball sack. He fell backwards and clutched his face. Blood leaked from his hands.

I stepped into his house. That was when I saw two other guys in the living room. They were big. Both had their shirts off. Both were in better shape than me.

“Fuck,” I said.

They mistook it for weakness. One of them grabbed a bat and ran at me. I briefly wondered why they had a bat in the living room. My hand went to my belt and I grabbed the pepper spray.

A six foot stream of stinging pain flew through the air. It struck Bat-Guy in the face and he screamed. Oh my God, that scream was the most delicious thing I have heard in ages. If my cock was in a mouth, I would have come right then.

Bat-Guy stumbled back and crashed into a lamp. He rolled on the ground and kept screaming.

Other-Guy was standing but he wasn’t coming any closer.

“Stay back, asshole!” he said.

Pepper spray in hand, I moved quickly to him. He held up his hands to protect his face and I kicked him in the knee. The steel toe boot fucked him up good. He went down and I kept kicking. Joy radiated through every fiber of my being.

“You’re on a rescue mission,” Voice said.

My foot stopped in mid stomp. She was right. 

“Where’s Kelly?” I asked. He wasn’t going to answer but I liked to have another excuse to hit him.

He didn’t answer. I smiled and kicked again.

“Kelly!” I roared. “Help is here!”

“Who are you?” a woman’s voice yelled out. It was from down the hall.

I crossed the living room. Broken Nose started to get up and I brought my elbow down hard in his shoulder. He went back down to the ground.

“Who the fuck do you think it is?” I yelled.

“The Invisible Collar heard your plea,” Voice said softly in my ear.

I felt a flush of shame. I was forgetting protocol. The joy of hurting people had made me sloppy like a first year initiate. 

“The Invisible Collar heard your plea,” I said. I went down the hall. There was a closed door with a light on. I could see scuff marks on the door where someone had been kicking it. Wimps. I bet I could kick that door in with one kick.

“The Invisible Collar knows our thoughts,” Kelly said from the other side of the door.

“The Invisible Collar knows our needs,” I answered. It was the first protocol we all learn.

I heard something heavy get moved away from the door. The door opened and a pretty black girl came out. Tears had made a mess of her makeup. She was wearing a cheap tacky teddy. She was clutching her necklace like it was a talisman. I figured that was where they put the panic device.

“Let’s go,” I said. “Do we need to get anything?”

“My purse, and my clothes,” Kelly said. “I left them in the living room.”

“We don’t have time for you to change. Just grab them and come with me.”

Broken Nose was back on his feet. He had the bat in his hand. Other-Guy was still down and Bat-Guy was still crying.

“Who the fuck are you?” Broken Nose said.

I still had the pepper-spray. I also had a Tazer. I even had a collapsing baton that I could have used to even the odds. I didn’t use any of them. My cock was hard and I wanted something more physical.

I charged him. He swung the bat and hit me in the side. The pain was intense but fuck, I was high on endorphins.

I tackled him to the ground. He might have been stronger but I was meaner. I also didn’t have a broken nose. We flailed at each other but after a minute, I was the only one still punching.

I got up. There was a lot of blood on me.   

“Oh my God,” Kelly said. She had her hands full with her clothes.

“Asshole shouldn’t have fucked with you,” I said.

She didn’t answer. It must have been shock. I took her by the arm and led her outside.  She might as well have been naked considering how transparent her little teddy was but she didn’t care. I got her into my car and we drove out of there.

“Bring her to Justine House,” Voice said. “Do you know where it is?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve played there a few times. I’ll come right over.”

“Alex was so nice at the club,” Kelly said. “I thought it would be fun to play with him at his house but after I got there, these other guys showed up and he expected me to play with them too.”

“Shh,” I said. “It’s alright. You don’t have to explain anything to me.” Which was true. Kinky people are like anyone else; some of them are giant assholes. Besides, Voice had probably already assembled a team that would consist of a therapist, a doctor and a lawyer. Kelly didn’t have to tell me her story because she was going to tell her story a dozen times during her debriefing with the Invisible Collar. I was just the rescue muscle.

We got to Justine House. I helped Kelly through the back door. A woman was there, tall with black hair streaked with gray. Next to her was a friendly Indian woman who radiated warmth and care. As soon as the tall woman opened her mouth, I knew she was Voice.

“Kelly, I am so sorry about what happened to you,” she said. “This Nadine, she’s going to help you get dressed and help you out.”

Kelly nodded and let Nadine take her by the arm. The two went down the hall to private areas. She was in good hands. My task was officially over.

“Shouldn’t you go with her?” I asked. My heart was still pounding. Civility was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go home and come down from this violence high.

She shook her head. “I am tasked with taking care of both of you. Kelly is in expert hands. She will be fine. I am more worried about you. How are you doing?

I had a vision of forcing her to her knees. I shook my head and shrugged. “I’m sore. I got hit with a bat and I am starting to feel it. I just need to put some ice on and lie down. Other than that, I’m good.”

She looked at me and I could tell she wasn’t buying it. “That’s not what I meant. You hurt people today. You did the Invisible Collar a great service but it was a service you obviously enjoy doing. I am asking you, as one servant to another, how are you?”

“Horny,” I said. There was a growl to my voice.

She stepped closer. She was a thin woman, thinner than I usually liked but there was a frailty to her body that was giving me new fantasies. It would be nothing to throw her over my shoulder and carry her back home.

She came even closer. I looked down into her steel blue eyes. She wasn’t flinching. 

“What do you need?” she asked.

I grabbed her hair and kissed her. Among our people, kissing was the most intimate act. I was breaking all sorts of rules of courtesy and etiquette but kissing her but I didn’t care.

I also wasn’t doing that good of a job of kissing her. I was just taking her mouth. I was assaulting her tongue with my tongue. I was stealing her breath. I was bruising her with my lips. It felt awesome.

When I had drunk my fill of her lips, I pulled at her pants. She was wearing jeans and I debated cutting them from her body. There was no time. I yanked her pants down. She struggled to stay on her feet as I pulled them from each leg. It wasn’t gentle or graceful at all.

She was wearing red panties. “Take them off,” I growled.

Voice obeyed. There was no fear in her eyes. A thrill ran through me as she slipped them off.

I pulled my pants off in a second. My cock was an angry monster between my legs. It was another weapon waiting to be used.

There are rooms in the dungeon that I could have taken her. There were several bedrooms. There were plenty of spanking benches. I didn’t want any of them.

I lunged for her. Voice cried out as I picked her off the ground and slammed her against a wall. She was so tall but light. I lowered her onto my cock.

I was not surprised to find her sex wet and ready for me.

Our bodies collided on the wall. It wasn’t convenient but my body refused to compromise. I fucked her against the wall with all the violence in my heart.

Voice took it. She took my animal thrusts. She took my savage kisses. She took my pawing hands on her tender body.

She reached around and grabbed my ass. She pulled me deeper into her sex. It was an invitation to hold nothing back.

Any other day, I would have fallen for her. This was not one of those days. I was filled with aggression. I was furious with lust. I had hurt people today for a righteous cause and now I was fucking someone for a selfish cause.

We fucked against the wall. I growled while she moaned. I thrust while she received.

I remembered the splash of blood when I broke that guy’s nose. I smiled at the thought of the guy screaming from the pepper spray. I throbbed in her sex as I remembered the feeling of my boot coming down on the third guy.

I fucked her faster. The hallway echoed with the force of my thrusts. I wondered what I would do if anyone were to walk into this hallway. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t stop.

It didn’t take me long at all. I shouted as I climaxed and I shouted as I kept coming. 

My seed went up her sex and so did the last of my adrenalin. I felt a tremendous release of tension all of my body. It was followed quickly by exhaustion and an ache in my side from the bat. The switch that had been keeping me going was finally turned off. I felt human again.

I gently set her down on the ground. She smiled knowingly at me as I slipped out of her. Bruises were already appearing on her body.

Voice didn’t ask me if I was feeling better. She didn’t ask if I got what I needed. She knew. She patted me on the shoulder and gathered her clothes. I watched her go through the door that Kelly went earlier. I was dismissed.

I should have proposed to her right there. That was someone who understood me. Then again, that was what the Invisible Collar did. They gathered people together. They gathered them to play, to fuck, to help and to guide. And sometimes, they gather people like me to attack, fight and destroy.

That was what I do.

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  1. Wow, the follow-up for the Collar is fantastic. Wonderful story, I loved how it moved from violence to therapy so smoothly.

  2. t’sade – Thanks. Violence and therapy is a winning combination

  3. Very dark and extremely hot.

    And this time, seeing this side of the main character raises ??? to his background, as to what kind of person did the organisation hire?

    (Is he a convict? Has violence always been his source of pleasure? Does he kill? etc)

    This series has piqued my interest somewhat although not something I’d have otherwise rushed to read, but this story has got me curious.

    (And my own dark side resonating some…)

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