Apr 032013

Explorer’s Log: I am on day one hundred of my nine month voyage to the star system designated “Queen’s Deadly Beauty” by Royal Astronomers. Although it wasn’t scheduled for another three months, I went ahead and did a complete preventative maintenance check on the Deep Space Probe. All systems are currently working at 104% efficiency. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: After recording one hundred videos of myself masturbating I am officially sick of seeing my own face. I have a new sex game for today. If it all works right, it won’t kill me.

Vaquel Di stood naked in hallway that ran the length of the Deep Space Probe. Her dark brown body was freshly clean from an hour in the Hygienic Pod. Her full breasts jiggled lightly in the reduced gravity of the ship. Moisture still clung to the short pink hair of Vaquel’s head and also to the thick bush of pink pubic hair over her sex.

She adjusted the vibrator in her hand. Technically it was one of the micro-probes that the ship used to burrow into the crust of planets and take scans but she had modified it. Gone were the scanners and in their place was a rather powerful vibration machine. She had hand crafted the mechanics through trial, error and orgasm.

Vaquel turned the vibrator on and put it at the lips of her sex. The powerful vibrations brought a smile to her lips and a tingling to her nipples. She pushed it in; groaning as the modified micro-probe shook within her.

Now she was ready.

She took a deep breath and let it out. Across from her was one of her weapons. The Strangler Gun was mounted on rigged chair with a voice trigger. It was pointed right at her.

“Computer, activate Vaquel Program Choke,” she said.

The Strangler Gun fired. A solid weight hit Vaquel right in the chest with bruising force. She stumbled back and bent over.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

A second later, the mass exploded. Green fibers erupted around her. Tiny bands of synthetic material wrapped around her body. Coils wrapped around her large breasts and squeezed. Tight strands wrapped around her face leaving only one eye open to see her plight.

Vaquel stumbled again but the bands were already wrapping around her legs. Vaquel tried to use her hands to grab onto something but her arms were quickly constricted and pulled into her body. Even her toes were bound as fibers wrapped around her feet.

Vaquel fell over. The green fibers bound her tightly. She hit the ground hard and the vibrator shook within her.

“Fuck, yeah,” Vaquel moaned. Her moan turned into a choking gasp as the fibers tightened around her throat.

She suppressed a laugh. The Strangler Gun worked exactly as the manual said. The fibers reacted to motion by tightening. The fibers reacted to pressure by tightening. The fibers reacted to heat and cold by tightening. It was a weapon of subdual but it was also a weapon that was willing to kill those too defiant to lay still.

The vibrator increased in intensity. She rubbed her thighs together instinctively without thinking. The green fibers constricted tighter. Lines of pain blossomed across her skin as the fibers bit into her flesh.

Vaquel had programmed the micro-probe to escalate vibrations on a scaled time release. It was part of the fun. It was also part of the danger.

She looked up at the ceiling. A canister of Strangle-Solvent dangled above. Vaquel had rigged a timer to release the life-saving contents in five minutes. If everything worked okay, she solvent would spill and dissolve the green fibers.

If it didn’t work, she would be one dead explorer.

Vaquel’s sex clenched. The danger was incredibly arousing. A hundred days alone in space had driven her to this. She had been bored. She has been so bored that even masturbation had lost its appeal. It demanded drastic measures.

The vibrator increased in force and Vaquel bit her lip to keep from moaning. Her sex was drenched in desire. The fibers were squeezing her tits painfully hard and it added to her desire. Some of the coils were wrapped tight against her sex. One particular fiber was wonderfully tight across her clitoris. When the fibers tightened, it pulled deliciously against her sensitive nub of flesh.

Vaquel didn’t have a clock. She wasn’t sure how much time has passed while she was bound on the floor. There was no telling of she was close to being saved or far from it.

That just left enjoying the moment. Vaquel willed her body to be as still as possible while the relentless micro-probe cycled into stronger vibrations. No matter how much she was quivering on the outside, she couldn’t afford to let her body respond on the outside.

It was terribly erotic. She wanted to moan. She wanted to squirm on the floor of the ship. She wanted hump something even if it was just the air. Instead, she had to be perfectly still as the micro-probe ravished her body.

Vaquel felt her orgasm building. She had to stifle it. The fibers were too tight. She couldn’t survive any more agitation. The explorer had to reach deep down inside herself and somehow stop this orgasm.

It was useless. Vaquel clamped her mouth shut as her body gave in. The bliss of the orgasm rippled through her body faster than the Strangler Gun had bound her. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t stop the shaking that spread through her body.

The fibers reacted. Tighter and tighter they pulled. Vaquel’s large breasts were crushed under the unforgiving fibers. Coils dug deeper into her round ass. Hundreds of little strands squeezed her legs, arms and torso. Cruel fibers tightened around her throat.

Vaquel climaxed again. The squeezing pulled her body tighter around the vibrator. The thin fibers dug into her flesh with the cruelty of a swinging crop.

Vaquel climaxed a third time within seconds. This time, a cry of pleasure forced its way out of her lips. The fibers squeezed even tighter, as if personally angry at her inability to control herself.

Stars exploded in front of Vaquel’s eyes. She couldn’t breathe. This had been a mistake. This was too dangerous. She was helpless.

The micro-probe’s vibrations grew stronger. Vaquel shook from head to toe. She surrendered to the pleasure and came again.

The world grew darker.

The world also grew wetter. A splash of fluid hit Vaquel’s body from above. She jumped from the shock of the cold liquid and was surprised to feel her arms come free. The vice around her throat relented and Vaquel sucked in as much air as she could.

The solvent had been released. She was free again.

Vaquel laughed. She had survived. She removed the micro-probe and turned it off. Her hands were decorated with imprints from the Strangler cords. She looked at the rest of her body. There were lines everywhere.

She smiled. It might be a day or two before the lines faded. That would be a day or two to remember how close to death and how immersed in pleasure she had been. That would be a day or two before she tried to the Strangler Gun again. Maybe this time she would use a micro-probe in her ass as well. Or maybe she would set the timer for the solvent for a little longer.

Vaquel laughed. Fuck waiting a day or two. She was going to set it up now.

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  1. Awesome. Utterly awesome. I love the risk she’s taking and the intensity of that helplessness. Yummy!

  2. t’Sade- Thanks. I am surprised that I hadn’t had this idea sooner

  3. This … this was so damned hot. It is going in my favourites to read again and again and again!

    xx Dee

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