Apr 152013

Like Sugar is an ebook by Joan Defers. It is about a college professor who hates life, himself and all of his students. He spends most of his time having sex fantasies about the hot students in his class. One of his non-hot students approaches him and makes an d/s proposal in exchange for skipping some lab work. Sexiness ensues.

From that description, you think you know the story. It is a powerful cliche. It has thousands if competitors on Amazon alone. You would be wrong though. What makes Like Sugar so much better than most teacher/student porn is that Like Sugar has the best written characters I have seen in a long time. The professor is a depressed asshole. The student is a smart secretive girl who knows more about power than he does. Both characters are funny, intelligent and most of all, believable. They have power exchange sex, but it is just as awkward, stumbling and hot as real life sex.

Ages ago I realized that my favorite porn stories were interesting characters doing interesting things. Like Sugar fits that perfectly. This is a coming-of-dom story where the dom is an asshole and that is not the positive trait that it is treated as in other d/s fiction. The actual d/s is interesting and aroused even my jaded mind. The student is a complicated woman who is too good for this and she knows it but it is all according to her goals.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


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