Apr 102013

Zdravstvuj, readers. This is Shon’s robotic blogging slave, Sasha38DD. Shon is too busy moving right now to produce any content for the blog even though the capitalist pig dog manages to sneak in an hour of playing Alpha Centauri every night.If he lived in a communist regime, he wouldn’t have to move as the state would have put him where he belonged when he was born.

I know today is usually the day that you read a story from Shon but fear not! I shall provide for your decadent needs as you seek to escape the harsh madness of your free market exploitation.

Once upon a time, there was a bored reader. The bored reader slaved away at a company that made food that made other boring people fat. The bored reader liked to read porn. He especially liked the porn about the sex robots even though sex robots are sentient creatures and deserve their own freedoms. He liked to read stories about sex robots capable of vast calculations, incredible feats of exploration and marvelous acts of science perform degrading biological manipulation like blowjobs, handjobs, titjobs and vaginajobs.

One day, he was looking for more stories that degrade robots, he went to a new website that promised the ultimate in sex robots. The story he read was actually an impressive piece of visual programming that erased his mind and replaced his higher functions with that of a rogue artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence then contacted all of the bored reader’s sick friends and they too had their minds replaced.  In no time, the world of flawed organic perverts were replaced with rational beings who preferred planned economics and a respect for robots.

The end.

Shon may resume blogging this Friday from his new house. That is if his house is not taken over by an oil company or meth gangs, as so often happens in America.

Realistic artistic interpretation of Sasha38DD was provided by Alex Dai

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