Mar 222013

Mystics want you to believe that “ley lines” are an invisible network of energy that crosses the planet and intersects at historical places of mystery like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. The theory is that the ley lines are the spiritual lifeblood of the planet or perhaps magical roads of psychic energy.

The truth is much more explicit and therefore suppressed by our sexually inhibited society. The ley lines should be more accurately described as “Laid Lines”. They are the remnants of sexual energy that comes from a merging of two sexual energy fields. In other words, they are the paths of fucking.

Now when two or more people fuck, they create a remnant field of sexual energy. Sexual energy attracts other sexual energy so the field will stretch towards the nearest other field. These stretched fields create lines of energy that serve as a map for sexual encounters.

When you become attuned to Laid Lines (See chapter entitled, Divination Through Masturbation) you start to notice interesting patterns. Cities are filled with laid lines. They criss-cross in a web that center around locations where the fucking has been the most common. Hotels, stadiums, and high schools usually have so much fucking through their history that the sexual energy pools with such mass that the rest of the laid lines will bend towards them.

Sometimes however the web will center on something that doesn’t suggest itself as a place where a lot of people fuck. Atlanta, Georgia for example centers on an ancient restaurant of hot dogs and fried pies. Tawnee, Indiana centers on a curious park that is only five square feet in area. How can such unusual places become the nexus points of laid lines when it obvious that people are doing most of their fucking elsewhere?

It is quite simple. These unusual places are where Gods and Goddesses fuck.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

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