Mar 202013

Mayor Tommy Goodmouth opened his eyes as he heard the POP-POP_POP of impacts on the bulletproof glass of the car window. He turned in his seat to see a white van close its doors and fly down the highway. The back of the van was decorated with crosses.

“Who the fuck are they?” he said.

Lindsey Seung lifted her head from Goodmouth’s lap. His hard cock fell out of her mouth. She stroked it while she looked out the window. Her pretty brown eyes focused behind her thick glasses.

“That is the Christian group, Right to Meddle,” she said. “They announced that you might suffer a horrible fate for legalizing prostitution in Poundtown and turning the city into a modern day Sodom.”

“I didn’t legalize it, Ms. Seung.” Tommy said. “I just noticed that that prostitution has never been repealed from our boomtown days. It’s not my fault that I took advantage of a law that already existed. Plus, turning the city into a modern day Sodom is a bit of an over statement.”

“I don’t see how you can argue that it is not your fault about the law when you ran on a campaign to bring legalized prostitution back to the city,” Ms. Seung said.

“Okay, maybe you’re right but what about turning Poundtown into a modern day Sodom? That’s a bit much.”

Ms. Seung frowned and continued to stroke the Mayor’s cock. “I can see their point. You have already authorized more comprehensive sex education for teenagers and adults. You’re in the process of bringing the World Burlesque Competition to the city. You’ve also proposed tax incentives for porn companies to film here. Also, just last night, you added a wet t-shirt contest to the Ms. Poundtown pageant.”

Tommy’s perpetual smile slipped a fraction of an inch. “Ms. Seung, who’s the legally elected Mayor in this car?”

“You are sir,” Ms. Seung said. She stroked his cock a little faster.

“And who’s the political science major who graduated only one month ago from Eros University and is technically something of a newbie when it comes to politics?”

“I am, sir,” Ms. Seung said.

“Right. So get back to sucking my cock. I want to have an enormous pants bulge when I step out of the limo.”

Five minutes later, the limousine pulled in front of the Sherriff’s Office. A large number of press people were already there. Each of them had received an anonymous tip that the Mayor would be visiting the Sherriff. Ms. Seung had made sure of that.

The driver stepped out and opened the door for the Mayor. Tommy stepped out with his famous smile. The sun glinted off his perfect blonde hair in a style that some say Ryan Gosling stole. Clear blue eyes took in the press and made a brief connection with each and every one of them.

A ripple of gasps went through the crowd as they got a good sight of the enormous bulge in his slacks. The fact that he wasn’t trying to hide the tent pole made it all the more difficult to ignore.

“Mr. Mayor!” someone yelled from the crowd. “Are you concerned about the multiple attempts on your life?”

“Of course not, Steve,” Tommy said. He knew all the reporter’s voices by heart. “Poundtown was founded by silver miners and enterprising women with little fear. We fought off the Native Americans who were rightfully pissed with us, greedy robber barons who wanted to steal our hard work and according to some local historians, we even fought off a race of sadistic bastards who lived underground. We’re a town of fighters and as you all know, my great-great-etcetera grandmother founded the first brothel in town. I’m a long time native of Poundtown and I’m not letting any out of towners who hate freedom tell me how to live!”

The local press cheered at that rousing statement while the visiting press dutifully recorded it all.

“I would also like to point out that since we legalized and taxed prostitution, revenue for the city has sky rocketed. We have modernized the water department. We have expanded schools and hired teachers. We have added a lot of exciting and titillating programs for seniors. All of this is possible because we are merely following the laws that were put into place when this town was founded. Now organized crime, white slavers and certain cable companies don’t like that and I understand because they are in the business of making money off of people’s misery but what confuses me is when attempts are made by Christian groups, conservative think tanks and men’s right’s groups. It seems to me that the only person who could object to this is some sort of Anti-American communist terrorist who probably doesn’t get as laid as often as they need to!”

“Now if you will excuse me, I need to see Sheriff Longfoot and talk to her about some local business. When I come out, I will answer one, and only one question from the reporter who shows the most of their chest. Skin to win, everybody!”

Tommy pressed his way through the crowd. His bulging erection pointed the way like a rhino’s horn. Ms. Seung followed behind him, her high heels clacking on the concrete steps.

The deputies inside looked tired and worn out but they all smiled when Tommy walked in. He high-fived one deputy, whistled at the biceps of another and slapped the ass of a third. He did all of this without breaking stride to the Sherriff’s office. The Sheriff’s secretary jumped up and opened the door for Tommy. He gave her a thumb’s up and a wink that made her weak in the knees.

“Mr. Mayor,” Sheriff Longfoot said. She was the only one in the entire sheriff’s department not smiling.

“Hold on now,” Tommy said. “Ms. Seung, I though I was meeting with the Sheriff but all I see here is Scarlet Johansson.”

The Sheriff cracked a smile. It was true that she might have had a resemblance to the famous actress if the actress was twenty years older, had broken her nose once and was strong enough to bench press a park bench. Not many people made the connection but Tommy always did.

“Mr. Mayor, don’t even try to sweet talk me today,” Sheriff Longfoot said. “We got ourselves a real problem. Hello Ms. Seung.”

Ms. Seung nodded politely and took her place to the right of the mayor. She checked some data on her iPad. This was the Mayor’s show.

“I can tell you are having trouble by the tension in your shoulders,” Tommy said. “Why don’t you let me take a look and you can tell me all about it.”

The Mayor stepped behind her and Sherriff Longfoot looked up at Ms. Seung for help. The personal assistant gave her a sympathetic look behind her thick glasses and went back to work.

“The thing is, Mr. Mayor, the sheriff’s department is really over stretched. We need to hire more people and we need to expand our jails for the drunk tank. Also, we- Holy shit, that feels good.”

“My grandma taught me that one,” Tommy said. His fingers dug deep into the powerful shoulders of the Sheriff. “She said it was a family secret from the massage parlor days.”

“Oh God, that feels good,” Sherriff Longfoot moaned. “Anyway, I got deputies doing overtime but we just can’t keep up with ohhhhhh, that is sooo good.”

“That sounds like quite the manpower problem,” Tommy said. “But as you know, we’ve already locked in the budget for the sheriff’s department.”

His hands moved lower down and squeezed her breasts through the outside of her shirt. Sheriff Longfoot jumped in her seat but he kept squeezing. Her fists balled up instinctively for a punch but then she felt wonderful sensation ripple from her fingers. He wasn’t just groping her tits, he was massaging them with some sort of lost art handed down from grandmother whore to grandson mayor.

Sheriff Longfoot lost her train of thought. “Uh, the budget, yes. Surely we can do something about it?”

“Where is the increased crime coming from?” Ms. Seung said. The Sheriff suddenly remembered the woman was in her office. Thankfully, Ms. Seung hadn’t looked up from her iPad and a small bit of the Sherrif’s modesty was saved.

“Tourists,” the Sheriff said. “Our own citizens behave themselves but now we got people coming in from all over the state and quite a few from outside the state. They’re clogging up traffic, getting into accidents and some of them are just getting drunk and acting up like they were in Vegas.”

“Oh, you’re getting tense again,” Tommy said. “Here, turn your chair around and face me.”

He sounded more like a doctor than a mayor so Longfoot obeyed. Tommy knelt between her legs and parted them. She looked down with confusion more than anything else. She had her pants on. What was he planning to do?

Tommy leaned forward and put his head on her crotch. He was kissing her pussy through a layer of pants and underwear.

She didn’t expect it to feel fucking amazing.

“Oh fuck!” Longfoot cried. She looked at Ms. Seung in shame but the secretary was still engrossed in her iPad.

It was like a massage but instead of fingers, it was Tommy’s jaw. Pleasure radiated from his mouth. Longfoot soaked her panties in seconds. His fingers gripped her thighs in a pulsing motion. She grabbed his head and pulled him in harder against her pussy.

“What about organized crime?” Ms. Seung asked.

“Uh, we’ve been doing, oh my, real good on that front,” the Sheriff said. “Oh yes, because every brothel has to be, OH GOD YES, licensed by the county, we have managed, fuck! We have managed to keep away the usual troublemakers. Yes, yes, yes!”

The Mayor was humming and the Sheriff could feel every vibration. He was better than her vibrators at home. He was better than her motorcycle on a summer drive. He was better than firing a rifle on full automatic.

She closed her thighs tightly around the Mayor’s head. He kept humming. She pulled him tight against her soaked pants. He kept humming. She humped his face. He kept humming. She imagined what it would like with her pants off and she knew that it would be better than she could possibly imagine.

“Fuck!” Sheriff Longfoot cried. Her orgasm blasted through her body like a shotgun. She felt tension evaporating at every point. Her shoulder felt better. Her back felt better. Even her goddamn toes felt better.

Tommy pulled up from her crotch. His lips and chin were wet. His blonde hair was still perfect. He flashed another smile.

“Sheriff Longfoot, obviously we didn’t accurately predict the extent of your needs in these new economic times.”

“It’s okay,” Sheriff Longfoot said. She was feeling much better. Shit, what was a little overtime? They could manage.

“No, I’m afraid it is not,” Tommy said. He stood up. His bulge pointed at Longfoot. She resisted the urge to caress it.

“Ms. Seung, consult the budget,” Tommy said. “Isn’t it true that we have exceeded prostitution tax revenues for this month?”

“We are a million dollars over our projection,” Ms. Seung said.

“Transfer that million to the Sheriff’s department,” Tommy said. “That should help with some new hiring. We’ll consult the tourism budget to see if we can get some money for expansion to the jail cells. Building the largest burlesque stage can wait a few more months.”

“That is perfect!” Sheriff Longfoot said. “Thank you so much!”

“No, thank you, Sheriff!” Tommy said. “Remember, I am your Mayor and I am at your service.”

“Mr. Mayor, we have an appointment in an hour with the Waste Management department,” Ms. Seung said. “We should get going.”

“Duty calls, Sheriff,” Tommy said. “If you have any problems with the budget or tension, give me a call!”

Tommy strode out of the office and Ms. Seung followed behind him.

“So which reporter do you think is going to be topless when we get out there?” Tommy said.

“All of them, sir,” Ms. Seung said. “They are reporters after all.”

Tommy laughed. “I love politics.”

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