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My phone rang and the ringtone made my cock throb.  I was being summoned once more.

I opened the message and once again the words of my oath flooded the screen. My thumb scrolled the message out of habit. I heard that back in the old days, these oaths had to be renewed by voice every single time.  It was hard to believe that anyone ever got spanked with those kinds of traditions.

Finally I reached the bottom of the message. “Do you swear to act first as the Invisible Collar commands?” I clicked the accept button. 

My mission appeared.  The word, reward, appeared.  That was odd.  I usually did punishments. It was a rare day that I was called on to reward people. I didn’t have the temperament for it. 

Once I saw the reward, I understood.  Yes, they picked the right guy after all.

A pretty face appeared.  She was Hispanic with thick luscious black hair.  She was closer to my age than the young college kids I usually punished.  Her name was Teresa. 

Next were her address and a picture of her house.  The GPS in my phone already calculated a route. It was nearby. 

It was Saturday morning so I had been exercising.  It takes a lot of upper body strength to paddle, spank and wrestle as many women as I do.  I wasn’t a fitness nut but my biggest fear is to one day be spanking a woman and my wheezing is louder than her moans. 

I showered, dressed and got my equipment.  I played some loud music to get in the mood.  I stretched because stretching is fucking important.

The drive was short and sweet.  People did yard work and I pitied them.  I saw people jogging and I wondered if they too were part of the Invisible Collar.  A squirrel wondered into the street and I stopped and honked at it until it got off the road.

I pulled into Teresa’s driveway like I lived there.  If she had heard me and came to the door, things would have gotten complicated but lucky for me, she didn’t. 

I stepped out of my car and headed for the side door.  Years of practice kept me from looking to see if I was being watched.  My hand slipped into my pocket as if reaching for my keys but instead I pulled out a small set of lock picks.

“The Invisible Collar teaches, the Invisible Collar learns,” I whispered to myself.  I swear that I do more preparation work for the Invisible Collar than I do actual fucking. Classes on locks, classes on rope, classes on spanking and even classes on fucking breathing eat into my free time. 

I picked the lock in less than a minute. 

The door opens into the kitchen.  I smell garlic, lemon and shrimp.  A glance at the stove told me that lunch was homemade and most likely delicious.  I liked a woman who cooks in this day and age.

I listened and I heard the sounds of a science fiction television series.  Shit, Teresa was a pretty cool chick.

It is time to go to work.  I stripped off my clothes as silently as possible. It was easier said than done.  My clothes were folded and left neatly on the counter.

Once I was completely naked, it was time for the mask.  I slipped the black cloth over my face.  The world changed to grey.  The eye holes were designed to be completely invisible.  My face was smoothed away. I was a featureless void. 

My heart was pounding hard.  This wasn’t my first time doing this was it was still difficult.  I was in naked in a stranger’s house.  She had no idea I was here.  I was a faceless naked nightmare.  If the Invisible Collar was wrong, if I had come to the wrong house or if a million other things were different than expected, this day could turn into a traumatic experience for everyone.

I breathed.  I gave myself over to the Invisible Collar’s plans.

I walked into the living room.  Book shelves lined the walls.  I liked Teresa a little bit more.

She was sitting on the couch, her back to me.  The television babbled technical terms that only existed in science fiction.  There was no one else here.

I crossed over to her, my feet silently walking on the carpet.  My hand lunged for her hair and I yanked her head back.  She screamed and a glass of water fell from her hand.  She was dressed in a faded t-shirt and sweat pants.  The points of her nipples were visible under her shirt.  She had not been expecting company.

I pulled her head back to face me.  Teresa screamed a second time and shook. I looked down at her in silence. 

A smile broke across her lips.  “The Invisible Collar demands,” she said.

“And the Invisible Collar rewards,” I answered. 

“Oh thank God,” she sighed.

I reached down with my other hand and grabbed a breast.  It was plump and soft underneath her shirt.  My hand crushed around her tit like a vice.  The t-shirt gave no protection as my fingers squeezed.

“Oh God, oh God,” Teresa moaned.  She tried to rise off the couch as my grip became painful.  I kept a hold of her hair as she writhed.  She was strong but I was so much stronger. 

I let go of her breast and grabbed the bottom of her shirt.  I pulled it up and let go of her hair.  Teresa didn’t struggle at all as I took the shirt off of her.

Tow lovely brown breasts were revealed.  An angry handprint decorated her right breast.  The other breast tempted me with and I reached for it.  Teresa tried to dodge my hand but I was too quick.  My hand grabbed her tit and my fingers squeezed with cruel joy.

“Oh shit!” Teresa yelled.  She glared at me but it was hard to take her seriously when she was smiling like that.

I released her breast and grabbed her throat.  Shock blossomed on her face.  My fingers closed around her throat and a dreamy look came over her dark eyes.  She fell back onto the couch and I bent over her with my hand at her throat.

I squeezed.  She made a choking sound. 

I squeezed harder.  She looked up at my masked face and shuddered.

I squeezed tighter, dangerously tight.  Teresa spread her legs and lifted her hips to me.

My other hand went to her crotch.  I had to cross my arm over the other but hey, real life was never as picture perfect as porn was. My fingers pressed down against the material of her pants.  Tremendous heat warmed my fingers.

I was beginning to love this woman.

I let go of her throat.  Teresa gasped for air.  My hands went back to her hair.  I lifted her up by the hair and she screamed.  As strong as I was, it must have hurt like hell. 

My hands dragged her over the back of the couch.  She stumbled and followed without any choice in the matter. 

“Tell me what you want!” Teresa yelled. 

I answered her by spinning her around and bending her over the back of the couch.  I let go of her hair and yanked down her sweat pants.  A beautiful round ass greeted me.  I had this urge to bite her ass but the mask didn’t have a hole for my mouth.  Besides, this was her reward, not mine.

I reached between her legs.  Teresa parted her legs in an instant.  I groaned as I felt thick pubic hair.  My fingers slipped inside her for a teasing moment before slipping back out.  She was so damn wet.

Teresa moaned and then whimpered at my teasing.  Her moan quickly turned into a scream.

My fingers had grabbed her pubic hair and pulled.  It wasn’t a strong pull because I wanted to keep my grip but it wasn’t a gentle pull either.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Teresa yelled.  “What do you want, what do you want? Just tell me!”

What did I want? I wanted to get her number.  I wanted to watch her show with her.  I wanted to have a bite of whatever she made for lunch.  I wanted to check out her books and see if we had similar tastes. That was what I wanted but the Invisible Collar had rules about their members dating.  

It also wasn’t what I was here for.

I released her pubic hair and pressed my cock against her.  Teresa moaned and lifted her ass to me.  I slipped between her thighs and into her sex.

“Fuck!” Teresa cried out.  Fuck indeed.  She was wet and I was hard.  She was tight and I was horny.  She was at home and I was the intruder.

I fucked her.  The couch shook from my thrusts.  The TV kept playing as Teresa screamed.  My cock pushed deep into her wanting sex.

Teresa started to rise and I pushed her head down.  I kept her bent over the couch.  I fucked faster.  My grip was an iron bar on her head.  She was pinned between the couch and my cock.

“Take me!” Teresa yelled.

“Use me like a bitch!” she screamed.

“Take my whore pussy!” she yelled.

Teresa screamed as she lost herself in the madness of her lust.  She was living her dream.  She was getting used against her will despite how willing she was.

The mask was tight around my face. It trapped my breathing and kept the hot air around me.  My head was in an oven but my cock was somewhere hotter.

Teresa screamed her climax.  She reached back and tried to stop my hips but I slapped her hands away.  I was slipping into my role.  I couldn’t have dinner with her but I could have her body. 

I bent over her body and kept fucking.  My hand reached under her and grabbed a bouncing breast.  My fingernails bit into her tender flesh as my hips slammed into her.  She was soft and warm and eager to the touch. 

She climaxed again on the back of the couch.

I pulled out of her.  She sighed with relief as my cock left her sensitive sex.  The sigh turned to a squeal of shock as I grabbed her long black hair and pulled her to the ground. 

I forced her onto her back and this time she kept her legs closed.  I was not going to be denied.  My hand grabbed her thighs and parted her easily.  She moaned as knelt between her legs and she moaned louder as I entered her again.

My hand went to her throat and a tremor ran through her.  My grip was tight but not as tight as before.  I choked her gently as my hips fucked her roughly.

The carpet was hell on my knees but I kept at it.  It hotter inside my mask but I kept fucking.  My damn back started to ache but my hips kept pumping. All of my pains and discomforts were kept hidden inside the mask.  All Teresa knew was that she was being fucked by a faceless monster; which is just the way she liked it.

Teresa struggled but it was a token resistance.  Her hands went to my chest and pushed but I was unyielding.  Her feet dug into the carpet but my cock kept stayed inside her.  I grabbed her hand at one point and slammed it into the floor.  She smiled as I kept her hand pinned.

Her eyes glazed and she was about to climax again.  My fingers tightened around her throat. She smiled, frowned and then moaned. I felt her thankfulness as her thighs closed around me.

She came and I released her throat.  She sucked in air in between my thrusts to her sex. 

I was close.  It was time to end this. 

I pulled out of her and stood up.  Teresa lay on the floor, unmoving and sated.  I laughed but the mask turned it into a grunt.  I reached down once more to grab her hair.  This time she helped as I lifted her to a kneeling position.

She opened her mouth and took my cock.  I didn’t have to say anything.  I fucked her face and she choked once more.

My cock erupted and she swallowed me.  I kept her head pinned to my cock but it was unnecessary.  She licked clean every drop.

Orgasm brought bliss.  Bliss brought complacency. I thought about how much we had in common. I wanted to ask Teresa out.  I considered the anger of the Invisible Collar and I was willing to risk it.  

She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth.  Her eyes were filled with adoration for me.

No, not me.  It was her attacker she adored.  It was the faceless man who had broken into her house and used her.  It was a concept that she will masturbate to tonight and the last thing she wanted was to know that the masked attacker had a name.

I pushed her back to the floor and rolled her over.  She screamed when I slapped her ass.

“Stay here,” I said.  “Count to a hundred before rising.  Get up before then, and the Invisible Collar will be displeased.”

“Okay,” she said.

Teresa would probably stay down there even after she counted.  I doubt she had the strength left to move.  She probably just wanted to stay on the rough carpet and treasure the experience she just had.

I wet back into the kitchen.  I redressed and took off the mask.  Out the door I went and back to my car as if nothing had happened.

If I was lucky, she might earn herself another reward in the future.

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  1. I look forward to the Mr and Mrs. Smith version of this w here they both find out they’re members of the Invisible Collar (or perhaps competing secret BDSM societies).

    Also, had to think of this “We did it doggie style/so we could both watch x-files”

  2. Perfection.

  3. That was ridiculously hot, and hilarious. I love when the two merge and blend so beautifully.

  4. Joe – Competing Secret Societies has crossed my mind . . .

    I admit the Bloodhound Gang lyric was in mind when I wrote that :)

    Anonymous – Thanks!

    Cammie – Thanks!

    M – :)

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