Feb 132013

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the third planet in the star system designated “Ecstasy of the Queen’s Kiss” by Royal Astronomers. Initial scans reveal quite a few anomalies. One continent shows signs of advanced civilization buried under the debris of a massive war. Another continent is made of nothing but sandy rock quarries filled with non functional robots. The third continent is littered with volcanoes and lakes. I can only conclude that the planet has been heavily terraformed by an unknown species. I will be landing on the third continent to see if I can discover more. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am disappointed that this appears to be a dead world. I have a long stretch of space ahead of me before I encounter another star system and I was hoping to get seriously fucked. Maybe I can find some penile shaped rocks for the trip.

Vaquel Di stood at the side of the river. Her skintight green spacesuit clung to every curve and swell of her brown body. A glassteel bubble helmet encased her face that was framed in short pink hair. A look of annoyance was on her face.

“I have never seen a river that turned at a right angle before,” she said out loud.

The whole area around her was like this. Ridges were ten feet higher than the ground below it. A stretch of desert ran along the side of thick grassy plains. Every tree was the same height. The ground itself was so flat that Vaquel suspected that it was perfectly level.

The place was obviously fabricated and fabrication meant owners. That was a problem for Vaquel. She was supposed to be looking for worlds for the Queen to either claim or conquer from weak enemies. This planet had no obvious owners so it was difficult to recommend for conquest. The last thing any Deep Space Explorer wants to do is recommend a planet that was guarded by powerful forces.

Worse, there was not a single thing that Vaquel had discovered that could double as a sex toy. The planet was absurd AND lacking in dildoes.

“This planet sucks!” she yelled out loud.

Two clouds appeared suddenly in front of her. One cloud of gas was blue, while the other cloud was yellow. Vaquel drew her plasma pistol from her holster in an instant.

The Blue Cloud spoke with a voice like thunder. “Greetings, sentient life form! Tell us the truth, would you like lead a small group of famous people drawn from your species’ history in a battle to the death against another group of famous figures?”

“Or perhaps you would prefer a different fight,” the Yellow Cloud thundered. “Maybe you would like a one on one test of brawn, skill and resources with a different sentient life form to be announced?

“What the fuck are you two talking about?” Vaquel said. “And who are you?”

The Clouds sighed. Vaquel’s pistol disintegrated in her hand. Vaquel’s hands went to her utility belt but it was gone as well. She was unarmed.

“I so hate when they ask questions,” the Blue Cloud said. “They never just pick one. They always have to ask stupid questions like, where did all these savage animals come from? How did you create all the weapons of my people? And that really annoying question, why do you derive enjoyment from my suffering?”

“Forgive them,” the Yellow Cloud said. “Sentient physical lifeforms are quite stupid and unable to comprehend the vast powers at our command. They couldn’t begin to understand the boredom that near omnipotence brings and how entertaining it is to watch inferior lifeforms compete and die for our amusement.”

“Wait, you kill other life forms for your enjoyment?” Vaquel said. She really hated the idea that her weapons were gone.

“Of course not,” the Blue Cloud said.

“The very idea is insulting!” the Yellow Cloud said.

“We set up situations where the life forms kill each other,” the Blue Cloud said.

“They are very inventive that way,” the Yellow Cloud said.

“And now it is your turn to entertain us,” the Blue Cloud said.

“Yes, and we are very competitive,” the Yellow Cloud said. “So we will get our first winner by you picking which game you prefer to fight your life in.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Vaquel said. “You created this world right? And you can make people and animals? Why don’t you just make your own people to fight each other?”

“Oh my singularity,” the Blue Cloud swore. “She’s talking about the Evolution game. I refuse to play that again. That took forever!”

“Quite right,” the Yellow Cloud said. “We played that game over on the continent with all the radiation and trash. They made that mess. We keep it around as a reminder of how annoying that game was.”

“It is much more fun to lure in space travelers and colonists,” the Blue Cloud said. “They fight us at first and then after we atomize a few, they quickly agree to our terms.”

“And what are your terms?” Vaquel asked.

“Simple,” the Yellow Cloud said. “One of us will chose a side. In the case of a single entity like you, one of us will bet on your surviving and the other will bet against you. If the sentient wins one of our games, they get to leave. If they fail, then they die.”

“Why do they have to die?” Vaquel asked.

“Dying is a great motivator to physical sentients,” the Blue Cloud said. “It really brings out the competitive nature.”

“Which brings us to you,” the Yellow Cloud said. “We have played a lot of games and we have it down to our favorites. Shall you fight one on one against another sentient or will you lead a small army of people drawn from your history against another group of historical figures?”

Vaquel thought about it. She had no doubt as their powers. The Deep Space Exploration program had recorded at least sixteen ‘Omnipotent’ class beings. They tended to be very fickle and very powerful. Of the sixteen encountered, only three explorers had survived their encounters intact. Usually surviving involved cunning, ingenuity and a shit gravity well of luck.

On the other hand, Vaquel was still horny as fuck and she didn’t plan to die without climaxing at least once.

“I understand that death is a great motivator but I think you have ruled out the other great motivation for sentient physical beings,” she said.

The clouds drifted closer. “Tell us more,” they both rumbled.

“Sex is the primary reason for more species’ existence,” Vaquel said. “Instead of a contest of combat or all out war, you could also do a contest of sex.”

“Ridiculous,” the Blue Cloud said.

“Preposterous!” the Yellow Cloud said.

Vaquel shrugged. “You might be right. Physical intimacy is very complicated, tricky and unpredictable. Not everyone understands it. I see now that maybe simple games of fighting might be easier for your minds to comprehend.”

The clouds rumbled. Lightning flashed between them. Vaquel expected to be vaporized at any moment.

“What kind of sexual game do you have in mind?” the Blue Cloud said.

“And how will we play it?” the Yellow Cloud said.

“Well, first you two will have to assume physical forms that are sexually compliant with mine,” Vaquel said.

The Blue Cloud changed in an instant. He became a blue man with a rather impressive blue cock. He was hairless but his impressive musculature made up for it.

The Yellow Cloud changed as well. A woman appeared with yellow skin and generous breasts. She too was hairless but her slender body was curved and buoyant in all the right places.

“This feels odd,” the Blue Man said. “I am inhaling air particles and exhaling them. How disturbing!”

“I agree!” the Yellow Woman said. “I do not approve of gravity. It feels heavy.”

“Explain the game to us!” the Blue Man said. “I want to get this over with before I decay with old age.”

“It’s simple,” Vaquel said. “The three of us will have sex. The strenuous activity will drain our endurance and yet the pleasure derived will sustain us. Whoever can not continue first, will lose.”

“This fleshy bit of me agrees with the game,” the Blue Man said as he pointed to his hard cock.

“My inner wetness also agrees!” the Yellow Woman said.

“Good,” Vaquel said. “Now we just need a soft comfortable surface to have sex on.”

A blue and yellow bed instantly appeared. It was almost as big as Vaquel’s entire space ship.

“Now since I have the most experience with sex, I should initiate it,” Vaquel said. She moved to the bed and pressed a button on her waist. The skintight spacesuit retracted into her boots and gloves and exposed her brown body. She took off her space helmet and set it on the bed. Vaquel laid back on the bed and spread her thighs. She ran a few fingers through the thick bush of her pink pubic hair.

“Blue, slide your fleshy bit here,” Vaquel said.

Blue Man was eager to learn. He walked awkwardly towards her as he tried to master bipedal motion. Once he made it to the bed however, some sort of instinct kicked in. He crawled between her brown thighs. Vaquel took his cock in hand and guided it to her sex.

“Protons and neutrons!” Blue Man cried. “This is very appealing!”

“Yes, it is,” Vaquel said. “Now move.”

She put her hands on his back and her thighs wrapped around his waist. Her feet pressed against his ass. Nature took over and his cock slid and out of her.

“This is very exhilarating!” Blue Man cried.

Yellow Woman climbed onto the bed. “I appear to be winning this game because my opponent is exhausting himself. Yet strangely I feel neglected and jealous.”

“We can fix that,” Vaquel said. “Climb over my face and lower your sex to my mouth.”

“That seems silly,” Yellow Woman said. She kneeled over Vaquel’s face and lowered herself. “I don’t see the point of this at all. Stars and Pulsars!”

Vaquel rapidly licked the Yellow Woman’s sex. It had been too long since she tasted a pussy and she was making up for lost time. Her tongue delved deep inside Yellow Woman’s hairless sex.

“This is exhilarating!” Yellow Woman said. She grinded against Vaquel’s face.

“I know!” Blue Man said as he humped faster.

Vaquel’s hands reached for Blue Man’s face. He grabbed an ear and tugged his head down to Yellow Woman’s breast. She pressed his face until she felt his jaw moving.

“Yes!” Yellow Woman said. “Your mouth is giving me more stimulation! Use your tongue organ! Lick my sensitive milk producing opening!”

Blue Man fucked Vaquel faster. She suspected that he was enjoying more stimulation as well.

Blue Man cried out. A hot flood of seed filled Vaquel’s sex. She moaned in frustration at how quickly he climaxed. Still, it was his first day as a physical being.

Yellow Woman clenched her thighs tighter around Vaquel’s head as she screamed her climax. Vaquel suffocated on pussy and juice for a brief moment before Yellow Woman’s thighs released her.

Vaquel breathed in as Yellow Woman slid off her face. Blue Man slowly pulled out of her on shaky knees.

“I enjoy this game,” Blue Man gasped.

“As do I,” Yellow Woman said. “I see where the exhaustion comes in and yet I do feel a little rejuvenated. My only concern is the game does seem lacking in variations.”

Vaquel laughed. “I got your variations right here.”

She slid a finger into Yellow Woman’s sex. The wet pussy easily took in two and then three of Vaquel’s fingers. Yellow Woman looked down and moaned at the sight of Vaquel’s brown fingers disappearing into her yellow sex.

“I want variation!” Blue Man said.

Vaquel leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. His cock was on the verge of going limp but it quickly regained an erection. Vaquel relaxed her throat and took all of his member into her mouth.

“I approve of this permutation of limbs and genitals!” Yellow Woman cried.

“I feel very favorable towards this insertion into the oral cavity!” Blue Man said.

Vaquel fingered and sucked. It was good to have her choice of sex for a change. Finger fucking a tight pussy was a singular pleasure but so was sucking a thick cock. She almost didn’t mind that her own sex was being neglected.

Almost. Vaquel opened her thighs. She reached out with her free hand and grabbed the first hand she could find. It belonged to Blue Man. That was fine. She guided his fingers to her sex. When he slipped inside her, she moaned with him still in his mouth.

“I appreciate how pleasant the temperature is in here,” Blue Man said. His fingers plunged deeper into Vaquel.

“I want to feel!” Yellow Woman said. Her delicate fingers joined Blue Man’s. The two of them should have been too much for Vaquel but she was just aroused and wet enough to take them. She bucked her hips as the two omnipotent beings learned how to finger fuck.

Yellow Woman climaxed. She cried out and pushed Vaquel’s hand away as she became too sensitive. Yellow Woman kept finger fucking Vaquel though and that was all that mattered.

Vaquel climaxed next. Brown thighs squeezed tight around the blue and yellow hands that stroked her. She choked on Blue Man’s cock as her pleasure forced a scream from her mouth.

“By all the laws of entropy,” Yellow Woman moaned. “This is exhausting.”

“I have plenty of energy left,” Blue Man said. It came out almost as a whine.

Vaquel smiled. “My jaw is sore but my tits are fine.” She rolled onto her back. “Mount me and slid your cock between my tits.”

“What strangeness is this?” Blue Man said. He climbed on top of her. “You don’t have a sexual organ in your breasts. How does this work?”

Vaquel squeezed her tits around his blue cock.

“Oh!” he cried out. “It works! It works!”

Blue Man began to thrust. His cock was slick from Vaquel’s spit and it slid easily between her brown tits. She wrapped her plump tits around his cock as he fucked her. Blue Man moaned like a man possessed.

“I have discovered new energy within myself!” Yellow Woman declared.

“Then lick my cunt like I ate yours,” Vaquel said.

Yellow Woman climbed between Vaquel’s thighs. She dived into Vaquel’s pink pubic hair with a nimble tongue and a willingness to learn. The vast celestial intellect was quick to learn how to lick and nibble but it still took her ten minutes to find Vaquel’s clitoris.

Vaquel helped her by pinning Yellow Woman’s head to her sex. Brown thighs squeezed tightly as just the right spot was licked again and again.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her orgasm exploded throughout her body.

“Cosmic rays!” Blue Man cried as his cock erupted. Thick strands of seed spurted between Vaquel’s breasts.

A stream of seed landed on Vaquel’s face. She took a lick. It was a little sweet but sadly, she did not gain any god like powers like she had hoped.

“I am completely drained,” Blue Man said. He fell onto the bed and stayed there.

“I still have some reserves but my jaw hurts,” Yellow Woman said.

“What?” Vaquel said. “We’re just starting. We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.”

“I demand to be shown the good stuff!” Yellow Woman cried.

“Okay,” Vaquel said. “First, Blue, you’re going to have to roll over onto your back.”

Blue Man did as he was told. His spent cock was going limp until Vaquel took him in hand. A few quick tugs and he was back to full height.

“Now Yellow, climb on top of Blue and slide him into your pussy.”

“Like this?” Yellow Woman said. She mounted Blue Man and lowered her sex. His girth opened her and they both moaned as they joined together.

“Just like that,” Vaquel said. “Now move your hips. No, not like that. Here, I’ll show you.”

Vaquel put her hands on Yellow Woman’s hips. She pushed and guided Yellow Woman through a sensuous rhythm. The omnipotent intellect learned quickly.

“What I do?” Blue Man groaned.

“Well, you can grab her ass. Or you can grab her tits,” Vaquel said. “Experiment and see what she likes.”

Blue Man did both. One hand went to Yellow Woman’s ass and the other to a breast. Yellow Woman moaned and humped faster. He tried rubbing her nipple and that seemed to make her go faster.

“This is the best game yet!” Blue Man cried.

“This is even better than that time we made those colonists fight each other on that rotating pit above the lava!” Yellow Woman cried.

The two beings kept fucking. The Yellow Woman rode the Blue Man. The Blue Man groped the Yellow Woman. The bed squeaked a lot.

After a time, the Yellow Woman said, “This body is starting to get tired.”

“Roll over, I feel rejuvenated,” Blue Man said.

They rolled together, never breaking their connection. The Blue Man was now on top. He continued the fucking as the Yellow Woman held onto him. Now it was her turn to grope him. She found many interesting parts to play with.

After some vigorous fucking, Yellow Woman climaxed.

A few thrusts later, Blue Man climaxed inside her.

They laid together and enjoyed the moment.

“Wait a moment,” Blue Man said. “Where did the sentient go?”

“Her ship is no longer on the planet either!” Yellow Woman said.

“We have been tricked!” Blue Man said.

“We have been cheated!” Yellow Woman said.

Blue Man throbbed inside her. Yellow Woman clenched around him.

“Maybe we don’t need a sentient to play a game,” Blue Man said.

Yellow Woman looked down at him. “Agreed. I want to change genders though. Your appendage is quite interesting.”

“I want to change genders too,” Blue Man said. “I like those fleshy parts on your chest and I want some.”

“Maybe we can improve on this design,” Yellow Woman said. “We can make a body that all the parts we like.”

“This will be an even better game!” Blue Hermaphrodite said.

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  1. I love the sense of humor in this, the way they describe what they are feeling. And the shape-changing at the end. Very enjoyable.

  2. This was bloody hilarious. I love the ‘innocent, childlike, immature’ nature of the two clouds and their discovery at sex.

    Love mix of sex and comedy (and Vaquel sneaking away ever so quietly, lol)

    Many thanks ^^

  3. *chuckle* Love it! Clever Vaquel – getting a good fucking and getting away safely as well :)

    xx Dee

  4. t’Sade – Thanks!

    Mystqiue – Omnipotent Clouds can be notoriously immature.

    Dee – Vaquel has her priorities, and in that order.

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