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My phone rang and the ringtone made my cock throb.  I was being summoned once more.

I opened the message and text spills across my screen. The familiar words I know by heart appear. Technology has advanced but the traditions have not.

“The Invisible Collar guides, the Invisible Collar commands. Do you swear to act as the Invisible Collar’s proxy? Do you swear to make the demands of the Invisible Collar into reality? Do you swear . . .”

And so on and so on. My finger makes the screen scroll past endless oaths of service, vows of secrecy and quite a few threatening consequences. The end finally appears and I click the ‘Accept’ link.

A pretty blonde face appears.  Her name was Angela.  Fuck, they get younger every year. She couldn’t be more than twenty.  Was that even legal? 

Her infractions were next. There must have been an orgy this weekend. She did not perform as expected. Well, if you can’t take the double penetration, stay the fuck off the bondage swing as I’ve always said.

Her punishments were next.  My mouth watered and my cock throbbed as I read them.

Last were an address and a time.  It was soon. She would be there.

First I called my boss and let him know I would be late to work. He didn’t mind. He knew I would make the hours up. Sometimes I wondered if he was a member of the Invisible Collar.  He was either a great boss or he was in on it. 

Next I took a shower and ate breakfast.  I also did some stretching exercises because I am not as young as I used to be.  It was also good for you. Everyone should stretch more.

After getting dressed, I began my drive over. Traffic was a bear but when wasn’t it?  Angela lived downtown at an apartment building for college students. I wondered if she had a roommate. 

She did have a roommate.  An Asian girl answered the door.  She looked at me skeptically. I was too old to live here and too well dressed to be maintenance.

“I am here to see Angela,” I said.

That confused her even more.  “Angela, some guy is here to see you.”

Angela came out of the back.  She was putting on a coat.  “Thanks, Jen.  I’ll be going out for awhile.”

“No, we’re not,” I said.  “We’ll go to your bedroom.”

Angela’s eyes widened.  “Wouldn’t you rather go out?” she said. Her tone implied that I cared about her privacy.  It was almost cute.

I leaned closer to her.  “The rules are clear. Either we go to your bedroom and conclude our business, or, you will never be contacted by the Invisible Collar again.”

Jen watched us with a baffled look on her face. She didn’t know what the fuck was going on. Good. I wouldn’t have to add breaking the vow of secrecy to Angela’s crimes.

Angela’s face turned into a pout. It was a good pout. I bet it was devastating against boys her own age. All it did to me was make me want to slap her.

“Okay,” she said reluctantly.  “We’ll have to be quiet.”

God damn, the Invisible Collar is really dropping the ball on teaching new recruits.  Oh well, it just meant more work for me.

Angela led me to the back of the apartment. Her bedroom was a mess. She closed the door behind us and locked it.

“Please, please, please, be really quiet,” Angela begged.

I ignored her. I crossed my arms and looked down at her with my sternest expression.  Years of practice had given me a pretty good scowl.

“Angela, you have failed the Invisible Collar,” I said.  You were given the honor of serving others and you failed.  How do you plea?”

Angela looked at me and smiled. Her eyes glazed and she unconsciously stood up straighter. She was turned on.  Submissives tended to do that when I did my stern voice.

“How do you plea?” I repeated.

“Okay, I was bad,” Angela said.  “But the guy who wanted me to suck his dick looked like my grandfather. It freaked me out and then that one gross lady tried to grab my ass and that was-ACK!”

My hand was on her throat. I pushed her against the wall and pinned her there. My fingers tightened. Tradition had been satisfied. She admitted fault.

“Angela, you have admitted to failing the Invisible Collar. Do you accept your punishment?”

She tried to say something but my fingers were really tight.  Close enough.

I reached behind me and pulled the knife from the hidden sheath in my pants. The sheath made it really uncomfortable to sit but it was it worth it for the surprised look on people’s eyes.  Kind of like how Angela’s eyes looked now.

Her coat could have been unzipped but she was dumb enough to put it on in the first place. I place the knife edge on her collar and started to cut through the thick fabric.

Angela didn’t move a muscle. 

I cut her coat open and placed the knife at the top of her shirt collar.  The blade pressed gently against her neck. Angela’s eyes widened even more. 

I pulled the blade down.  The flimsy shirt parted easily.  Once I got halfway, I yanked the knife down in a violent slash. The rest of her shirt flew apart.

Angela tried to scream but my fingers were so tight.  I gave her a second to calm down and then my grip loosened.

“Oh shit,” she whispered. 

“Shit indeed,” I said.  I looked down at her pink bra. Fuck, her tits were big.  I read once that women were getting bigger breasts sooner and sooner because of growth hormones in meat.  Some of my friends claim that the Invisible Collar was responsible for that.  If that was the case, praise the Invisible Collar for Angela’s lovely pale tits.

I place my knife at the middle of the bra.  Angela whimpered.

“Not the bra!” she begged.  “It’s a good bra!”

I shook my head.  “You shouldn’t have failed then.”

I began to saw at the bra with my knife.  Bras are fucking tough, man.  You got to be careful.  I sawed into the bra with meticulous care.

Angela was on the verge of tears.  She knew I wouldn’t cut her.  She just really liked that bra.

The knife cut through the bra and the cups spilled open. I pressed the flat of my knife against pale breasts with pink nipples.  The bruise of a hickey was still healing from the orgy.

“What happens now?” Angela asked.  Her hips unconsciously wiggled. Hmm, knowing her it might not be unconscious at all.

For an answer I released her throat and grabbed her hair.  She squealed as I dragged her to her bed.  I sat her down on the bed and released her hair.  Angela tried to lay back and I had to grab her hair again.  She squealed a second time as I dragged her back to a sitting position.

“Are you okay?” Jen yelled from the other side of the door.

I looked down at Angela.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Angela said. 

“All right,” Jen said. She didn’t sound convinced. That wasn’t my problem.

I reached down and pulled her cut clothes off her body. Angela was very helpful in that regard. Within seconds she was topless.

Angela looked up at me with a smile on her lips.  She was so damn pretty and she knew it.  The pretty ones were always the worse. They thought they could be forgiven anything just because people wanted to fuck them.  They were slow to learn that the Invisible Collar never forgives.

I sheathed my knife and recited the next step.

“Put your hands on top of your head,” I said.  “If you move them, you will be expelled from the Invisible Collar.  Your sex will be cast into the wilderness of the vanilla and dull. You will no longer be taught the secrets of pleasure and you will never hear the true stories of your libido. Do you understand the consequences?”

“Yeah, I need to keep my hands on my head,” Angela said.

“That could be worded better, but I will accept it,” I said.

She looked like she was about to say something so I put a stop to that right there.  My hand came down fast and hard on her right breast. 

SMACK! The sound filled her tiny bedroom. 

Her jaw dropped.  She half rose from her seated position. To her credit, not a single sound escaped her lips.

SMACK! I struck her other breast with the flat of my hand. 

A tiny whimper leaked from her mouth.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I struck each breast in turn.

“Angela! Are you okay?” Jen yelled from behind the door.

I looked at Angela.  “I’m fine!” she said with clenched teeth. 

“Are you sure!” Jen asked.  This is why I don’t have a roommate.

“Yes!” Angela yelled back louder.

SMACK! I hit her breast much harder than I had before.

Angela shot me a glare.  I waited a second.

“Okay,” Jen said from behind the door.

“Can you do it quieter?” Angela asked me.

“Nope,” I said. 


Angela clenched her eyes shut. Her breasts were glowing red from my slaps.  She bit her bottom lip but it wasn’t enough.

“Could I have a gag please, sir?” Angela asked.

I stopped in mid slap. I was laughing.  “Oh, it’s ‘sir’, now?”

“Please, sir?” Angela asked.  She used her devastating pout again.  In a moment of pity, I almost said yes.  Tradition didn’t suggest a gag but it didn’t forbid it either.  It was my choice and she was so damn pretty. 

“No,” I said. 


I punished her tits as hard as I could.  I slapped them for her disobedience but I also slapped them for my weakness.  I had almost given in to mercy.  That was unthinkable for someone with my duties.  I was the hand that punished.  Others were tasked with forgiveness.

Angela took it.  She kept her hands on her head as I delivered slap after slap to her reddening breasts.  Her lips were tightly sealed to allow only whimpers and groans. Sometimes she bent over from the pain but a quick yank of her hair straightened her out.

I paused in my slapping.  A grabbed a handful of her tender breast and squeezed.  She almost screamed, almost.

“Do you swear to never fail the Invisible Collar again?” I asked.

She nodded.

I squeezed her breast harder.  “Answer out loud,” I said.

“I promise!” Angela said.  “I’ll be good, I swear!”

“Tell me how you will perform better,” I said.

“I will suck anyone’s cock that they tell me too!” Angela said.

There was a noise outside the door.  It sounded like a gasp.  Angela and I looked at each other.  We knew.  Jen was standing outside the door, listening.

A pink bloom of shame spread across Angela’s face.  Her hands almost moved from her head.  She looked at me, expecting me to help conceal her secret.

I pinched her nipple.  This time she did scream.  “What else will you do?” I asked.

“I will let anyone touch me,” Angela said, almost a whisper.

“Louder,” I said.  My fingernails bit into her nipple.

“I will let anyone touch me!” she almost screamed.  “I’ll also do what I am told and not give any back talk! I will also let them put whatever toy they want into me! I will be grateful for everything that ask of me and make me do!”

I released her nipple.  That was better. 

“You have earned your punishment,” I said.  I unzipped my pants and took my cock out.

A glaze of lust came over Angela’s eyes.  She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.  She dived for my cock but my hand yanked her hair.

“Stay,” I said.  “Get your tongue wet and stick your tongue out.”

Angela grinned.  Her breasts were bright red from my relentless slapping but this was sex. She wanted to play.

She stuck her spit covered tongue out. I wiped my fingers against her tongue and covered my cock with her spit.

I stroked my cock.  Angela whimpered and licked her lips.  She watched as I jacked my cock.  Outside the door, I am sure Jen was listening.

It didn’t take me long. I climaxed and seed shot from my cock.  I aimed for her breasts.

My hot seed landed on her sensitive breasts.  Angela hissed but she didn’t move her hands. I added my white come to the red hand prints.  I emptied everything I had.

“You have served your punishment,” I said.  “Do not make me return here again.”

She nodded.  I think she learned her lesson.

I hoped that she hadn’t. 

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  1. Oh, that was very hot and yummy! I love the Jen thing, though didn’t they break some secrecy there? Might be a fun corruption story.

    … is there a mailing address for this society?

  2. This post gives me ideas. Story ideas and not-exactly story ideas!

    Thanks Shon!

  3. t’Sade – I think the Invisible Collar doesn’t want their vows, rituals, secret slap and email address given out but they are cool with making vanilla people squirm.

    Joe – Pictures are the royalty fee for my ideas :)

  4. That was awesome. And hot! And awesome :)

    xx Dee

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