Feb 272013

“And remember folks, if you want to see more great programming like ‘Masterpiece Antiques’ then you need to call in to make a donation to PBS Channel 3. We are twenty thousand dollars away from our goal and every dollar helps!  My shift is over so I am going to turn it over to Maria who has a very special local guest.”

“Thanks, Bob!  I’m Maria Soto and most of you know me from my show, Good Morning Wickleton! Today I am joined by local business owner and sexual scientist, Dr. Otto Von Madd!”

“Good evening, Maria, I am happy to be here.  Public television taught me the alphabet, how to be a good neighbor and introduced me to vastly superior British science fiction. I am glad to be a part of keeping non-commercial television alive.”

“Thank you Dr. Von Madd. I understand that you brought something that you will be giving to our callers? I hope it is something we can show on television!”

“Don’t worry, Maria, I am perfectly capable of dealing with antiquated sexual prudence. Today I brought the latest in phrenal tactile manipulation. Every caller who donates at least a hundred dollars in the next hour will receive this!”

“Excuse me Dr. Von Madd, but that appears to just be a hairbrush.”

“I can assure you Maria that this is no ordinary hairbrush. This is the Brushgasm Mark 3. The bristles have been specially designed to excite and stimulate erogenous zones of your body by manipulation of the nerve endings on a person’s scalp. The handle has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortable in most adult hands. The plastic is made from recycled soda bottle rings and the box it comes has a picture of a cat that is scientifically designed to make you smile.”

“It still looks just like a hairbrush, Doctor.”

“Here, let me brush your hair, then.”

“Okay, but if you mess up my hair, then my makeup lady is going to want a word with you. Oh my God!”

“Here, you might want to sit down for this.  As the viewers at home can see, all I am doing is brushing downwards from the top to the ends of the hair.”

“Holy snackcakes! My toes are curling!”

“Do you see now the effect of three years of research and a lot of sore wrists?”

“I’m going to need new panties! These are soaked!”

“Remember, Maria, we are on live television and society’s outdated social standards frowns on that kind of talk.” 

“You should probably stop then, wait, what?  My producer just told me that we have raised twelve hundred dollars in the last three minutes.  He wants you to keep brushing my hair. I’m not sure I can take any more.”

“Sure you can, Maria. A woman your age can take half an hour of the Brushgasm Mark 3 before needed to rehydrate. I should point out that brushing downward in slow even strokes, I am creating an irresistible excitement in Maria’s genitals, correct?”

“Heck yeah!”

“But observe, if I do a quick harsh motion . . .”

“Mary Mother of God!”

“How would you describe that feeling, Maria?”

“Like my woo-woo got slapped by a giant anaconda!”

“Would you call it unpleasant?”

“. . . .No.”

“I do recommend that if you use the harsh strokes on a loved one, that you agree on a safeword before hand.”

“Tell me, Doctor, does the brush have to be used by someone else? I mean, could I get the same effect by brushing my own hair?”

“Of course. Here, try it.”

“Oh God, it WORKS! I am never leaving the bathroom again!”

“We found in some case studies that lovers liked to brush their own hair and watch each other. “

“Wow! My producer just told me that we reached our goal! That must be some sort of a record! We picked up twenty thousand dollars in less than five minutes!”

“I am not surprised. People love public television.”

  3 Responses to “Fiction: Give Until It Feels Good”

  1. Funny, and if only…
    A lover of mine had hair down to his waist – we’d take turns brushing each other’s hair every night. There was something deeply intimate, and erotic, about it.

  2. I.So.Want.This!!! ;_;
    (Adds it to her mental list of Von Madd products that she craves but will never receive)

    Why do you torment, tease and titillate us all at the same time? ><; Personal biased opinion, but I was hoping to read more of her barely being able to control herself on TV as the pleasure got too much, but it being a public broadcast, she’d have to restrain herself somehow. I was enjoying myself too much with the story before I saw that it ended… Otto’s calm in contrast to her lost composure was great. A nice way to create humour, I noticed. Great way to begin my weekend, many, many thanks! <3

  3. Cammie – Hair-brushing done right is amazing. Hair-brushing done wrong is probably the greatest torture :)

    Mystique – That was my inclination too, but I had a weird Deja Vu that I had written something very similar with Otto recently so I resisted. Also, I promised myself a short story so I would have time to keep house shopping :)

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