Jan 162013

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seven of my ten day voyage to the star system designated “Ecstasy of the Queen’s Kiss” by Royal Astronomers. I have finished compiling the geological data of the last system I visited and can now begin working on the solar wind map for this area. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Let me tell you how bored I get during travel between star systems. I am so bored, that I am actually happy to be mapping solar winds. That is how fucking bored I am.

Vaquel Di sat in the navigation chair as she worked on the solar map. The chair in the Deskwork Pod was far more comfortable and the work screen there was three times as big as the one in the Navigation Pod, but there was zero view. At least here in the Navigation Pod, Vaquel could look out the main screen and see the stars. It made her feel slightly less alone.

Only slightly though. The stars made for poor company. They didn’t appreciate that Vaquel was sitting in her chair topless. The stars couldn’t compliment her on her lovely full brown breasts. The stars couldn’t comment on the short pink hair that framed her face. The stars didn’t notice that she was wearing a green shiny thong that barely held in her thick bush of pink pubic hair. The stars couldn’t flirt.

But the stars could distract Vaquel. She would type in a few solar calculations and then look out the window as the numbers were plotted. The pinpoints of light would inspire her to wonder what was out there. Maybe handsome alien men with cocks as thick as her fist? Perhaps splendid pleasure worlds dedicated to serving the first alien to come by? Or maybe other horny space travelers like herself, eager to exchange information at the biological level?

“Beep!” the computer was done with plotting the math. It was time to punch in some more numbers.

Vaquel looked down and then quickly back up. She thought she saw something out the window.

There. Something purple was out there in space. A tiny little light, it could be anything from a distant star to a nearby bit of space refuse.

Wait, it moved. It was now on the left side of the screen. Vaquel frowned. The Probe Ship was travelling at FTL speeds. For something to move that quickly, they had to have superior technology.

Another light appeared. It was purple too. It was beside the first light.

Vaquel checked the scanners. They detected nothing.

She looked back up and jumped out of her seat. There were people ON the navigation window.

They were women. They were purple and glowing but they were undeniably women. Their pert breasts floated in the zero gravity of space. Smooth thighs tapered down bare legs. Dark purple hair floated around smiling feminine faces. Bright purple eyes that should be frozen shut in the cold vacuum of space looked down on her.

“I’m hallucinating,” Vaquel said. That was the only explanation. She sat back down n the chair. Despite the purple coloring of the women, their bodies were perfectly normal. There were like women out of a late night wet dream.

The purple woman on the right taped on the glass. The purple woman on the left motioned with her hand for Vaquel to come out. They wanted her to join them.

It was impossible. The deep space probe was still in FTL mode. If Vaquel stepped out there, she would be ripped apart by cosmic forces she barely understood in explorer class. Technically, these women should be torn apart but they weren’t. Vaquel didn’t understand that either.

The women smiled at Vaquel. The one on the left pointed at Vaquel’s breasts and then grabbed her own breast. Vaquel could tell by the motion of the alien’s hands that the alien admired how much bigger Vaquel was.

It made Vaquel feel warm inside.

The alien woman on the right pointed at Vaquel’s hair and sighed. She touched her own hair and Vaquel could see that the alien wished she had Vaquel’s hair.

It made Vaquel feel pretty.

The alien pressed themselves flat against the navigation window. Their pert breasts were crushed against the screen. Dark purple nipples rubbed back and forth.

Vaquel reached out. Her hand stopped at the glass but she placed her hand over one of their smashed breasts. The alien woman giggled soundlessly on the other side. The other purple woman pouted until Vaquel put up her hand to faux touch the other alien’s breast.

Vaquel had forgotten how good jealousy felt.

The alien women licked their lips and then turned to kiss each other. Vaquel watched as the two women took their time exploring each other’s mouths. They kissed for an eternity outside in space.

Vaquel debated slowing down. Maybe if she dropped out of FTL speeds, she could suit up and be outside with the women. Or better yet, maybe she could invite them in?

She dismissed the idea. This shouldn’t even be possible. The alien women should be comic dust splattered across her navigation window. Vaquel didn’t understand anything about them. If she stopped the ship, the women might disappear altogether.

The two alien women broke their kiss and looked down at Vaquel. Both of them sat up right, their purple asses pressed against the window. They spread their legs to reveal the intimate space of their sexes.

Vaquel looked closer. The alien women had sexes just like Vaquel’s, except for Vaquel’s pubic hair. They had tender lips and yes, one of them just spread herself open to show that the inside was similar as well.

Vaquel moaned. It had been a long time since she tasted a woman. She wanted to crawl between those purple thighs to lick, lick, lick and lick until her tongue went numb.

The alien woman on the left pointed at Vaquel and than at her sex. She wanted to see what Vaquel had.

Heat rose to Vaquel’s cheeks. She was blushing. She stood up out of her chair and hooked her fingers around the waistband of her green thong. She slid her thong down over her thick thighs. She kicked the thong off and ran her fingers through the thick bush of her pubic hair.

The alien women giggled. Their eyes grew wider and the smiled. The one on the left stuck out her tongue and licked the air. The other one blew Vaquel’s sex a kiss.

Vaquel shuddered from the attention.

The alien on the left reached for the sex of the one on the right. The other alien returned the favor. Both aliens stroked the sexes of the other.

Both aliens pointed at Vaquel’s sex. They begged Vaquel with their eyes.

Vaquel sat back down in the navigation chair. She spread her brown thighs and gave the purple women a good view. She used both hands to stroke her sex.

The purple women moaned silently on the other side of the window. They stroked each other faster. Their purple hands rubbed furiously at bare purple sexes.

Vaquel stroked herself faster too. She didn’t understand what they were but she didn’t care. They were beautiful. Vaquel couldn’t be with them but she could share this moment with them. It would have to be enough.

The purple women kissed each other. They stroked each other while their mouths merged. Vaquel watched as their kissing became more passionate. She moaned as their hands moved to grope breasts, asses and thighs.

One of the purple women moved her mouth down to the sex of the other. Vaquel cried out with anticipation as the woman licked at the purple sex. The woman being licked cried out as well but if she made any sound then Vaquel couldn’t hear it from this side of the glass. The woman being licked opened her eyes and looked at Vaquel. They smiled at each other.

Vaquel moaned. She hooked both of her legs over the arms of the chair to spread herself as wide as possible. One hand went to her clitoris while the other hand went deep into her sex. She fucked and stroked herself under the purple woman’s watchful eyes.

The purple women traded places. The one who was being licked was now between the other’s thighs. The woman being licked rolled over onto her side, trapping her lover’s face between her thighs. One purple breast was smashed against the navigation screen as she looked down at Vaquel. Her eyes were half closed with bliss but she kept watching the brown space explorer.

Vaquel stroked. The purple woman humped the face of the other woman. Vaquel looked into the purple eyes of the woman and she felt a shiver run down her body. The purple woman wanted her as badly as Vaquel wanted her. Vaquel stroked faster as the purple woman rode the face of her friend.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her climax was all consuming. Her ass lifted off the chair as her knees clenched the chair arms. She rubbed her clitoris in a blur as she rode out the spasm.

The purple woman climaxed too. Light spilled from her mouth as her fingers scratched against the navigation window. Her thighs were tight around the head of her lover as she laid her head against the window.

On shaky legs, Vaquel stood up. She kissed the window where the purple woman’s mouth was.

Vaquel felt a warm tingle on her lips.

The purple woman released the woman between her legs. The other woman pressed her mouth against the window. Vaquel kissed her as well.

Another tingle went through her lips.

The purple women waved at Vaquel. She waved back at them.

Giant wings of purple energy appeared on their back. The wings fluttered once, twice and then both women were gone. There were twin pinpoints of light off in the distance and then even that was gone.

Vaquel sat back in her chair. Space didn’t seem so empty anymore.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Space Maids”

  1. I found that actually rather sad. It sounded like fun, but she didn’t get to play. Of course, it sounded like sirens so it could have been bad for her, but still, sad and sexy.

  2. t’Sade – Space is a sad and sexy place. I think Carl Sagan said that once.

    Few things are more tantalizing/frustrating than the thought of “sound like sirens, so let’s be safe”.

  3. By the way, did you (do you) ever have the fantasy of watching 2 women make out in front of you which you get to join in?

    Kinda curious here.

  4. Mystique – The join in part is key as most of my real life experiences have been exclusionary.

    Mostly though I got the idea for this story from thinking about how ancient sailors must have felt about mermaids who were frolicking in dangerous waters.

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