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The school bell rang and a chill went down my spine. My cock also throbbed.

It was after nine and my wife was watching television. She was immersed in reality shows and fake lives. I knew she didn’t hear the bell. It was not meant for her.

“I’m heading out,” I told her and she didn’t ask me where I was going. She was used to my late night trips. There were never any questions from her. It was why we were still married.

The school bell was still ringing as I went outside. I stood in my yard and looked for the school. This time it was down the street. It lurked beside the bus stop.

Other men were already heading towards it. I didn’t recognize any of them, which I never do. I am not sure if my fellow students even live here.

The bell kept ringing until I stepped inside. It was a single room school. A chalkboard loomed behind a white desk. A poster admonished little boys to be good. A map of the world covered one wall but none of the continents looked right. A cabinet of skulls sat in a corner but none of us would look at it.

The men lined up at the white desk. We each dropped something off as we walked by. The man in front of me put down a hundred dollars. I put down a knife I had bought this week. It was our tribute, our bribe or maybe our penance.

We undressed and took our seats. We stuffed our clothes inside our desks. The cold seat was hard and unforgiving on my ass

I fidgeted like most of the men there. My fingers traced the marks on the desk top that were left by thousand of students. I read carved confessions and scribbled pleas for help. I read names that I could barely believe. I saw the word I clawed one day with my fingernails.

When the last man was seated, Ms. Erie came in. She was in a white dress that glowed in the dark class room. The dress contrasted with her brown skin and night black hair. Silver rimmed glasses aided the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. A faint coat of white lipstick decorated dark lips. As usual, she carried a crop decorated with the head of a unicorn. The unicorn’s horn was stained with blood.

“Good evening, class,” Ms. Erie said. Her accent was Polynesian. I knew this because I had spent the last six years trying to place it.

“Good evening, Ms. Erie,” we all said in unison. The student to my left began to shake.

“I hope you all have been working on your assignments,” Ms. Erie said.

The student to my left started openly crying. A student behind me started to pray. Another student at the end of my row started to slam his head into his desk.

“Stop that,” Ms. Erie said gently and the student stopped slamming his head. There was blood on his face.

“I guess we shall begin with you, Jeffery,” Ms. Erie said, turning to the crying student beside me.

Jeffery shook his head.

“Did you stop stealing setting up cameras in women’s bathrooms?” Ms. Erie asked.

Jeffery shook his head.

“How many pictures have you taken of women since last class?” Ms. Erie asked.

Jeffery wailed. “Three thousand and fourteen,” he said. I don’t think he even knew the number until Ms. Erie asked him.

Ms. Erie shook her head. “Very naughty. I am so disappointed in you. I thought we had made good progress. I see that you need more Education.”

Jeffery cried and stood up. He walked around his desk and bent over it. His face was so pale.

“Education, you may begin,” Ms. Erie said.

The crop flew from her hand. It struck Jeffery with a hiss as it cut through the air.

Jeffery screamed. The crop kept hitting him. Welts appeared on his ass, followed by blood. He screamed and screamed and screamed. It was horrible.

It was what he deserved.

After an eternity, Ms. Erie held out her hand and Education returned to it. I was close enough to see the Unicorn head and I saw that it was smiling.

“Jeffery, your next assignment is to remove all of the cameras you have hidden, and I do mean all of them. Understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Erie,” he said barely. His voice was hoarse from all of his screaming.

“Now what about you, Charles?” Ms. Erie said directly to me.

I swallowed. “I have tried my best,” I said.

Ms. Erie smiled. “I shall be the judge of that. Have you killed since last class?”

“No, Ms. Erie,” I said and it was the truth. You couldn’t say anything else to her.

“And do you have someone you would like to kill?” Ms. Erie asked.

“Yes,” I admitted. “There is a woman at my bank. I have followed her a few times. I know where she lives. I know that she is alone.”

“And do you still keep that special bag in your car?” Ms Erie asked.

“No,” I said. “It is still in my basement, where you told me to keep it.”

“Good,” Ms. Erie said. “I want to keep your vow of not killing. Your next assignment is to stop following this girl. Follow another if you want, but you must never see this girl again, do you understand me?”

My eyes darted to Education. “Yes,” I said.

“Your other assignment is to take something out of your bag and throw it away. Don’t replace it. Do you understand this assignment?”

“Yes,” I said but it hurt. My bag had all my favorite tools. I had so many memories. One item? Which item? This would be hard.

“Good, I think you have earned a B then,” Ms. Erie said.

I let out a ragged breath that I didn’t know I was holding. A B! I felt a giddy delight come over me that wiped away my anxiety. I didn’t care anymore about dismantling my special bag. I would worry about that latter.

Ms. Erie waved her hand and the desk moved away from me. She stood in front of my naked body and my hard cock. With a fluid motion, she kneeled down in front of me.  Students groaned with jealousy at the prize I was about to receive.

I looked down as long black hair brushed my thighs. Ms. Erie looked up at me from silver rimmed glasses. She took my cock in her hand and licked the tip.

I had a sudden vision. I imagined grabbing her head and forcing it down on my cock. I imagined fucking her face. I imagined the cuts I wanted to make on her body.

She squeezed my cock with her hand. It hurt but the visions went away.

Then she went down on me. I cried out as my cock was wrapped in incredible wet warmth. It was better than my first time. It was better than a cunt. It was better than killing.

Education hovered nearby but I ignored him. I earned this B. I sat back and enjoyed it. I relished every long slow lick. I treasured the way her hair moved up and down my lap as she sucked. I trembled as her cheeks caved in under the sucking pressure of her mouth. I moaned as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth.

This made up for not killing anyone. This was why I fought that nasty wonderful urge. This is why the bank teller is still alive.

Spit dribbled out of her mouth and down my cock and onto my balls. I looked over at Jeffery who was somehow sitting down on that raw bloody butt in his seat. I smiled at him and shook my head slowly. This could have been him.

More importantly, if I hadn’t of behaved, I could have been him.

Ms. Erie choked on my cock and I forgot about Jeffery. I forgot about the woman at the bank. Shit, I even forgot about my special bag. This was heaven. This was incredible. This was worth being good.

I climaxed in her mouth. I filled her mouth with my seed and Ms. Erie drank it all. My body shook and I felt like I was dying. My entire soul was being sucked.

Ms. Erie released my cock and stood up. She wiped the corner of her mouth. Her white lipstick was flawless. “Well done, Charles,” she said, as if I was the one who performed an amazing blowjob.

“Thank you, Ms. Erie,” I said.

She went on to judge other students. Some she punished. Others she rewarded. One lucky bastard got an A and we all watched in envy as he fucked her ass.

Three students were expelled. Their screams were worse than any of the kills I had made. Ms. Erie added their skulls to the cabinet.

Time moved slowly when we were in class. We witnessed each grade as if it was our own. There could be no rushing it.

Finally, the bell rang. We stayed in our seats.

“Class is dismissed,” Ms. Erie said.

I got up and got dressed. I left in a hurry, stepping over the body of an expelled student. I went through the doors without a glance back.

I was back in my street. My watch said that an hour has passed. It was right but also wrong.

My thoughts went to the bank teller. Yes, I could give her up. I had spent time and effort tracking her but I would do it. There could be another.

My cock ached with a happy exhaustion. I remembered the feeling of climaxing in Ms. Erie’s mouth. Something more than seed had left my cock and went down her throat. It was a piece of me. A piece I didn’t need anymore.

My special bag needed to be taken care of. I decided that I was going to throw away the gag. It had served me well but I would get rid of it. It didn’t seem that important anymore.

I returned to my house. I was still a bad man, but maybe a little less bad.

  3 Responses to “Fiction: Night School For Bad Boys”

  1. Very, very interesting.
    This had me thinking 1001 questions, namely about the teacher, the school system and how she gets new students and if they ever ‘graduate’.

    It has potential for more, if you ever decide to flesh it out some more. Totally different feel to anything I’ve seen you write before but very intriguing :)

  2. That is an awesome story. I love the pennance and how it mixed the murderous with sexuality. It added a great touch.

    Reminds me of something a friend told me. “Satan is not the ultimate evil. He is simply a sign that says ‘there is no going back past me.'” It reminds me of this story, because those who can’t turn back end up in the pile of skulls.

    I love it!

  3. Mystique – I used some bits and pieces from different story ideas for this, but mostly I was inspired by a week long reading of Thomas Ligotti and Borges. I am glad you liked it as it is a genre I want to explore more.

    t’Sade – I often get annoyed with sex stories that use sex as bait to kill a character, but I thought it might work better if sex was the carrot and murder was the stick. Also, I really enjoy bad things happening to bad people :)

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