Jan 302013

There is a place you need to go to. It is located down the street behind the closed peep show, across the way from the lingerie store and behind the topless bar. Go down the alley but ignore the first door because that leads to the dungeon but you can go there later if you are into that sort of thing. It is the second door you want because that leads to the Library of Guides.

This is no ordinary library. You will realize that as soon as you see the shelves that stretch upwards into infinity. Don’t try to climb the ladders to the top because you will freeze to death or maybe die from the lack of oxygen. More than likely you will be killed by the fallen mummified remains of another person who climbed the stairs earlier and his bones have given out and are now falling on you. So, yes don’t do that.

For Dewey’s sake, don’t ask for the latest vampire love story or millionaire psychologically disturbed dominant. This isn’t that kind of a library.

This library has only one focus, and that is the secret sexual triggers, desires and weaknesses of every person, dead or alive. Your spouse has a book. You have a book. Everyone has a single book there. The book describes what that person really wants in bed and better yet, how to get them to do the things you want as well. Each book is a key that once read, will allow you to unlock their libido as easily as opening your closet door. Except of course, you will be opening their closet and understanding every curve of the skeletons within.

But first you have to go to the librarian but that should be no trouble at all. She’ll find you. You’ll recognize her from red rimmed glasses that red because they are made from a single ruby. You’ll know her by her amazing dark brown cleavage that will nearly explode from her tight wet button down shirt. You’ll know her by the way books close and put themselves back in the shelves when she walks by. You’ll know her by the grace of how she walks for she has been walking since man first wrote a word down and she has had a lot of practice. You’ll know.

The Librarian will ask you what book you want and that is the kicker. See, you can only borrow one book in your lifetime. You will borrow it for a second as the knowledge will fill your mind and you will achieve perfect sexual understanding of the person you have read about. You will return the book and the Librarian will send you on your way.

The question though is which book should you ask for?

Shall you ask for the book on your spouse? You will understand every desire they have, both known and unknown. You will know exactly what it takes to make them happy. You will be a Deity of Sex in their eyes. You will become everything they ever wanted in a lover.

Or will you ask for the book of a crush? You will be gifted with the intimate knowledge needed to sweep them from their feet. You will know their libido better than they know themselves. You will be perfect stranger who sweeps in and gives them the fuck of their lives.

Perhaps you want the book of an enemy. You want to know what makes them happy so that you can become their greatest desire. They will be helpless as you pluck away at the strings of their lust; making them dance to your song of revenge. No one will ever know them as well as your worse enemy.

Maybe you are the rare kind that asks for your own book. The Librarian will smile at you and you will never know if it was a smile of approval or restrained glee at your foolishness. You will discover yourself. You will know why you like that kind of haircut. You will learn secrets that are perhaps better kept from your mind. You will roll the dice and the knowledge will either destroy you or open your heart to pleasures unimagined.

So, which book will you choose?

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Library of Guides”

  1. I like this. So many uses in an RPG or the seed of a erotic/supernatural story.

    What happens when someone asks for the book on the librarian herself? That would also be interesting.

  2. Timothy – Oh man, asking for the Librarian’s book would be such a much better story lol

    Although, it might also drive the reader insane.

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