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Dr. Otto Von Madd stood nude in front of the mirror. He was a bit perturbed.

Instead of his carefully sculpted goatee, his face was bare and feminine. His lips were fuller. His eyelashes, already long for a man, were longer. He had cheekbones now and his Adam’s apple was gone. His short brown hair was still short but had assumed a Pixie cut during the night.

The curly hair of his chest was completely gone. Instead of his broad pectoral muscles, he now sported two very lovely breasts. He judged them to be 36D’s and since he was an erotic scientist, he had 99% certainty in his estimate.

His normally broad chest now tapered down to a rather fetching waist. Below his waist there was no trace of his cock and balls. He pushed delicate fingers into the furry pubic hair and moaned as he touched his new vagina.

“Not again,” Dr. Otto Von Madd said.

He was not unfamiliar with gender transformation. His first dalliance into the phenomenon was when he was fourteen. Otto had been greatly frustrated by the girls his age were reluctant to allow him to examine their budding breasts with the methodical attention that his curiosity demanded. It was much easier to just look into the family attic and find something that would let him grow his own breasts.  Removing them was easy as looking in the family basement for a cure.

Otto cupped the new breasts he had this morning.  They were fuller than he ones he had played with as a teenager.  Whatever had caused this transformation had successfully simulated the effects of age.  Otto’s breasts were heavy and a smidge faded from the glory of youth.

He had his breasts while watching himself in the mirror. Skilled fingers that could stimulate any woman were hesitant to play with his own nipples.  He settled on Von Madd Nipple Stimuli #6.

“Oh yes,” Otto groaned.  That felt good.

He felt a flush to his groin.  Otto paused in mid pinch of his nipple.  He was well versed in the biology, psychology and even a little of the metaphysics of a woman’s desire, but it was so different to feel it for himself.  He forgot how empty it felt. His erection was a demand to be touched but this, was a demand to be filled.

It reminded him of the time he developed that gender-reversal laser for that British singer. Otto of course tested it on himself first and he the horror of watching his penis shrink into nothingness was soon replaced by the wonder of touching his newly grown vagina. It was one of the few times that Otto had wasted precious science time masturbating simply for pleasure.

Otto trembled as his fingers went down to his pussy.  He moaned when he touched his clit.  He put out one hand to steady himself.  He slipped his fingers into his pussy and his knees almost gave out.

This was good. It was amazing that women didn’t masturbate every day, every hour and every second.  Otto stroked himself, no fantasy needed as he simply enjoyed his body.

He did wonder what caused this transformation. There were no strange meteors last night. There were no accidental laser blasts.  He certainly would have known if he had made a wish at a sentient well of reality bending power.  In fact, all he did last night was open some late Christmas presents from his family and spend the evening planning next year’s schedule at the laboratory.

Otto paused in mid stroke.  There was those jelly cookies from Otto’s uncle, Crazy Caspar Von Madd.  Crazy Caspar was the black sheep of the family who decided to squander his vast science skills in the paltry field of practical jokes.  It would tickle his sense of humor to turn an erotic scientist member of the family into the opposite gender.

Otto laughed.  It was a good joke.

He returned the serious business of masturbating.  Knowing Uncle Caspar, the effect was only temporary.  Otto would be a man again either in an hour, or if Caspar really wanted to push the joke, twenty-four hours.  Otto realized that twenty-four hours would be the more likely prediction. 

Still, there was no time to waste.  Otto pushed his fingers deeper.  He knew that moving to a chair would be a better position. A bed would be even better.  He stayed where he was.  He wanted to see himself.  He wanted to overcome the logistics with pure desire.

He grabbed his breast and squeezed.  He enjoyed the simultaneous pleasure of grabbing a breast and being grabbed.  It was delicious.

He finger fucked himself faster.  Wet desire dripped down smooth thighs.  Otto spent a moment wondering where all his leg hair went before banishing the thought.  He would ask his uncle later.  For now he was just going to stroke.

Otto fingered his pussy. Demanding fingers went deeper and deeper into his unexplored emptiness.  Otto moaned and the sound of his changed voice made him tremble. 

The mirror reflected his new body. He saw bouncing breasts.  He saw knees threatening to bend.  He saw a sensuous mouth moaning. He saw eyes as deep as mystery itself. He was a woman today and like every woman everywhere, he was beautiful.

Otto climaxed.  There was no release of seed like he was used to but there was a release of pleasure.  He cried out, humbled by the power of it all. 

He rested his head on the mirror.  His fingers were still buried in his sex.  He had forgotten.  He made toys for women’s pleasure but he had forgotten how different their pleasure was. 

He thought of a new dozen sex toys.  New vibration speeds came to mind.  A design for a clitoris massager sprang full formed inside his consciousness.  Otto needed to get to a lab.  There was a lot of work to be done.

Otto’s pussy clenched.  New shivers of pleasure went through him.  Otto chuckled and then moaned.  That’s right, he was multi-orgasmic. 

He cancelled his plans for the lab.  He could do that later.  Right now he needed a bed.  He needed a vibrator.  He needed some creative female assistants.  A few candidates instantly came to mind.

Pleasure awaited.      

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  1. Oh, very nice. I love how he enjoys his work (and pranks).

  2. I am just amused that there is a Von Madd that has earned the ‘Crazy’ prefix.

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