Jan 252013

Sometimes I just don’t have that creative spark. I am bored with myself, bored with writing and probably bored with life. In these dull moments of sterility, I turn to Professor Elemental. For those who don’t know, Professor Elemental is Britain’s greatest rapping steampunk inventor eccentric.It is impossible to listen to him and not have a new greatest idea. Better yet, he makes me smile and that is as precious as gold.

Fortunately for me, Professor Elemental has a new album out. “Father of Invention” has done the impossible and that is be better than his first album, “The Indifference Engine”. This album covers the usual weirdness like making a robot bride, creating ice cream from animals and apologizing for being British. He also sings the greatest song ever about owning a horse, a cautionary tale about going into the attic where all the old inventions are stored and an insightful essay about comedy, rapping and music. Best of all, he has a wonderful rap battle with long time nemesis, Mr. B that is a tribute to both of their skills.

I listen to a lot of silly music. Often the ambition of the musicians outshines the talent of the musician. Clever jokes are nestled in so-so music. Some musicians try to excuse poor workmanship by saying their music shouldn’t taken seriously in the first place. That isn’t the case with Professor Elemental. The music is top notch. The lyrics tell a story that fit with the beats. He applies the same level of craft as top billboard names. Heck, I would be willing to argue that he applies more craft because he loves what he does.

The Professor also has a one-shot comic book that is a delight and if that isn’t enough, he now has a youtube series about his adventures. He is becoming the total package of entertainment.

  3 Responses to “Father of Invention”

  1. I love the Professor. I have the Indifference Engine and I’ll have to pick up his new CD.

    Frankly, Fighting Trousers is probably what made me madly in love with him.

  2. Great article! Just one minor correction, though- the comic book isn’t a one-shot, since we’re working feverishly on the next issue as I type this, and there are more Prof Comic adventures to come! :)

    Chris (the bloke wot wrote the comic)

  3. t’Sade – Fighting Trousers will live on forever I suspect.

    Chris Moke – Excellent news! Your comic has a treasured place on my desk.

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