Dec 262012

Explorer’s Log.  I have arrived at the star system designated Queen’s Intimate Clench by Royal Astronomers.  The only planet here has a rich vibrant ecosystem dominated by a primitive species that speaks a barbaric version of Dotum.  They are called the Kowe. The Kowe are friendly, trusting, hard working and perfectly suited for conquest.

The planet is also in the path of an asteroid that will destroy all life on the planet.  Scans of the asteroid reveal that it contains thirteen valuable elements that could be mined.  After the collision, the Royal Navy will have plenty to extract.

Collision will occur in five days.  I will depart after today.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log.  I have made the decision to tell the Kowe about their fate.  The Kowe have treated me as an honored guest and they have cooked some of the best food I have ever eaten.  They have been asking me about the large green object in the sky and it is time I was honest with them.  That soup they make with the little fish is worth the truth alone.

Although the Kowe are peaceful, I will be carrying my plasma pistol.  They might go apocalypse mad and decide to kill the messenger.  I just hope they feed me first.
“Well, that went better than I expected,” Vaquel said.

All around Vaquel, the Kowe were fucking.  Two hundred furry creatures that barely came up to her leg were humping like happy madmen.  Females squealed as barbed cocks entered their leather cunts.  Males roared with happiness as cunts capable of grinding stones clenched at them.  Some of the Kowe were banging on skull drums that set the pace for the fucking.  It was one big happy orgy.

Vaquel shook her head.  Short pink hair bobbed above her dark face.  She stood in the middle of the orgy; her dark red spacesuit clinging to every glorious curve.  Slowly she relaxed the grip on her plasma pistol.  The Kowe had reacted to the news of imminent destruction remarkably well.

“I don’t get it, Tekciw,” she said.

Tekciw, lead hunter of the Kowe smiled.  His big round eyes reflected the campfires that surrounded them.  He stood proudly beside her. His only clothing was a necklace of teeth.

“You have told the Kowe that they will soon join their ancestors in the Great Stars.  You told them that they forest the live in will be consumed in an unimaginable fire that will transform the trees, the rivers and even the beasts we hunt into ash.  This means our home will come with us to the afterlife.”

The Kowe musicians rang a bell made from the rib cage of some monster.  The Kowe swapped sexual partners and resumed fucking.

“Would you care to join in the celebration?” Tekciw said.

Vaquel shuddered.  “No thank you.  I have seen your sexual organs and I have never seen so many hooks, spikes and razor sharp edges on a body part.  You guys could fuck a hole through solid rock.”

The short furry creature smiled and the bone that pierced his nose rose higher. “There are more than one way to pleasure a female, Vaquel.  Let me perform a ritual of our people on you.  I promise, it will be as soft as a freshly cut liver on your sex.”

Vaquel wasn’t disturbed by the liver reference.  The Kowe were obsessed with eating meat and she had come to understand their language.  She was also quite a bit aroused.  It wasn’t every day that she saw hundreds of creatures fucking with wild abandon.  She wanted in on it.

“Okay, but at the first sign of pain, I’m eating your arm,” she said.  She knew how to speak their language.

Teckiw licked his lips.

Vaquel pressed a button on her utility belt.  The lower half of her red spacesuit receded.  The shiny material pulled up her long dark legs, past her thick thighs and over the pink hair of her pubic bush. 

Teckiw gently pushed her down to sit on the throne the Kowe had made for her.  It was carved from bone and sinew.  He spread her brown thighs and grinned up at her.  When Vaquel smiled back at him, he dived his head down between her legs.

Vaquel cried out.  Rough lips kissed against her sensitive sex.  The raspy tongue of the Kowe hunter licked hard against her.  The pointed teeth of his mouth pressed threateningly against tender skin. 

It was exactly what Vaquel needed.  She had spent so many days with the Kowe; admiring their terribly ferocity and yet smitten with their almost toy like height and features.  The orgy had pushed her self control to the limit and now she was getting a savage pussy eating.  It was good to be a space explorer.

Tekciw burrowed deeper between her thighs.  She felt the bone piercing in his nose rub against her clitoris.  His rough tongue licked furiously at the juices that flowed from her pussy.  Tekciw snorted between her thighs in his thirst for her sex.

Vaquel threw her head back.  Tekciw’s tongue lapped hard at her sex.  Above, the green asteroid loomed large in the sky.  It was on a slow motion path that would annihilate the planet but for now it hung there like a second moon in the sky.  Vaquel could almost feel the glorious destruction radiating from the green traveler.

The Kowe musicians struck the gong and the Kowe swapped partners once again.  Tekciw made no motion to move away from Vaqeul’s thighs and she was grateful for that.  She was also pleasantly surprised to see some Kowe males buggering the furry bottoms of other males while some Kowe females licked furiously at the grinding cunts of other females.  The end of the world was bringing out the best in Kowe.

The drums of the Kowe musicians beat faster and Tekciw’s tongue licked faster as well.  Vaquel gripped the bone throne and squeezed her thighs tighter around Tekciw’s furry head.  His sharp teeth pressed against her most intimate flesh but he never bit down.  The rough texture of his tongue teased and scraped her sex.  The insatiable licking sent shivers up and down Vaquel’s body. 

A Kowe male screamed his pleasure.  His cry was answered with a Kowe female’s scream.  More cries followed as the Kowe climaxed all around Vaquel.  The forests echoed with the howls of pleasure. 

The gong rang and the Kowe moved.  They no longer paired off in couplings.  They reached for the nearest body.  They groped intimate parts while thrusting into another.  The large orgy shifted and included everyone.  Kowe experienced the joys and gropes of multiple bodies at a time.

Overhead, the green asteroid traveled thousands of miles in a second but it appeared to be standing still.

Vaquel looked down at the furry Kowe between her legs.  His mouth was licking but his hands were busy.  He stroking his deadly cock, his hand slick with the juices she had given him.  Tiny barbs sprouted along his cock as he roughly jerked himself.

“Come with me, Tekciw,” Vaquel moaned.  “I am going to come soon and I want you to come as well.”

Tekciw groaned and stroked faster.  His teeth bit a little harder.  His breathing went faster.  His tongue whipped inside her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.  She climaxed and shook on the bone chair.  Her screams of pleasure joined the chorus of Kowe cries.

Tekciw moaned and his cock erupted.  Thick alien seed splattered onto Vaquel’s leg. 

Above them, the green asteroid continued its journey to a different kind of climax.

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  1. So, is the asteroid’s name Htaed Rats, or what?

  2. Joe – I debated doing something like that but couldn’t find a name I liked.

  3. Merry Christmas to you Shon ^^

    Surprisingly simple and pleasant tale this time, was expecting something funky to happen, lol

  4. Oh, I loved it! Nice to show proper and loving fucking in the sign of death.

    Though, the “freshly cut liver on your sex” really brought a smile.

  5. Mystique- Merry Christmas to you too! I am amused by how short furry creatures fucking and a planet-destroying asteroid in the sky is simple because when it comes to my writing, you are correct.

    t’Sade – Those little fuckers are really bloodthirsty.

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