Dec 192012

I pulled into the parking lot at noon.  It was Christmas Eve and most normal people were either killing each other at the store or sitting on their asses at home.  I was doing neither.  I was at the leather dungeon, preparing this year’s Christmas Fucktoys.

Rosie was waiting for me inside.  She was wearing one of her red corsets except she had added some a white feather boa.  She was a cruel dominatrix but she was also a softie for the holidays.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Claus,” she said.  It wasn’t my name but it would be the only name the fucktoys would know me by. 

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Claus,” I said.  We hugged briefly.  “Are the fucktoys here?”

“Waiting for us in the playroom,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“Where are they from this year?”

“These came from Chicago,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“I bet they appreciate the Atlanta weather then,” I said.  “How many did we get?”

“We got five in all, two guys and three women.”

“Not bad,” I said.  It was a good showing.  Not many people had what it took to become a fucktoys for a stranger, much less be available for Christmas.  It took a certain kind of masochist as well as someone who lacked the usual social ties to friends and family.

Shit, you could almost say the same thing about me and Rosie.

I walked into the playroom.  The fucktoys were chatting but they immediately went silent when I walked into the room.  For some reason, they were still wearing clothes.

“Strip,” I said.  To their credit, none of them hesitated.

I shouldn’t be surprised.  The Christmas fucktoy process was very demanding.  No one wanted drama on Christmas.  These men and women had been fucked, spanked, bound, pushed, prodded, humiliated and pushed to every limit.  I used to be a part of the certification process and it was exhausting just to be a tester.  I can’t imagine what it must be like from their end. 

The fucktoys got naked.  There was a heavy blonde who looked like her ass could take a beating for days.  We had a bald guy whose cock was something out of a porn movie.  Next to him was a petite redhead who was toned like a dancer.  Off to the side was a chubby guy who had hair all over his body.  Last was a mousy black woman with lovely kinky hair.

“All right,” Mrs. Claus said.  “Put your clothes in these duffel bags and then get your asses to the bathrooms.  If you have to go while we tie you up, we’re just going to let you shit yourself.”

That wasn’t exactly true but hey, when you deal with fucktoys you got to set the rules down hard.  While the fucktoys used the bathroom, I went to the rope locker.   We were on the clock and I wanted to make every delivery on time.

The fucktoys came back and I and Mrs. Claus went to work.  She took the males while I took the women.

I tied the black girl first.  I used a red and green rope to bind her arms behind her back.  She moaned as I used the rope to make her a bra that separated her breasts.  I bound her thighs together and I could smell the desire from her cunt.

I took a lick of her cunt.  She trembled and nearly fell over.  I grabbed her ass and held her to my face as I licked her.  She was delightfully wet.  I drank her desire.

“Thank you, sir,” she said when I stood up.

I slapped her face.  My hand print glowed on her dark cheek.  “Only speak when you are addressed,” I said. 

She nodded.  I was within my rights to punish her further but it wasn’t necessary.  Wrapping presents always made me people a little giddy.

I fitted her with a bright red jawbreaker gag.  Drool glistened from her lips as she licked the sweet candy.

I went to work on the blonde next.  I grabbed her tits and squeezed because fuck, tits that nice were meant to be groped.  The blonde moaned as I groped her; her nipples hardening with every squeeze.

Red rope bound her hands to her thighs.  Her hands were just shy of being able to touch her shaved cunt.  Bows attached to clamps went onto her nipples.  She hissed as the clamps bit into her flesh.  She shut her eyes tight as she rode out the pain.  She popped her eyes back open when she felt my fingers on her cunt.   
One stroke, two strokes, three strokes and she was as wet as melted snow.  Her cheeks flushed and her mouth opened for a moan but she was completely silent.

Four strokes, five strokes, six strokes and her hips were grinding my fingers.

Seven strokes, eight strokes, nine strokes and she was biting her lip. 

Ten strokes, eleven strokes, twelve strokes and she beginning to shake.

I stopped and put my fingers to her mouth.  She eagerly sucked them clean.  When I removed my fingers, I placed a green rubber ball gag in her mouth, topped with another red bow.  I was feeling festive.

A groan brought my attention to Mrs. Claus.  She was shoving an anal plug into the bald man.  His cock was wrapped in prickly tinsel.  Mistletoe clamps hung from each nipple.

I turned to the redhead.  She had pale skin and really good muscle tone.  I used silver ribbon mixed with red ribbon to bind her legs together.  I used the ribbons in alternating colors to create the effect of a candy cane.  The ribbons were tight against her leg, showing off all those lovely muscles.  I wrapped the ribbons over her sex until I had her waist wrapped.

She looked straight ahead.  The fucktoy was trying to hide her disappointment that I hadn’t teased her cunt like I did the others.  She was behaving quite well.

I unzipped my pants.  The fucktoy never glanced down though a smile threatened to cross her lips.  I grabbed her by the back of her head and bent her down to my cock.  Her bound legs prevented her from kneeling so she had to bend at the waist.  It was a precarious position for her but I held the nimble fucktoy by her hair.

The fucktoy opened her mouth and sucked my cock in a single gulp.  I held her head there.  She wasn’t able to move but she did the best she could with her tongue.  The fucktoy was a good little cocksucker.

I looked over at Mrs. Claus.  She was jacking off the hairy man.  Heavy ornaments dangled from his balls.  She was whispering something terrible in his ear.  His face was flushed with fear and arousal.

The fucktoy choked on my cock and I kept her there.  A few minutes later, I let her back up.  Now she was smiling.

I put a white collar around her neck and white cuffs around her wrists.  I connected the wrists to her collar and hung some mistletoe from the d-ring.  Her small breasts I left alone because decorating is all about knowing when to stop.

“Let’s get them into the van,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“What is our first delivery?” I asked.

“The blonde one,” she said.

“Okay, you drive while I prepare her.”

We loaded the fucktoys into the van.  It was a scary looking black thing with no windows.  It was perfect for our needs. 

Mrs. Claus put on a coat to hide her corset and got into the driver’s seat.  The fucktoys sat against the sides while I got the box ready.  Within minutes we were on I-285, ready to make our first delivery.  I just had to make the box.

The boxes come on wheels and thank God for that because I am not as young as I used to be.  The side of the box was reinforced with handles to help people move the damn thing around.   I had the blonde sit in the box bottom as I built the box around her.  Duct tape and a lot of wrapping paper held the box together.  It wouldn’t survive any real shipping but it would serve our purposes. 

Before I closed the lid, I slapped her breasts a few times.  One time slapped her too hard and the clamp flew off.  I reclamped her tit and checked out my work.  Her breasts were a festive red color.

“Be a good fucktoy,” I said as I closed the box lid.  She nodded her head in assent.

The van stopped and I opened the back door.  Mrs. Claus pulled out the ramp.  Together we carefully rolled the box down the ramp and onto the driveway. 

I didn’t recognize the house but that was okay.  Other people picked the lucky recipients of the fucktoys.  The way it worked is that every year people would sign up for the list.  A committee would then work through that list and rule out some of the people. I know that the recipient process is even stricter than the fucktoy process.  It takes a special person to abuse another safely.

Now supposedly the committee takes the number of fucktoys and decides by random who gets one.  Even though the process is mostly random though you would be surprised how many recently divorced people or those suffering a real life hardship get a fucktoy.  I don’t mind this nudging of the rules.  The holidays do that to people.

No one knows if they get a fucktoy until they get that knock on the door on Christmas Eve.

We rolled the box to the front door.  I knocked on the door and turned to leave.  Mrs. Claus and I heard the door open behind us but we didn’t turn around.  We were there just to deliver the fucktoys. 

I drove while Mrs. Claus prepared the chubby guy.  Traffic was hellish but I was in a good mood.  It was Christmas.

We left the chubby guy at a house recognized.  It belonged to a gay couple I knew.  I was smiling the whole time because I knew that one of them recently lost his father.  It felt good to help brighten up a sad time.

We delivered the black woman to an apartment.  I made sure to stroke her until she was nice and wet before sealing her in the box.  I licked my fingers clean myself.

We delivered the redhead to a nice older man who was working in his yard.  He helped us bring the box to his shed, which I understand is where she will spend all of her time until someone comes to pick her up.

Last we dropped off the bald guy at a theater down in Little Five Points.  You have to wonder what kind of kinky shit he was in for.

Mrs. Claus and I sang songs as I drove her to back to the dungeon.  I swear I hate Christmas music but singing it with a friend makes it okay.  We hugged and agreed to meet before New Year’s for some paddle shopping.

The drive home was less festive.  It felt so good to deliver fucktoys while the rest of the city went about it’s vanilla business but afterwards, there was something of a letdown.  While the fucktoys went on to be used, and five lucky people got the chance to use them, my part in the story was over.  I was proud of my part, but I wished it wasn’t over.  Now I just had an empty house to return to on Christmas Eve.

I pulled into my driveway and I saw the box by my doorstep.  It was huge and brightly wrapped in glittering Christmas paper.  The box was on wheels.

I got out of the car.  My hands were shaking.  There was a card on the box.  I opened it.

“Merry Christmas, from Mrs. Claus”

I swallowed hard.  I unlocked the door and pushed the box into my living room.  My fingers made a mess of the wrapping as I tore open the box.

A naked Asian woman looked at me.  Drool dripped from her ball gag painted as a snowball.  Plump breasts were held up by gold and silver tinsel. 

I knew her.  I didn’t know her name but I had seen at her at the dungeon.  She usually played with Mrs. Claus, I mean Rosie.

I took the gag out of her mouth.  “And who are you?” I asked.

“I’m your fucktoy,” she said.

“That was the right answer,” I said.

It was going to be a Merry Christmas after all.  

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  1. Aww, that is a really sweet ending. Loved it. Plus, love the idea of deliver toys for the holidays. Yummy.

  2. Oh, I absolutely loved this story! Really adored it (and I think I’ll be fantasising about being a fucktoy for the holidays, too …)

    xx Dee

  3. t’Sader- Thanks, Toy delivery does seem like an underreported subject.

    Dee- I’m glad you liked it. I always assumed you were one for the holidays :)

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