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My sister, Susan, opened the door. A brief glimpse of excitement quickly flipped to disappointment.

“It’s just Scott!” she yelled.

“I love you, too,” I said.

“Don’t be melodramatic,” Susan said. “Bill called a few minutes ago and he said that they were ten minutes out of town. Everyone can’t wait to see the new baby.”

“I understand,” and I did. Mom and Dad had six kids and there was nothing more important to the family than adding new spawn. We were currently at nineteen grandchildren and all of them were here for Christmas. I was twenty-eight, single and blessedly free of tiny mouths to feed, which explained my rapidly shrinking importance in the family. It was a miracle that they invited me to Christmas dinner at all.

Maybe the bigger question was why I drove two hundred miles to come see them. Every year was a long day of kid friendly movies on the television while my brothers and sisters traded baby stories. The screaming of children desperate for attention was going to drown out any Christmas music. Dinner was a jumbled mess of parents begging kids to eat something other than chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. It certainly didn’t look like a place that an adult could enjoy but yet I came here every year without fail.

I went into the kitchen. My mom was there and she gave me my yearly hug before returning back to the mashed potatoes. My sister, Sharon, was there and she gave my yearly nod of the head. I didn’t mind. I only had eyes on the third woman in the kitchen. She was my mom’s best friend for twenty years, our next door neighbor for eighteen years and the woman we all called Aunt Kim.

Fuck, she was still gorgeous. Her curly brown hair had streaks of grey but it was as long as ever. She was wearing a Christmas sweater tight enough to show off large breasts that were the subject of many a teenage masturbation dream. There were a few more lines on her face but they only enhanced her smile. Bright blue eyes beamed with adoration behind her gold glasses.

“Scott!” Aunt Kim said and she hugged me tight. Large breasts pressed against my chest and funny things happened with my cock. Her hands safely out of view from my family, she let them drop down and squeeze my ass. I suppressed my groan which just made my cock all the harder.

“I swear you’re still growing!” Aunt Kim said. She gave a wink that only I saw to know that she wasn’t talking about my height.

“Still six foot three,” I said. I could feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks. I was a grown man but she still reduced me to putty.

“Scott, could you bring down some chairs from upstairs,” my mom said. “I forgot to add Steven’s twins when I set up the table.”

It was beginning already. My servitude to children was my primary purpose at these events.  I had come to accept it.

“Actually Laura, I wanted to borrow Scott for a few minutes,” Aunt Kim said. “I bought a set of serving bowls last week and there are too heavy for me to carry. Scott, would you mind coming with me and bringing them over?”

“Sure,” I said.

I left the kitchen before my mom could enlist any more of our family to help. Aunt Kim quickly followed behind me. We did our best not to run to the door.

Once outside, it was even harder not to run. We had to walk casually past fake reindeer and balloon snowmen. I held the gate open for her and resisted grabbing her ass. She lived just next door but it felt like she was millions of miles away.

“I have been thinking of sucking your cock all day,” Aunt Kim said. It was almost a whisper.

“I have been thinking of it too,” I said.

We reached the sidewalk.

“Remember that first Christmas that I sucked you?” she said.

“Of course I do. It was my first blowjob.”

“You came in less than a minute,” Aunt Kim laughed.

We turned up the walkway to her house.

“Are you going to come on my face this year, or in my mouth?” Aunt Kim asked.

“I haven’t decided,” I said. “Maybe it will be a surprise.”

We reached the front door. She fumbled with the lock and finally got it open.
I felt a powerful wave of nostalgia and desire as I stepped through the door way.

I slammed the door behind us. Aunt Kim dropped down to her knees in the hallway. She was pulling at my pants while I pulled at her sweater. She yanked my pants and boxers down and my cock sprang forward. Only then would she consent top letting me pull the sweater over her head. White lace held those gloriously tanned tits. I shivered when I realized that she still tanned topless.

“As good as you remember?” she asked.

“Better,” I said. It was true. I used to spy from the attic window so that I could look down into her yard. She would lie on her back, her body oiled and bared for my peeping eyes. It was better now. Now I could touch them.

My hand went to her tit. Her mouth went to my cock.

“Fuck yes!” I cried out. This was why I made the drive. A willing mouth is what I looked forward to every Christmas.

Aunt Kim looked up at me as she sucked. Her blue eyes sparkled as they looked over her gold glasses. Her cheeks moved as she slid back and forth over me. An experienced tongue did amazing things to the underside of my cock. Lovely long curly hair shook as her head bounced.

My hand pulled her tit out of her bra. It was plump, warm and perfect. My fingers played with a nipple as hard as my cock. There were so many times that I jacked off thinking of these breasts and now once again, they were mine to play with. It must have been Christmas.

Aunt Kim groaned and put a hand to her crotch. She rubbed at the heat hidden beneath her jeans. Her hand digs at the sex I had never fucked. My Christmas present was always a blowjob. I had never complained.

She took my cock out of her mouth. Her tongue flicked at the head of my cock before consuming me once more. I hit the back of her throat and I groaned.

My other hand reached for her other breast. I held both of her tits in my hands. I felt the familiar weight. I pulled on perfect nipples. I squeezed ripe tits that would never loss their thrill.

Aunt Kim moaned and stroked faster. I couldn’t see them but I imagined that her jeans were getting soaked. She was rubbing so hard while she sucked me. I swore I could hear the wet sounds of her pussy.

A new desire flared within me. I released her breasts and gently pulled her away from my cock.

She looked at me, her lips shiny with spit. “What’s the matter?”

I said nothing. I reached down and helped her stand up. My fingers tugged at her jeans.

“Wait, Scott!” she said. “We shouldn’t!”

“It is time I gave you a present,” I said. I tugged her jeans down. A thick bush of hair greeted me. Aunt Kim wasn’t wearing panties.

I turned her around. She bent over and placed her hands on the wall. She wasn’t arguing. I looked down on her tanned ass that had taunted me for years. Her legs parted for me.

My cock slammed into her. Deep down I knew I should go slow. In the back of my mind I was thinking of all the slow wonderful ways to fuck a woman. I couldn’t do any of that. I had to fuck her.

We both cried out. My hard cock was fucking her wet pussy. The sound of my hips hitting her ass were deafening in the hallway.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Aunt Kim called out.

I fucked faster. I had wanted to fuck her for years. I had fucked her so many times in my mind. I had soiled so many tissue foes her. Now I was fucking her and it was everything I ever dreamed.

“Fuck me, Scott,” she called out.

“Yes, Aunt Kim,” I shouted back.

Neither of us could last long. It had been too many years in the making. It started back when she teased me with glimpses down her bra. It continued to that one special Christmas when she gave me a moving away present. It continued every year as I returned for her mouth. We had spent years going to the edge and now we were finally fucking.

She climaxed first. Aunt Kim slammed her hand on the wall as her orgasm came.

She also climaxed second. Her pussy tightened so hard around me as her body shivered in pleasure.

It was my turn to come. My cock exploded with an intensity that surprised me. My cock released everything I had into Aunt Kim’s forbidden wonderful pussy.

We both froze with pleasure. My knees were shaking as I stood behind her bent over body. I watched the sweat slide down her tanned back. She looked at me over her shoulder; blue eyes blazing with affection behind her glasses.

“Merry Christmas,” she said.

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  1. Lovely tale, many thanks ^^


    Aunt Kim looked up at him as she sucked.
    (‘Him’ should be ‘me’)

  2. Aww, that is sweet and sexy. I loved it! Wish I had that type of tradition with someone though, would make the holidays a lot more enjoyable.

  3. Mystique – Thanks!

    t’Sade – My thoughts go down this road every boring ass holiday get together

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