Nov 092012

In a forbidden temple that sits on a forbidden mountain resides a master of a forbidden art.  The Mast of Spanking spends every day practicing his spanking.  He uses the back of his hand, the front of the hand, paddles, crops, books, random pieces of wood and once he even used a limp noodle to devastating effect on a woman’s ass.  He knows every detail to the art of spanking.

The most incredible technique that the Master of Spanking knows is the Six Secret Spanks.  These spanks will transform a person’s ass to a state of perfect happiness.  It will also hurt a lot. 

For some reason, this ancient secret technique is now available to the masses.  It is being printed on cheap paper and left at Asian supermarkets.  Monks with really large hands are distributing the pamphlet at airports.  Kinky people have reported seeing the technique explained on subway walls and tenement halls.  
Perhaps the Master of Spanking wishes to enlighten the world.  Who knows?  He could just be a really nice guy.

The First Secret Spank awakens the person’s body to heightened super sensitivity.  They will become aware of the slightest change in air pressure on their skin.  They will hear birds fart at a hundred yards.  They will feel the desire in people’s glances.

The Second Secret Spank will bring great heat to entire body.  They will feel as if they were cuddled inside a giant fur blanket that is actually made of a hundred tiny spanks.

The Third Secret Spank will hurt. 

The Fourth Secret Spank will hurt so much that the person being spanked will evoke an uncontrollable flood of curse words, swears and impossible anatomical positions.

The Fifth Secret Spank will humiliate.  It will break down the ego of the one being spanked.  It will strip them down to their core beliefs and in the moment, they will either decide that they are deserving of punishment or worthy of reward.  It will also hurt. 

The Sixth Secret Spank will take the spanked person to a state of perfect pain and pleasure.  They will experience the most painful sensation of their life along with the most pleasurable.  They may orgasm.  They will cry.

Applying the Six Secret Spanks incorrectly will have unforeseen side effects.  Please read the pamphlet correctly.   

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

  4 Responses to “Play With This: The Six Secret Spanks”

  1. Heh, reminds me of Kung Fu Hustle. :) But, I could really abuse that spanking.

    Oh, it probably would fit your style, but have you read the novelization of Remo Williams? They have a scene much like that, about touching women in the perfect place… and how not to use it.

  2. t’Sade – I freely admit that Remo is a constant inspiration.

    I own the first 37 Remo Williams books and if you can get past the rampant racism and 70’s Fox News mentality, it is a joy to read.

  3. i performed this as a slam poem in Cambridge son! they love you out here!

  4. Omoizele – You have just made my entire year.

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