Nov 302012

It passed through the millions of little holes in your screens.  It slipped through the vents in your home.  It slid under the door into your bedroom.  It oozed up from your floor and came crashing down on your bed.  It got between your clothes and slipped over your skin.

It felt pretty great.

A year ago it was born in a sexual science laboratory.  Someone got a little careless and a tiny little accident happened.  A lot of sex lubricants mingled with some vibration nanobots and then somehow that got electrocuted and then someone spilled a carbonated drink.  The resulting self-recreating Lubricant Blob Monster slipped down a drain and traveled the pipes to freedom.

What did the Lubricant Blob Monster want?  Who knew?  It seemed to understand that it was made of mostly sexual aids and this drove its monstrous behavior.  It liked to get into tight places and it especially liked to get into tight people.  It oozed onto them with its incredibly slippery body and the billions of tiny vibrating nanobots excited sensations and feelings that most people had never experienced.  It slipped and slid over the bodies of the people it ‘attacked’ and then usually slipped away shortly after orgasm.  It was almost as if it knew it was no longer needed.

Thanks to the spilt carbonated drink, the Lubricant Blob Monster had a refreshing lemon lime flavor.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

  3 Responses to “Play With This: The Lubricant Blob”

  1. The stinger line is awesome. :)

    God, I would love one of these. I would honestly keep it and call it George. Sounds like Bob, but with a bit less of the pineapple.


  2. t’Sade to be honest, I wrote this one specifically for you :)

  3. I hoped that was true. And it is utterly awesome. I’m going to have to write something, just to show my appreciation. :)

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