Nov 282012

Explorer’s Log: I am currently in week two of my four week journey to the star system designated Queen’s Intimate Clench by Royal Astronomers.  There is a lot of interference coming from a nearby pulsar and scans are limited.  My inability to conduct stellar surveys has given me a lot more time on my hands.  Nothing to report here.  If something happens, I’ll let you know.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Where are these fucking bruises coming from?

Vaquel Di looked closer at the mirror.  Her brown body stared back at her.  She combed her fingers through her short pink hair.  She reached down and checked through her thick bush of pink pubic hair.  She lifted each of her heavy breasts and looked at her rib cage.  Finally, she turned around and examined her round ass.

She hissed.  There was a bruise on her right ass cheek.  It was as big as her hand.  The angry looking bruise appeared to be from a rough spanking. 

It had been weeks since she had been spanked.  Worse, the bruise hadn’t been there yesterday.  

Vaquel sighed.  That made for three mysterious bruises in the last three days.

The first bruise had been on her tit.  It looked a lot like a bite.  She just assumed it was a bruise she had missed when she fucked the fish alien two weeks ago.

The second bruise was on her inner left thigh.  It was small but tender as if it happened recently.  Vaquel couldn’t dismiss this one as easily.  As much as she fucked herself, Vaquel was familiar with every inch of her thighs.  That was when she knew something was happening.

The third bruise confirmed it.  Vaquel had spent the day being extra careful to not cause any sort of accidental bruises.  She had checked her biochemistry in the medical bay to make sure she didn’t have some sort of vitamin deficiency.  When she went to bed that night, she reduced the gravity of the ship to make for a gentler sleep.

It didn’t matter.  She still had a new bruise.  Something was happening when she slept.

Vaquel thought about reporting it back to Royal Navy Command.  She frowned at what they would make of it.  Deep Space Explorers frequently go insane.  If they became convinced that she was mentally unstable, then her future reports might not even get read.  The twenty year mission could be one long delay before being committed to a mental institute. 

“I am going to need answers before I report this,” she said. 

Vaquel spent the day planning.  The pulsar interference made scanning the nearby space impossible.  It didn’t stop her from recording the inside of the ship.

Before she went to sleep, Vaquel set up five separate recording devices.  She had the interior of the ship fully watched.  The next bruise she got, she would have video of it.

Vaquel went to sleep confident that she would have answers.

She woke up with a new bruise.  This time it was her right nipple.  There were teeth marks.  Her nipple was tender and sore.

Vaquel went to the camera pointed at her sleeping bay.  She activated the playback and watched.  Everything was normal until an hour after she started sleeping.  The video glitched and when it resumed, it was an hour before Vaquel woke up.

“Comet fuckers,” Vaquel swore.

She checked the second camera pointed at her sleeping bay.  It was the same.  The camera pointed at the main living quarters had malfunctioned as well.  The camera pointed at the airlock was glitched.  Even the camera in the navigation pod had malfunctioned.     

Vaquel felt a chill go down her naked body.  For the first time in a long time, she was very aware of how alone she was out here in unexplored space.  There was no backup.  There was no rescue possible.  Someone or something had invaded her ship, sabotaged her equipment and left bruises on her.  That same someone could just as easily kill her.

Vaquel spent the day in the medical bay.  The automated doctor was capable of performing surgery on her but it did less well with prescribing drugs for a hypothetical situation.  That was okay.  Vaquel was a smart woman. 

When she got frustrated with all the medical jargon she touched the bruise on her nipple.  The sensitive flesh flashed with pain.  Vaquel winced from the tenderness but it was exactly what she needed.  It was a reminder to keep studying.

That night, Vaquel took a double dose of a stimulants designed to help snipers maintain a seventy hour vigil on a target.  Vaquel planned to feign being asleep and then surprising her unknown assailant.  She kept a needle pistol under her pillow and a laser scalpel palmed in her hand.

She waited while the heart thumping stimulant raced through her body.

Vaquel awoke in the sleeping bay.  Her eyes popped open and she reached for the needle pistol.  It was still there but she didn’t feel any better.  Despite nearly risking a heart attack with the stimulants, she had still fallen asleep.

“Black hole sucking fuckers!” Vaquel swore.

She stumbled to the mirror.  There was no need to search for the bruise.  It was right there on her face.  A large hand print was on her left cheek.  Something with three fingers had slapped her.

Vaquel touched the bruise.  It hurt.  Whomever did this must have slapped the crap out of her. 

She planned to return the favor.  She thought about laying traps around the ship but the easy way that the intruder disabled the cameras was discouraging.  Setting the ship’s weapons to autofire was pointless due to the pulsar’s interference.  For a little while, Vaquel entertained the idea of applying a topical poison to her skin and poisoning her intruder but she gave that up when she realized that she had no idea what would be toxic to an alien life form. 

Vaquel went back to the medical bay.  Staying awake wasn’t the answer but maybe she could control how she slept.  She looked to see if she could induce a form of sleep that left her conscious. 

It only too her an hour to find a drug that would do what she wanted.  Sleep-Creep was designed by some fetishists three centuries ago.  Her medical bay synthesized it easily.

That night Vaquel went to bed.  The Sleep-Creep dissolved on her tongue.  A powerful lethargy came over her.  Her arms were too heavy to lift.  Eyelids dropped down to half open.  She watched her breasts slowly rise and fall as if she was in a deep sleep.

The probe ship shook as it made contact with something.  A blue light passed over the ship and systems shut down.  Vaquel tried to smile but her face wouldn’t respond.

The airlock opened.  A green alien stepped through.  He was long and spindly.  His head looked too big for the rest of his spindly body to support.  Blank black eyes peered out above a slender mouth.

The green intruder approached her sleeping bay.  The being carried no equipment and didn’t appear to be wearing clothes.  It reached for her breast with a three fingered hand that Vaquel recognized.  The hand matched the bruise on her face.

It grabbed her breast and squeezed.  Vaquel tried to wince but she was paralyzed.  The hand was much stronger than it appeared.  It crushed her breast like a vice.  No wonder she had so many bruises!

The alien toyed with her breast.  It sank spindly fingers into her soft flesh.  One finger rubbed her nipple and it grew hard in response.  The alien groped her breast with methodical attention.

Vaquel felt herself grow wet.  The bastard knew what it was doing.

The alien reached between her thighs.  A probing finger pushed past her pink pubic hair and into her brown pussy.  The finger entered her and slid deeply in. 

Vaquel’s mouth sighed.  Vaquel watched as he hips rose to meet the alien’s finger.  She experienced her body giving in to the alien’s manipulations.

The alien opened its mouth and lunged for Vaquel’s other breast.  Instinctively she tried to jerk back but her body refused to obey.  She watched in silent horror as the alien bit down on her nipple.

Sharp pain lanced through her breast.  He was ruthlessly biting her and there was nothing she could do.  Her back arched towards him on its own.  A moan escaped her lips.  Vaquel was furious but her body was in pleasure.

The alien finger fucked her faster.  The wet squishy sounds of his probing finger filled the sleeping bay.  Another finger rubbed against her clitoris, stimulating her with a rhythm completely divorced from the finger that was fucking her.  The third finger arced down between her buttocks and pushed firmly against her anus.  It was one hell of a talented hand.

Vaquel watched as the alien’s complexion changed.  The deep green skin was lightening to a dull gray.  The color change started on the alien’s head and was flushing down to his shoulders.

The alien released her nipple.  It kept finger fucking her but it raised its other hand.  Vaquel knew it was going to slap her but there was nothing she could it to dodge it.

SLAP! It slapped her across the face.  Her head snapped with the blow and her cheek burned from the contact. 

SLAP! It backhanded her and her face rolled in to the other direction.

SLAP! SLAP SLAP! SLAP! It slapped her head back and forth with a force that was unexpected for such a spindly body.

Through out it all, the other hand kept fucking her.  One finger slipped quickly in and out of her wet pussy.  Another finger pushed into her anus and then slowly pulled out.  The third finger rubbed her clitoris with surprising speed.  Vaquel wished she could see how exactly one hand could have such independently moving fingers but she was also content to just feel it all.

Vaquel’s body slowly betrayed her.  Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet.  Every slap of her face made her clench tighter.  Every thrust into her anus was making her body shiver.  Every rub of her clitoris was curling her toes.  Every thrust into her pussy was bringing her closer to climax.  

She wanted to block the alien’s slapping hand.  She wanted to grab the alien’s head and twist his neck.  She wanted to lift her hips and fuck his fingers.  She wanted to do something, anything, but her body was helpless.  She could only watch as the alien slapped and fucked her.     

Vaquel climaxed.  Pleasure exploded within her body.  She cried out with a voice that wasn’t hers to control. 

Endorphins flooded her blood stream.  It interacted with subdermal implants that the automated doctor installed earlier.  The subdermal implants released an antidote to the Sleep-Creep her body was infused with. 

Vaquel cried out as she regained control of her body. 

The alien paused in mid slap.  His gray coloring reverted back to green.

Vaquel punched one of his over sized eyes.  The alien tried to pull back but Vaquel’s pussy was clenched tight around his finger.  He tugged but she wouldn’t let go.

She punched the alien again.  She punched him so hard that this time his finger popped out of her pussy.  As he fell backwards, Vaquel backhanded him with all of her might.

The alien’s head spun around so hard that the rest of his body spun with him.  The alien collapsed to the ground.

Vaquel climbed out of bed.  She tried to stand and fell to the ground.  The antidote hadn’t fully cycled through her body yet.

The alien emitted a terrified squeal and scrambled up to his feet.  He ran for the airlock.  He paused to look behind him.  Vaquel smiled at the handprint she had left on its face.

The alien ran through the airlock and it sealed behind him.  The ship shook as the alien’s ship unattached itself.

Vaquel was still smiling at the sight of the handprint on the alien’s face.  She had a feeling that the bruises were going to stop.

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  1. Very cool, that was a lot of fun to read. I like how she got revenge too. She’s getting pretty competent at her extra-sexual skills.

  2. t’Sade – Vaquel will be a freaking Jedi knight when her 20 year tour is done.

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