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Explorer’s Log: After a boring five week journey, I have finally arrived at the star system designated Queen’s Enviable Fashion Sense by Royal Astronomers.  There are seventeen planets in this system but only one is not a lifeless rock.  The fourth planet is covered in water and shows no sign of intelligent life.  I will descend onto the planet and take a closer look.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Praise the Queen! After that long trip, a nice swim is just what the medbay ordered!  Initial scans show that the water is clean of any biohazards so I will skip the clunky spacesuit this time.  I can’t wait to take my first swim in months!

Vaquel Di floated in a sea of bliss.   The warm waters of the planet’s equator encompassed her body.  Colorful tropical fish passed by her and she lazily waved at them.  She should have been making scans for the planetary survey but fuck it.  She was enjoying herself.

Today she wore the most minimum of equipment.  She had on her glassteel bubble helmet so she could breathe, a utility belt in case she ran into trouble and her propulsion boots in case she didn’t feel like swimming.  That was it.  Her large brown tits floated in the water.  Her round ass was completely exposed spanked gently by the current.  Even her pink pubic hair was exposed because what was the point of swimming on an alien planet if you weren’t going to go naked? 

Vaquel enjoyed a lazy hour doing nothing.  After months of being bored in space, she was more than happy to be bored in an ocean.  At least there was more to see in an ocean.  The seaweed here grew in long strips that glowed with bioluminescence.  Every fish was brightly colored as if showing off for a parade.  Vaquel had quite a nice time floating naked and watching the sea life.

“I declare today to be a day off,” Vaquel said out loud.  The fish didn’t answer her.

“I don’t have to do a single survey.  I don’t have to do any maintenance on my ship.  I have been travelling for months and for what?  A lot of staring at nothing and the occasional fuck.  There has been no shopping, no parties and sure as fuck next to no flirting.  I am taking the day off and if the Queen doesn’t like it, she can come here and tell me herself.”

She waited a moment but the Queen of Euphoria did not manifest and smite her.  Vaquel took that as a sign that her vacation day had been made official.

“Just a lazy day floating in the water,” Vaquel said to herself.

The seaweed moved back and forth in the current.

Vaquel noticed something below her.  In the middle of the seaweed was a circular reef.  It had strange protrusions that stretched out at weird angles.  She had never seen a reef structure like that before.   

Vaquel swam down to take a closer look.   She had time to kill and something about the reef looked odd.  Technically, she wasn’t investigating something on a new planet because she was an explorer.  Vaquel decided that she was checking it out as part of her holiday.  She was just curious.

As she got closer, she realized that the seaweed wasn’t just around the reef, it looked like it had been planted in rows expanding out from the reef.  At first she thought the seaweed might be a part of the reef but it was too symmetrical.  This was more that just random sproutings.

“Is this agriculture?” she asked herself.  She had a bioscanner on her utility belt but she left it alone.  Doing a scan would have been vacation behavior.

A shape swam towards her from the east.  It was the largest creature that Vaquel had seen today.  It was man sized and better yet, man shaped.  It had a head, two arms and three legs though the legs might have been swimming tails.  It was a bright green with blue and yellow stripes.  The being had large purple eyes that blinked slowly at her.  As it got closer, Vaquel was disturbed to see the creature smile at her.  All of its many teeth were very sharp looking.

Vaquel’s hand drifted down to her gyropistol but the creature didn’t seem bothered.  It swam up to her and squealed at her.  The high pitch of its communication was barely in the range of Vaquel’s hearing.

“Greetings fish-thing,” she said.  She was starting to wish that she had worn a spacesuit after all.

The Fish-Man squealed at her again.  This time Vaquel felt the slight touch of deep sonics on her body.  Her breasts tingled as it took the brunt of the sonics. 

“That didn’t feel half bad,” she said.

The Fish-Man’s smile grew wider and Vaquel became more nervous.  He had an awful lot of teeth.  The Fish-Man reached out with one of his hands towards her breast.  He hummed something and she felt the sonics tickled across her floating tits.

Vaquel laughed and relaxed.  She let the Fish-Man touch her breasts.  If there is one thing she had learned while travelling across star systems; it is that aliens love tits. She could write a paper on the universal appeal of mammary glands. 
The Fish-Man’s hands had six fingers, all spaced equidistant around his hand.  He cupped her breast and Vaquel sighed as dozens of little suckers attached themselves to her breast.  He jiggled her breast and emitted a lower pitch squeal that did funny things to Vaquel’s thighs.

“May I?” she said as she reached for the Fish-Man’s chest?  The creature smiled wider so she touched his chest.  She was surprised at what she felt.  Instead of cold scales, it was warm flesh.  She also felt incredible muscle mass.  This creature had been swimming its entire life and had the physique to show for it.

The seaweed swayed gently with the current as they groped each other.  Neither of them were in a hurry and Vaquel enjoyed the moment.  It was a shame she couldn’t communicate with him but then again, maybe it was for the best.  It was her day off after all.  Talking could be so tiresome.  Today she just wanted to feel.

The Fish-Man squealed something and Vaquel felt a sonic tingle between her thighs.  The tingle started at the lips of her sex and then went deeper.  She moaned as the deep vibrations echoed through her cunt. 

He gestured down towards her pink pubic hair.  He looked to her for permission.  Vaquel answered him by guiding his hand to her sex.  His fingers slipped inside her sex with nimble ease.  The tiny suckers on his fingers latched on and pulled at her sensitive flesh.

“Comets and sunbursts!” Vaquel cried.  It was a startling and wonderful sensation.  As his fingers explored her, the little suckers nibbled and teased her from within.

The Fish-man smiled wider.  Vaquel tried to return the smile though she had a third less teeth than him.

She glanced down and noticed a new appendence emerging from below the Fish-Man’s waist.  It was long, slender and had a familiar looking bulb at the end.  This time her smile was more genuine because she recognized the appendage.  The fish-man had a cock!

Vaquel reached for his cock and squeezed.  It was just as muscular as the rest of him.  The Fish-Man hummed when she touched his cock.  Sonic vibrations rippled across her body. 

“You like that, don’t you?” Vaquel said. 

The Fish-Man hummed happily in response.

“You might like this more,” Vaquel said. 

She pulled his cock towards her cunt.  He removed his fingers and gripped her ass instead.  They pulled each other closer together as he slid into her. 
He was a little too big but Vaquel was a little too much of a slut to complain.  His cock pulsed inside her and Vaquel clenched around him.  The Fish-Man squealed something loud and indecipherable but Vaquel felt the squeal done to the deepest parts of her body.

Vaquel wrapped her long brown legs around his green waist.  He held her ass with both hands.  The multiple suckers on his fingers latched on to her plump butt with the tightness of an airlock.  Vaquel’s breasts were tightly pressed against the Fish-Man’s muscular chest.

The Fish-Man fucked her.  His three tails did a complicated dance of movement that let him slide in and out of her while they slowly turned in place.  Vaquel laughed with delight.  It was a lazy slow rhythm that matched her lazy slow mood.  He pumped her cunt as if he had all the time in the world.

Schools of colorful fish drifted by.  The Fish-man’s cock slid in and out of her.
The field of seaweed flowed in the current.  The Fish-Man’s fingers gripped her ass even tighter.

The sun’s beams speared the tropical waters with a storm of refracting light.  The Fish-man’s humming sonics were reaching parts of Vaquel that she didn’t know she had.

Vaquel was close.  The fucking was going deliciously slow but her orgasm was inevitable.  She unclenched her legs from around the Fish-Man’s waist and gently pulled herself off his wonderful cock.  Turning around, she presented her ass to the creature.  She wiggled her hips and opened her thighs.

The Fish-Man understood.  He reached around and grappled her floating tits.  His cock slid back into her cunt.  Vaquel leaned forward and the angle allowed his already impressive cock to reach further inside her. 

The fucking resumed but it was faster now.  The slow lazy pace was gone.  The Fish-Man’s tails churned the water as he fucked her.  They were still floating in place but the waters around her was a whirlpool of current.

Vaquel laughed and clenched down with her cunt.  She stretched her hands out to feel the water as it spun around her.  She moaned as the Fish-Man squeezed her breasts tighter.  She surrendered her body to sensations around her and within.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out.  Her orgasm was a wave crashing within her body.  She felt the boredom of a long space voyage be washed away and a new lust for life sweeping in.  She was embraced by the warmth of the ocean and her strange new lover.  Vaquel reborn in a new ocean of optimisim.

A shrieking squeal assaulted her ears.  The glassteel bubble helmet vibrated and she feared that it would crack.  The thrusting stopped suddenly and the Fish-Man released her.  Vaquel floated for a moment before her post-orgasmic limbs would obey her commands.  She turned and looked to see what was happening.

A red shape was swimming rapidly towards Vaquel and the Fish-Man.  It was being propelled by the same weird three tails that the Fish-man had.  The creature had breasts although not as big as Vaquel’s.  Her face was hard to see at this distance but even from this far away, Vaquel could see the many, many, many teeth that were being bared at her.

The shrieking squeal hit Vaquel again.  It vibrated her from head to toe.  It did not feel friendly at all.

The Fish-Man squealed a long and sad call.  Vaquel smiled.

“I guess this means you are married,” Vaquel said. 

The Fish-Man swam towards the Fish-Woman.  The female easily dodged her unfaithful lover and headed towards Vaquel.

Vaquel sighed and activated her propulsion boots.  Powerful motors activated and sent Vaquel flying through the water back to her ship.  The stress of going full speed in the water was doing awful things to her breasts but Vaquel endured.  She had a feeling that the Fish-Women’s teeth would be far worse.

The Deep Probe Ship floated in the water.  Vaquel slowed down and activated the airlock.  She pulled herself out of the water and into the ship.  It felt strange to be out of the water after spending so much time there.  She should have resented the Fish-woman for chasing her out of the water but Vaquel couldn’t bring herself to hate her.  The Fish-Woman was protecting the cock that belonged to her and after experiencing that cock for herself, Vaquel agreed that it was a cock worth protecting.

“No, you can have that one,” Vaquel said out loud.  She would just move the ship elsewhere and swim far away from the jealous Fish-Woman.

Besides, there might be plenty more Fish-Men in the sea.

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  1. You wrote that entire thing just for the final line, didn’t you?

    It was fantastic though, I loved it.

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