Nov 072012

Bill Angle was annoyed.  He was scheduled to appear on a cable network segment where he had to convincingly argue that a coal company’s recent release of toxins into the air was somehow free speech and pro-small business.  It wasn’t the shameless defense of a horrible position that bothered him.  He had made a career of defending rightwing talking points and blaming everyone from Kenyans to teachers for the cause of anything that happened to be going wrong today.  No, he was annoyed because he was waiting in this boring ass green room with two year old magazines and a TV set stuck broadcasting the cable news network. He was bored out of his mind.

Someone walked in.  It was a gorgeous redhead in a crisp blue business blazer and skirt.  Her pale cleavage was just shy of improper for cable news and her long red hair was a flaming halo around her head.  Crimson lipstick decorated lips that smiled with honest cruelty.

“Holly Valentine,” Bill said with a contemptuous sneer. 

“Bill Dickfucker,” Holly said with her usual charm. 

“What is the internet’s most famous liberal hack reporter doing here?” Bill said.

“The same reason that a professional conservative fluffer is here,” Holly said.  “I am here to report what I found about Black Sky’s recent poisoning of a county’s water supply.”

“Obviously you meant to say that you are here to repeat communist talking points fabricated by French environmentalist terrorists,” Bill said.

Holly never lost her smile though something in her bright green eyes turned darker.  “I never repeat talking points, I look for facts.  That’s what reporters do.”

Bill stood up.  He towered over Holly.  If anyone asked, he would tell them he stood up to assert dominance.  If he was to tell the truth, he would say he stood up to look down ay Holly’s impressive cleavage.

“You’re calling yourself a reporter?” Bill said.  “You are a known sympathizer to several organizations like Occupy Wall Street and Sexual Freedom Fighters!”

“Hell yeah I am sympathetic,” Holly said.  She stood closer to Bill.  Even though she was looking up at him, her eyes were fearless.  “But I don’t take money from them to argue their points.  Unlike you, who appear on news shows as a so called ‘independent pundit’ while drawing a salary at seven different oil companies, six different coal companies, three gun manufacturers and the god damn Republican candidate for President you asshole hypocrite!”

“Liberal skank feminazi!” Bill yelled.

“Corporate sellout hitman!” Holly yelled.

A knock on the door stopped them.  An intern poked his head in.  “You guys will be on in twenty minutes.”

“Thanks,” Bill and Holly said together. 

The door closed.  Bill looked down at Holly.  The reporter stared back at him.  Their unbridled hatred boiled silently for a few moments. 

“Fine, asshole,” Holly said.  She reached for his pants and unzipped him.  “Just once I would like you to admit you want to fuck first.”

“Appeasing your enemies is a liberal trait, not a core value of a conservative,” Bill said. 

Holly pulled his pants down along with his underwear.  His hard cock pointed straight at her. 

“I just think you can’t talk about sex because all you conservatives are so fucking repressed,” Holly said.

“We’re not repressed,” Bill snapped.  “We’re just not sluts like yo-OH GOD YES!”

Bill’s cock disappeared between Holly’s crimson lips.  With a single gulp she took him into her mouth.  Not even the morning slut on Wolf News could do that.  Bill experienced a moment of pure bliss as his cock hit the back of her throat.

Holly looked up at him.  She had that smug look in her eyes.  He hated that she knew how much he liked it.  He hated it so much that his cock couldn’t stop pulsing in her mouth.

“Obama voting bitch,” Bill snarled.  He grabbed Holly’s head and slowly fucked her mouth.  “Damn contraception wanting slut.”

Holly growled.  It made her mouth vibrate in so many wonderful ways.  Bill felt the slight pressure of teeth on his cock.  She could fuck him over in so many ways.  It terrified him that his cock was at the mercy of this liberal media woman.  His cock was about to shoot his load at any moment.

He fucked her mouth.  Or maybe Holly’s mouth fucked his cock.  It was hard to tell.  He reached down and grabbed a handful of those perfect pale breasts.  Her blazer offered no protection from his groping hands. 

“Suck that cock, liberal whore,” Bill groaned.  “Suck a real man’s cock.  Suck the cock of a hard working American.”

Holly growled some more.  Her eyes stared up at him in hatred.  She sucked so hard that her cheeks caved in and Bill’s knees began to tremble.  She was making him come with her decadent hedonistic liberal tricks.

She pulled back suddenly.  His cock popped out of her mouth.  It was smeared with her lipstick.  “Not yet, fucker.  I demand some equal pay in the form of some pussy licking.”

Bill started to say something but he was too busy watching Holly.  The woman stood up and lifted her skirt.  Of course she had no panties.  Her thick red bush of hair taunted him.  Holly walked over to the green room couch and sat down.  Her pussy waited for him.

“Eat me, Bill.”

Bill dropped to his knees in front of her.  He grabbed her thighs pulled her closer to him.  His head dipped down and paused right above her sex.  The smell of her desire was intoxicating.

“Quit being a tease you fucking chickenhawk!” Holly said.

Bill dived in.  Anger and lust drove his licking.  He ate her too roughly.  He bit at her most sensitive flesh.  He licked with a brutality that would make a neocon proud.  He took what he wanted from her sex and what he wanted was everything.

Holly twisted underneath him.  Her hands went to his perfect hair and kept his head pinned to her sex.

“Eat that cunt you mother fucking gay bashing bigot,” Holly groaned.

Bill felt a surge of anger at being called a bigot.  He loved fucking black girls.  He licked harder.

“Oh yeah, eat the pussy of a real woman,” Holly said.  “You like eating the pussy of someone who uses birth control.  I know you do.  OH SHIT!”

Bill attacked her clitoris with his tongue.  Quick comebacks on cable news had trained his tongue to move faster than a normal man’s.  His tongue rapidly flicked against her clitoris better than any vibrator.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Holly said until Bill lifted his head.

She gave him a look of pure hatred.  “Fucker, I was about to come.”

Bill rose up and positioned his cock between her thighs.   “Typical liberal, always wanting something for nothing.”

He slipped his cock into her.  Holly groaned and her eyes rolled.  “All right,” she said.  “Let’s see what you got, asshole.”

Bill fucked her.  The couch shook under the force of his thrusts.  Holly spread her legs impossibly wide as he ploughed into her.  Bill was disturbed by her flexibility as well as her shamelessness in exposing herself to him.  It disturbed him so much that he fucked her even faster.

“Admit it,” he grunted between thrusts.  “Your pansy liberal friends can’t fuck you like a real conservative can.”

Holly’s crimson lips curled into a snarl.  Her legs suddenly wrapped around him and she rolled off the couch.  They tumbled to the floor and Holly was on top of him.  Her pussy sank down onto his cock and squeezed with incredible force.

“Fucking hell, you crazy bitch,” Bill groaned.

Holly laughed.  “Your cock tells me that you like it.”

Holly rocked back and forth on his cock.  Bill was happily trapped underneath her.  Holly’s pale breasts shook in front of him as they almost escaped her top.  Long red hair kissed his face with every thrust.  There was nowhere else that he wanted to be.

Bill tried to thrust up into her but his position was terrible.  All he could do was lie there and take it.  The feeling of being powerless unsettled him.  The feeling of Holly riding his cock more than made up for it.

Without warning, Holly stopped.  Her pussy was almost completely off his cock.  Only the tip of his cock remained inside her.

“What?” Bill asked.

“Your bosses as Black Sky claim that the pollution of the water table didn’t start until three years ago,” Holly said.  “I bet it has been longer than that and you would know.”

“How the fuck would I know?” Bill said.  He tried again to thrust inside Holly but damn, it was impossible. 

“You do all their media bullshit,” Holly said.  “You need to know all the truths before you can remake them into lies.”

“Damn it, I am this close to coming.  Can’t we talk about this afterwards?” Bill asked.

“Nope,” Holly said.  She smiled at him as her wet pussy began its incredibly slow dismount from the tip of his cock.

“Fuck!” Bill yelled.  “They started to pump waste material back in 2000, in February/”

Holly moaned and slid back onto his cock.  The muscles in her pussy were contracting from an orgasm.  The truth had gotten her off.

Encased once more in Holly’s pussy, Bill climaxed as well.  His cock emptied inside of her and he was so relieved that his orgasm wasn’t ruined.

“God, I hate you,” Bill said.

“Not as much as I hate you,” Holly said.

The green room smelled of sex.

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  1. Gotta love Holly Valentine!

  2. Timothy – She really should get her own book or something.

  3. Yay for epic angry hate sex! Yummy.

  4. t’Sade – I frequently experience angry hate sex thoughts when I see certain Fox News anchorwomen.

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