Oct 082012

A story of mine appears in Full-Metal Orgasm #2.  This is an e-magazine of x-rated, ultra violent science fiction and with an emphasis on being awesome.  I am tickled senseless that my story was accepted and I am proud to be in this work.

I want to also draw attention to the wonderful editor, creator and hardest working one-man publishing company that is Brent Millis. This guy had a dream to have a prose sexpunk anthology magazine and damn it, he did it.  He has been plugging away and this all that fine effort shows.  It wasn’t easy or sane to try to do such a violent sexy project but fuck it, he did it anyway.  This guy deserves all the credit in the world for making a magazine so pure in it’s vision. 

Please buy a copy to support a crazy great writer and to read some great sexy science fiction.

You can get the book at Amazon or for a pdf copy, you can email Brent at GMAIL: sexpunksexfi for a pdf copy that you can buy through paypal.

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