Oct 052012

The Purple Spa was a pretty lackluster massage parlor when it was open.  The women who worked there didn’t have hearts of gold, the madam didn’t sing songs about Christmas and the customers sure as fuck did not look like Richard Gere.  It was the kind of place that teenage boys couldn’t wait to go to and adult men regretted having been. 

The only reason if lasted the five years that it did was because it was located at a crossroad between four small towns.  Men could stop by on their way to go to work, visit family or go on dates with unsuspecting girlfriends.  A convenient line of trees blocked the parking lot from the prying eyes of anyone passing by on the highway.  Secrecy was more important that service quality.   

It has been closed for ten years now but people still talk about it.  They say if you spend the night there, you might dream about the whores who used to work there.  Even stranger, the whores in your dreams are far more exciting and friendlier than the women who used to work there.  They say that you will come in your pants twice and that is on a slow night.

You have to spend the night to get the full effect.   You have better luck if you stay in one of the rooms that whores used to work in.   Some guys bring money that they leave on the ground.  They say that your chances of having a good dream are much better that way.

What do they dream of exactly?  All sorts of shit.  The original whores used to give you a lazy back rub and a bored handjob but the dream whores have all sorts of tricks.  They do things with their mouths, their tits, their cunts and their asses that will spoil you for life.  A lot of the stuff they do in your dreams might not be physically possible but when you are dreaming, what do you care? 

The best part about the dream whores is their attitude.  The real whores were strict about what your money could get you but the dream whores are insatiable.  They are the cock hungry nymphomaniacs that exist only in masturbation fantasies.   

Some people think the dream whores are so lusty because they are damned souls that are needy for cock.  This has led to speculation that the whores in the dreams must have died there and are now haunting the place.  That is an excellent theory except for the fact that no one ever died there; although old man Jenkins certainly came close to dying once during a session with a top heavy Asian woman.  Local legends have a tendency to ignore facts and new theories pop up every day. 

The best time to go is Halloween.  Your chances of having a whore dream is almost a guarantee.  It gets so popular that you might need to go from room to room to find one that isn’t occupied by a sleeping bag and a horny man.  On Halloween, you might just dream an entire orgy of dream whores and you get to fuck every one of them. 

Some say that people disappear if they spend the night at Halloween. They claim their friends never came back.  That’s just crazy talk.  If someone disappears from this neck of the state, it just means they got fed up with small towns and moved to the big city.  What would dream whores need with live people anyway?

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

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