Oct 032012

“Greetings mortals!  It is me, Suckubeth, the demon who is drunk on semen.  With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

Help! Destroy my corporeal form so that this everlasting torment will end!

“Ah, Burny, he’s always kidding around.  Welcome readers to a month long ordeal of lust, fear and climaxes.  I have been summoned from the 69th circle of damnation to entertain you with stories all this month.  Normally I would demand your very soul as well as a face-sitting before I shared such decadent stories but I am running a special this month.  You get five stories for free and once you are hooked, we’ll negotiate the sixth.”

“Don’t fall for it!  Your soul might end up as an anal toy for a chronic masturbator!”

“Hush, Burny.  Today’s story is a devious debacle of a degenerate descent I like to call, ‘Monster in her Bed’.”

“No, not that one!  That story will corrupt and melt their minds for sure!”

“Silence, Burny!  As for you mortal voyeurs, read on.”


Valerie Vrice waited in her bed.  The wind howled outside.  Thunder cracked in the distance.  A cold draft came down the fireplace and the fire almost went out.  It was a frightening night indeed.

She was waiting for the monster.  He was downstairs in the library at the moment.  He was reading books of ancient lore that escaped the Church’s fires centuries ago.  The monster was obsessed with several tomes wrapped in purple leather and written with ink made from disgusting body functions.  The monster would read until midnight and then he would come for her.

The monster was her husband, Leo Vrice. 

Valerie sighed and pulled the sheets tighter around her.  Leo hadn’t always been a monster.  It was this cursed house.  He inherited this mansion from an uncle that he barely had any contact with.  They had come to look at the mansion before they sold it.  It was supposed to just be a weekend visit.

The first night sealed their fate.  Leo had discovered the secret door in the dining hall that led to a library.  The library was huge.  It had shelves that reached up to the ceiling and was crammed with books.  Leo was delighted to discover such an unexpected find.  He insisted on staying and cataloging them all himself.  He had become obsessed. 

Valerie loved books but these volumes of decadent knowledge were repellent.  There were wood engravings of people doing disgusting things with all sorts of plants, wine bottles and each other.  There were complex books detailing sinful revelations about the fornications of angels behind heavenly gates.  Sometimes, Valerie was sure that the books were whispering things to her; dirty shameful things.  It made her tremble to hear such things.

There was a creak outside the bedroom door.  Valerie waited but the door didn’t open.  It wasn’t her husband; it was just the noises of the house.

Valerie shivered despite the heat of the fireplace.  She remembered the first night that Leo had come to bed a changed man.  He had been reading all day; skipping meals and ignoring his shaving.  Leo finally come to bed at midnight and was in such an amorous mood that Valerie consented to his touches.

What touches they were!  He always liked to grab her breasts but now he squeezed and fondled her in such a way that her nipples became as hard as stones.  He kissed her neck in such a way that she would swoon but then he would bite down hard with a relentless cruelty.  Instead of just slipping his manhood into her lady parts, he took the tip of his manhood and rubbed it against her until she was almost begging him to enter her.

And the things he whispered!  That was not her Leo that used such filthy words.  No, her Leo never used words like cunt, tits, fuck, dick, rutting or fuck.  Her Leo would never compare her to a cat in heat, a seaside whore or a cock hungry slut.  Those were just the things that Valerie could remember.  Most of what he said was too disturbing to remember!

Valerie moaned in the lonely bedroom as she thought of that ordeal.  The next morning, Leo was completely different.  He was quiet and almost in a daze.  Valerie didn’t mention the night before out of pure shame.  She thought that his behavior might be a one night aberration.

The second night proved her wrong.  At the stroke of midnight, Leo came to their bed with so many impure thoughts. 

First he went between her legs and kissed her where in her most intimate places.  Not only did he kiss her there, but he also licked, nibbled and ravished her.  Valerie was powerless as Leo ate her until she could take no more.

Valerie looked at the fire as she remembered that night.  Leo’s eyes were as red as the embers in the fire place.  Her juices dripped from his chin as he smiled at her.  That was when she knew that Leo was possessed.  Something terrible had taken him.

His face still wet from his sinful administrations, he made love to her.  His manhood entered her and Valerie knew pleasures that she had never imagined.  Every thrust made her cry out and every inch of his manhood brought her pleasure.

The next morning, Leo was back to normal.  He looked exhausted but that was to be expected after two nights of debauchery.  Valerie had suggested that the leave the mansion but he refused.  There were too many books to study.

That was a month ago.  Every single night, Leo came to bed with new perversions but it wasn’t her husband.  Valerie had been doing her own research.  She found out about Lord Peter Vrice who used to own the mansion.  She read how the villagers had killed him for seducing all of their wives, husbands and some of their livestock.  Valerie had found the paintings in the attic that showed Lord Vrice and his uncanny resemblance to her husband.  Valerie knew that somehow the ghost of Lord Vrice had possessed her poor kind gentle husband.

The clock struck twelve.  A tremble went through Valerie.  Before the clock had stopped ringing, the bedroom door opened.

It was Leo.  He had grown a beard this past month that was the same exact beard in Lord Vrice’s painting.  He was missing his shirt and was carrying a cruel looking whip.  The evil red eyes of Lord Vrice looked out from Leo’s face.

“Cock slut,” he groaned.  “Tonight I will teach you pleasures of the whip and the art of my cock in your virgin ass!” 

Valerie squealed in terror.

Leo walked ever so slowly closer, his manhood pushing against his pants with vulgar intent.

Valerie screamed as he ripped the sheets from her body.  Her pale negligee would give her no protection against the whip.  That is if Leo just doesn’t rip it from her body.

Leo laughed and then moaned.  He closed his eyes and when he opened them, the red fire was gone. 

“Darling!” Leo said.

“Is that you my love?” Valerie asked.

“Yes,” Leo said.  He dropped the whip and sobbed.  “Oh Valerie, it has been terrible!  Lord Vrice is taking over my mind!   He is getting stronger every night!  Soon he will be so strong that he will be in control all of the time!   It is those blasted pornographic books!  Quick my darling!  Burn the books now before I lose control!”

Valerie looked up at him with terrified eyes.  Without saying a word, she reached for his pants and pulled the zipper.  His hard manhood pointed at her.

“No, darling!” Leo cried.  “What are you doing?”

Valerie ignored his question and took his manhood into her mouth.  She relaxed her throat the way that Leo had taught her on the fourth night in this mansion.  Her manhood disappeared down her lips, past her tongue and down her throat.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Leo moaned.

Valerie shuddered at the blasphemy.  She also sucked as hard as she could until her cheeks caved in around his manhood.  She took a handful of her long black hair and used it to cup his family jewels.  Her fingers rubbed her soft hair against the sensitive flesh of his balls.

“I’m . . .losing . . .control,” Leo moaned.

Valerie moved her head.  Back and forth she sucked the length of Leo’s manhood.  Her breasts swung with the fierceness of her movements.  She was a whore sucking for a penny.  She was a slut with unnatural appetites.  She was a woman with no shame left in her. 

“Darling . . .no,” Leo gasped.

Valerie released her hold on his balls and placed her hand on the shaft of his manhood.  She pulled her mouth away and opened her lips.  Valerie looked Leo in the eyes as she stroked his manhood.  Her tongue licked the head of his manhood as an invitation for his seed.

“No, no, no, FUCK!” Leo moaned.

Leo’s eyes flashed red.  Hot seed splashed onto Valerie’s tongue.  She swallowed it and quickly struck her tongue out for the next load.  The monster growled as she swallowed every drop.

“Very good my cunt slave,” he said and it was with Lord Vrice’s voice.  “It won’t spare you from my whip or my cock in your ass, but you did very good.  I don’t think Leo will be bothering us again.”

Valerie trembled in delighted terror.


“What a lovely story to begin Halloween with!  Remember ladies, if the man you love is in danger of becoming a nice guy, suck his cock.  It works every time.”

“Or consider attending couples therapy for your mutual satisfaction!”

“That’s nonsense, Burny!  Stick with the oral sex, readers.  Guys, it works on good girls too!

“That is all I have for now but join us next week for another pants dampening story.  I’ll catch your souls, later.”

*Suckubeth’s physical manifestation was provided by the always awesome Joe Gravel*

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  1. Yummy and fun. Love the story! The commentary at the beginning and end was great too.

  2. t’Sade- Thanks! The commentary fulfills a lifelong dream of writing horror host patter.

  3. What a twist!
    Have to wonder who really was possessed there.

    Lovely story, I look forward to seeing the demonic duo again ^^

  4. Mystique – The Demonic Duo will be here all month long. I might even let them answer questions from the audience.

  5. Oh you wicked wicked man you!! I love it!!

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