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“Greetings mortals!  It is me, Suckubeth, that wicked whore who always gives you more! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick Companion, Burny!”
“Flee for your souls, mortals!  Flee now before you become a mouthslave for a thousand demons!”

“Hush, Burny.  Some people pay good money for that.” 

“Answer me this, readers.  You have heard of Jason, Michael and Freddy, but have you ever heard of the most frightening slasher killer of them all?  Have you heard the story of a killer so awful, so terrible and so sexy that the police keep denying that she exists?  Have you heard the story of Jenny Two-Bags?”

“By all that is unholy and sweaty, not that story, Suckubeth!  It has gruesome deaths!  It has merciless executions!  It is too intense for people who read sex blogs!”

“Don’t be a scrotum, Burny.  People need to know of this story.  They need to beware of what lurks at fraternity parties on Halloween.”

“Read on, mortals.” 


Jenny awoke with a start.  A nearby rabbit ran away from her.  The birds of the woods hushed and watched her.

She put hand went to her breast.  There was no wound.  She clearly remembered an axe hitting her in the chest but her tit was whole and fine.

No, she had been set on fire.  Gasoline had been poured on her and she had stumbled into the woods to die. 

The smoothness of her breast said otherwise.  She had not been burned.

No, it was electricity.  She had been pushed into a pool and a stereo had been thrown in.  She remembered shaking and convulsing as millions of volts went through her.

Jenny looked down at her body.  The moonlight was dim but she could see her body.  She was fine.  Her legs were long and lovely.  Her tits were full and perky.  Her hands were as graceful as ever.  She was okay.

The wind blew and Jenny felt the cold caress against her face.  Panic rose within her.  She didn’t have her mask on!  Anyone could see how ugly she was!  They could see her buck teeth, bug eyes and the damn hair that always grew on her lip!  She was ugly, so damn ugly and she didn’t have her mask on!

She ducked her head down and let her long brown hair fall in front of her face.  It was a trick that she had learned ages ago and never forgot.  With her face covered, she could search more carefully.  She could search for her real mask.

The mask was beside her hand.  She sobbed with relief when she saw it.  The red mask showed a woman devil.  The cupid mouth was puckered for a kiss.  The eyes were sultry and feminine.  The mask was beautiful in ways that Jenny could never be.

There used to be a costume that went with the mask.  It was mostly red hose and a tight bra.  It was sexy.  Jenny had lost her virginity thanks to that costume. 

She also suffered the worse humiliation of her existence.  She remembered the laughter.  She remembered the tears.  She remembered running out of the frat house while everyone made fun of her.

“Two-Bag Jenny,” they called her.  The girl so ugly that if you fucked her, you had to make her wear two bags on her head.

She stood up.  She knew where was now.  This was where she had slit her wrists.  She had died here.

That was when the woman showed up.  The black woman had cruel eyes and a leering smile but she was so very kind.  She said that she would let her die, or she would give Jenny the chance to teach some assholes a lesson.  All Jenny had to do was give up her life.  All Jenny01. had to do was put on a mask and become a legend.   

Jenny looked down at the mask.  She knew that if she dropped it to the ground right now, she would die with it.   She had died so many times that maybe it was time to stay dead.

Then she remembered the laughter.  It was the mocking sounds of drunk boys.  She remembered the smug look of pretty girls who were glad they were not Jenny.  She could almost feel the seed spilling from between her thighs as she ran and cried.

Jenny put the mask on.  New strength rippled through her body.  The sounds of the forest faded and she heard new sounds.  There was a party going on.  Boys were lying to get in girls’ pants.  Girls were gossiping about other girls.  People were getting drunk and getting laid.

She walked through the forest.  Animals got the fuck out of her way. 

A mile later, she found the house with the party.  It was a fraternity house.  Of course it was. 

Two guys were outside in the back yard.  They were smoking and drinking by a grill.  The smell of meat drifted through the air but Jenny wasn’t hungry.  She never ate anymore.

She walked closer to the men.

“Holy shit, that chick is naked!” the first guy said.  He was wearing shorts and a white tanktop.  He had a baseball cap on that said ‘Redneck’.

“Fuck yeah!” the second guy said.  He was wearing jeans and had a shirt that looked like a fake tuxedo.  He was poking the charcoal with a metal rod. 

Jenny walked closer to them. 

“Oh wait, I know who she is supposed to be!” the Redneck said.  “She’s that chick that killed all those guys in the 50’s!  She’s Jenny Two-Bags!”

Jenny’s body twitched.

“That wasn’t the 50’s, dumbass!” Fake Tuxedo said.  “Jenny Two-Bags killed the Triple Sigma house in the 80’s!  I remember my brother telling me about it.”

“Who gives a fuck when it happened?” the Redneck said.  “We got a hot shorty here!  Hey baby, you want a beer?  Or maybe you want a little threesome?  Don’t worry baby, you can leave your mask on.  Your body is rocking hot no matter what you look like.”

Jenny took the beer.  She remembered beer.  She brought it to her lips but it tapped against the mask.  She felt a flush of embarrassment at her stupid mistake.

The boys laughed.  Her embarrassment turned to something darker.

She threw the beer in the face of the Redneck.  He swore and stumbled back.  A kick to the nuts and he doubled over. 

Fake Tuxedo laughed at his friend.  Jenny grabbed the charcoal stirrer from him and grabbed his nuts with her other hand.  His cock was hard and easy to find through his jeans.  He froze in pain as her fingers crushed his balls. 

Jenny stabbed him in the throat.  The metal rod went through him like the cock that went through her virginity; fast and brutal. 

She released Fake Tuxedo and turned to Redneck.  The asshole was still wiping his eyes with his shirt.  His friend was gurgling to death on the ground and he didn’t even know it.

“What is wrong with you, bitch?” Redneck said.

Jenny didn’t answer him.  She didn’t speak much anymore.  There was little point in talking to the dead anyway.

She grabbed both sides of his head.  Redneck tried to push her away but he got distracted by her breasts.  He grabbed her tits and squeezed.  Jenny let him feel her for a moment.  It was nice to be desired.

The moment was over.  Jenny broke his neck with a savage twist of her hands.  Redneck continued to squeeze her tits before the rest of his body died with him.

Jenny stripped him.  She took his shirt and pulled it on.  It was a little too big but the lack of sleeves would give her mobility.  She pulled on his shorts and was surprised to see that they fit.  When did boys get as skinny as girls?  She didn’t have any underwear but that was okay.  She liked the feeling of the denim against her sex.  It made her feel alive.

She entered the frat house through the back door.  The hallway was crowded with people drinking from plastic cups.  Loud music shook the house.  The smell of alcohol and sweat was overwhelming. 

Jenny looked at the crowd of drunk and horny college students.  It was hard to believe that she was once one of them.  In those days, she wanted nothing more than to be fucked.  Hell, she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.  She just wanted something between her legs.  If someone had just fucked her and not laughed at her, no one would have had to die. 

There were too many to kill here.  As soon as she killed the first one, the rest would flee.  That was unacceptable.  As many people as possible needed to die.

She needed to go upstairs.  Jenny pushed her way through the crowd.  Someone offered her a beer and she ignored it.  Someone asked her to dance and she shook her head.  She’ll dance on their graves later.

Someone grabbed her ass.  It was a sloppy hard squeeze.  Jenny froze and looked behind her.  It was a man dressed pirate.

“I want to eat your booty!” he yelled. 

Jenny grabbed his hand and pulled him to the stairs.  The pirate raised his plastic sword and cheered.  Jenny wished it was a real sword.  Knives made things quicker.

Upstairs was a long row of bedroom doors.  Jenny opened one and found a couple fucking on the bed.

“Get the fuck out!” the man said.  He never stopping fucking as he yelled.

Jenny gave him the finger and dragged the pirate behind her.  The fucking man shrugged and kept fucking.  His woman never stopped moaning.

“I am going to eat the shit out of you,” the pirate said.

Jenny sat down on a bean bag chair.  The pirate fell clumsily on top of her.  His hands were on her hips.  His mouth was on her dirty shirt as he nibbled on the breasts underneath.  She felt his erection pressing through his pants and against her thigh.

There was so much lust for her body.  The pirate buried his head in her tits.  His hands went to her ass and wouldn’t let go.  They were still clothed but he was already humping her.  He wanted her bad.

Jenny enjoyed the attention.  Her pussy was wet and she wanted him inside her.  She wanted his hot seed to fill her body.  When he was fondling her body, she could believe that she was beautiful.

“Take off the mask and give me a kiss,” he whispered.

The illusion was over.  She shook her head and firmly pushed his shoulders down.  The grinning pirate kissed his way down her body.  He nuzzled against her smooth belly.  He kissed her hips and pressed his face against her crotch.  He kissed down to her thighs and gave her a tiny bite.

Jenny closed her thighs.  The pirate’s eyes bulged as an impossible vice closed around his throat.  He tried to scream but there was no air.  He pawed at her but her thighs were immovable.

Jenny reached into her shorts.  She stroked her wet pussy as he struggled.  She climaxed right as his body shook with death.

She watched the fucking couple with the pirate still trapped between her thighs.  The bed was shaking.  The man was yelling about how tight the woman was.  The music from downstairs was loud enough to shake the walls. 
Jenny opened her thighs and the dead pirate fell to the ground.  The couple didn’t notice.  She stood up and picked up a broom.  She tested how solid it was.  It would do.

The woman started to scream.  Jenny was worried that the woman was screaming with fear but no, it was with orgasm.

Jenny came to the bed.  The man noticed her.

“Like to watch, do you?” he asked.  The knowing sneer on his face reminded Jenny of so many men over the years.

Jenny drove the broom down into their bodies.  She had gotten good over the years.  She speared both their hearts with one thrust.  The wood splintered but the sheer force her thrust sent the broom through.

One time she had killed a couple with a spear right through the both of them.  Another time she had used a knife.  A third time she had used some sort of flag pole.  It was important to stab them together.  There was something special about penetrating a couple in the act of penetration.  It was ironic.  It made for a better story.

Jenny stared at the couple.  That was what it was all about, wasn’t it?  The bodies told a story to the living.  People would piece together what would happen and try to make sense of it.  There was a moral to the massacre.  They would know that this is what happens when you make fun of an ugly girl.  This was the story of Jenny Two-Bags.

It was time to really get to work.  She searched the room.  It wasn’t long before she found a knife.  Boys always kept a knife in their bedroom.  It made them feel tough. 

Jenny went into the hallway and into the next bedroom.  There she found another fucking couple.  She slit the throat of the woman on top and stabbed the man underneath.  She found a bat and left the knife behind.

In the next bedroom was another fucking couple.  The man tried to use the girl as a shield.  Jenny hit them both with equal amounts of hate.  In this room she found a bigger knife.

In the next bedroom found two naked men asleep in each other’s arms.  That was new.  She left them alone.  They weren’t a part of her story.

In the next bedroom she found two men sharing a girl.  This was more familiar to Jenny.  She threw a knife at one man and hit the other with the bat.

The girl tried to run.  Jenny grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground.  The girl pushed at her but her punches were as weak as a boy.

“Let me go you psycho bitch!” the girl yelled.

Jenny remembered.  There had been girls at that Halloween party so long ago.  They had laughed at her.  Their words were meaner than the boys.  Jenny could remember some of their names.  Mary.  Sarah.  Rebecca.

Jenny dropped the woman to the slammed the woman into the ground.  She put her foot on the woman’s throat and held it there while she kicked.  The woman died under Jenny’s heel and it felt right.

She went back in to the hallway.  Blood had splattered her a few times but no in the hall gave her a second look.  It was Halloween. 

A man came up the stairs.  Jenny felt her heart skip a beat.  He wasn’t handsome.  He wasn’t drunk.  He looked sweet.  He looked nice.  He looked like someone that might be good to her

Jenny dropped the knife and bat.  She walked over to him and reached out for his hand.  She wanted to say something smart and seductive but words were so hard to say these days. 

She didn’t need to say anything.  The guy looked her over.  He saw her beautiful breasts within the tight shirt.  He saw the short shorts.  He saw the cute devil girl mask.  He saw her lovely brown hair. 

He took Jenny’s hand.  “Hey, I haven’t seen you.  What’s your name?” 

She couldn’t answer. 

“My name is Martin,” he said.  “I’m a psych major.  How about you?”

She didn’t answer but she waved her hand at the bedrooms.

“It is loud out here,” Martin said over the noise of the party.  “Let’s go to my room.  Hopefully Greg isn’t fucking anyone there.”

They went to Martin’s bedroom.  Greg wasn’t here.  Jenny was relieved that it was one of the bedrooms that she hadn’t killed anyone yet.

“Need anything?” Martin said.  “I know we got beer downstairs but I’ve got water or soda if you want to stay sober.”

Jenny grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast.  He blushed but he also squeezed.  Jenny moaned as his thumb traced over her hard nipple.

“Oh man,” Martin said.  “Look, you’re hot but I don’t know you.  I have never fucked a stranger before.”

Jenny unzipped his pants.  His hard cock pressed against her hand.  He moaned and kissed Jenny’s neck.  Jenny shuddered.

“Fuck me,” she managed to say.  It came out as quiet as a whisper and as soft as a fallen leaf.

“Yes,” Martin moaned.  He bit down gently on her neck.

Jenny pushed him onto his bed.  She tugged his pants off of him.  Sharp nails tore his underwear apart.  Martin giggled at the sudden display of strength.

“Holy shit,” he giggled. 

Jenny pulled off her pants.  She looked with embarrassment at the thick bush of her pubic hair.  She knew that women trimmed their hair now.  Sometimes they didn’t have any hair at all.

“Oh God you are beautiful,” Martin moaned.

Jenny’s embarrassment melted.  She pulled the tank top off her body and exposed her breasts.  Martin’s jaw dropped in worship.

Jenny climbed on top of him.  She straddled him, guiding his hard cock up into her. 

There was a calming bliss.  Being filled quieted the rage.  Being entered silenced the anger. 

Slowly she impaled herself until he was completely inside her. 

“Son of a bitch,” Martin groaned.  He reached for her breasts and squeezed. 

Jenny was a woman again.  Groped and filled, she fucked Martin.  She rode the college frat boy with a passion that was only unleashed once a year.  Her hips were like a wild animal’s.

The bed shook from the intensity of their fucking.  The headboard slammed against the wall.  The music from downstairs was still too loud but it wasn’t loud enough to down out their grunts and moans. 

“Holy shit,” Martin groaned.  His fingers squeezed tighter around her breasts.  Usually when men hurt her breasts; they were trying to get away. It was a delicious kind of pain when they grabbed them to keep her closer.

It didn’t take long.  Martin climaxed first.  She felt his hot seed releasing into her body.  He looked up at her with an expression of worship and wonder. 

Jenny’s reaction was immediate.  Her sex squeezed and pleasure exploded within her.  She felt every inch of where their bodies met.  She felt fulfilled and complete with his cock inside her.  She felt alive and she never wanted the moment to end.

She let out a scream of pleasure.

The mask fell from her face.  It landed on Martin’s chest.  He looked up at her and the blood drained from his face.  She felt his cock wilt inside her and leave her sex.

“Jesus mother-fucking Christ!” Martin yelled. 

Rage burned within her.  Fury wiped out the bliss she felt from the orgasm.  She snarled and reached for his throat.

Martin tossed her off his body with surprising strength.  It wasn’t disgust that powered him, it was pure terror.  Jenny was thrown from the bed and she landed hard on the floor. 

Jenny started to rise.  She was going to kill him.  It was going to be a slow death.  Martin wo0uld be begging for death when she was done with him.

That was when she saw the full length mirror in front of her.  The face that stared back at her was different.  It was still ugly, but now it bore scars.  The nose had been burned.  Her eyes bulged from being electrocuted.  Knife, axe and chainsaw marks marred her cheeks and forehead.  The lips had a bloated quality from being drowned.

She was uglier than ever.

Jenny grabbed the mask on the bed and put it on.  She didn’t bother with her clothes.  The music stopped and screams echoed through the frat house.  More people screamed and this time it was coming from much closer.  People had found her kills.

She tore a bed post off to use as a club.  The door burst open and some incredibly brave and stupid frat boy came through the door.  He was dressed as a boxer to show off his muscles.  He carried a long knife that looked like it came from some science fiction franchise.

“It’s fucking Jenny Two-bags!” he yelled.  He was actually grinning.  “I am going to fuck you up, bitch!”

Jenny swung the bedpost.  The frat boy’s head went into the wall and his body went limb.  Jenny picked up his knife.  It was sharp.  She stepped over him and walked into the hallway.

Martin was at the top of the stairs.  He was still naked from the waist down.  A crowd of curious frat boys stood between her and Martin.  All of the boys had weapons ranging from baseball bats to knives. 

“She killed our brothers!” one of them yelled.  They rushed her.

Jenny stabbed one and backhanded another’s head off.  She slit the throat of a third and punched through the gut of a fourth.  She tore a knife from a fifth, stabbed him with it, and then used both knives to stab a sixth.  It took about ten seconds.

More boys came at her.  Martin didn’t.  He turned and ran down the stairs.

Jenny growled.  Martin was getting away and these shitheads were in her way.  All men were alike but Martin had fucked her and rejected her.  He had to die.  He had to die tonight and these assholes would not stop her.

The knives flashed and blood sprayed.    She had killed so many over the years that she was quite good at it.  Blood sprayed on her naked body.  Dying hands grabbed at her ankles as she walked by them.   Swinging tits bounced as she cut her way through flesh and bone.  Jenny was a butcher among sheep.

The party was over and there downstairs was empty.  A drunk frat boy was passed out on the couch.  Jenny slit his throat without ever breaking her stride.  It was a gratuitous murder but to her it was second nature.  He forfeited his life the night he partied at a frat house.

Jenny heard a sound behind her.  A keg fell over and Martin ran to the kitchen.  His cock, still wet from their fucking, dangled between his legs.

She ran after him.  She experienced a strange sense of repetition.  She had chased other boys.  They had fucked her and managed to get away.  Jenny remembered chasing them and the frustration of being just a few steps behind them. 

Jenny burst through the kitchen door to see Martin’s bare ass run into the dining room.  She followed him into the dining room and tripped over a chair that he threw at her.  She chased him into the hallway and he slipped on some spilt beer.  She smiled behind her mask as the distance between them shrank.

She swung her knife as he was getting up.  A thin red line appeared on his back but it was just a glancing slice.  Martin screamed but he kept running.  Jenny missed with her second swing.

He ran down the hall.  Jenny threw a knife in frustration.  It went into the wall beside Martin.  He ducked back into the main living area.

Tears sprang to Jenny’s eyes.  He was going to get away.  She just knew it.  Just like the black boy she fucked once.  Just like the cute nerd she fucked once.  Just like the redhead boy she fucked once.  One always got away.  It was unfair!

Jenny ran faster.  She wouldn’t let this one get away.  She ran into the living room and saw the open front door.  A smile came to her lips behind the mask.  In open ground, no one could outrun Jenny Two-Bags.

She ran outside.  Bright headlights blinded her.  She held up a hand to block the light.


Jenny growled.  The fucking police were here!  Over the years they had come faster and faster.  Jenny could remember a time when she could murder an entire frat house before even one police officer would show up.  Now it looked like there were dozens of them.  They had her surrounded and they all had their guns drawn.

Martin was there.  He was hiding behind a police man.  Someone had put a coat over him.  Her lover was here and he was going to live. 

“Nooo!” Jenny screamed.  She ran towards them.  

Bullets slammed into her body.  Metal tore through her beautiful breasts.  Pain erupted in her slender thighs.  Lancing metal filled her body with the cruelty of frat boy pricks.

A bullet hit her in the face.  Her head spun around and the mask went flying.  Jenny saw that the mask was unharmed by the bullet.  It would endure when Jenny’s body would not.

She fell backwards.  Her body was a mass of pain.  She didn’t care.  Jenny was too angry.  Some of the frat boys had lived.  She didn’t get to kill them all.  The one she had fucked had lived.  Rage gripped her heart until it stopped beating.

Years passed by.

People whispered stories of Jenny Two-Bags.  No one really believed them.  Those who did believe thought that the multiple murders were the work of a copycat killer. 

College kids continued to behave badly.

One night, Jenny awoke with a start.  The sounds of the woods became quiet.  She put her hand to her chest expecting bullet wounds.  Her breast was perfect and pert.

She reached around for her mask.  It was right beside her.

Jenny Two-Bags put it on . . .


“That story always brings a tear to my eye and a clench to my cunt.  It truly is a Halloween miracle.”

“Who was that woman who gave Jenny the power to be a legend?”

“Who do you think it was?  It was me of course!  What is the point of being a demon if you can’t play Demonic Godmother to sad girls?”

“Your soul is truly a black pit of despair.”

“Thank you, Burny.  For that little flattery, I might shave a day off your eon long sentence of damnation.”

“As for you readers, we have one more story left this Halloween!  I have saved the best for last so join us next week!  I’ll catch your souls, later.”

  8 Responses to “Fiction: Jenny Two-Bags”

  1. Aww, that’s a sweet little story. And a bit violent for what you have written before. I liked it.

  2. Fantastic! Best one yet.

    I hope this is fine but I borrowed Jenny for bit.


  3. One of the darkest tales I have read from you in all these years, part of me wished I had heeded Bunny’s warning *shudders*

    Though among all the violence and rage, I couldn’t help but laugh at this part:

    In the next bedroom found two naked men asleep in each other’s arms. That was new. She left them alone. They weren’t a part of her story.

    What made you wanna throw that in there, to break the flow of her mass murder rampage. Was curious.

    Very well written, imagery, metaphors and all, I am somewhat shaken this Autumn’s night…

  4. t’Sade- Thanks. It was remarkably easily to create a female slasher. Wish I had done it sooner.

    Timothy – I am greatly flattered that you made up stats for Jenny. That is the highest honor to a nerd like me.

    Mystique – I toyed with putting a violence warning on the story and I wish now I had been clearer with Burny’s warning. Sadly, all of Burny’s warnings are ignored.

    I wanted to add the homosexual scene because my gaydar often goes off watching 80’s slasher movies but no characters ever come out of the closet. I asked myself what would she do if she did find a gay couple and I realized that she would have no anger towards them.

    I am glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Interesting story, good premise and development. One thing, though. The two bag idiom is from a joke about needing to cover the partner’s head with a bag, then cover your own as well in the event that your partner’s bag falls off. Other than that, a great evil villian for a horror game. Makes me want to run a horror-based RPG!

  6. @Anon. Oh he knows that. That was her nickname when was alive.

    @Shon. I am glad you avoided the cliche where gay people get killed, but also I am glad you did it because it shows us that J2B is motivated to constantly repeat her past, that is her Hell. These two had nothing to do with her so it was like she couldn’t even see them.

  7. Anonymous – What is funny to me is that growing up, I was taught that the two bag joke refers to 2 bags on one person. Slang is pretty shifty that way.

    You should totally run a horror rpg for Halloween

    Timothy – Poor Jenny is a creature of her times. I am glad you picked up on her being in her own hell as that is something that occurs to me in every single Jason movie.

  8. Tim Brannan’s “Slasher Flick” post brought me here and I have to say I’m glad I followed the link.

    This was an ultimately sad but entertaining story. I do believe you’ve got a new follower.

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