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“Greetings mortals!  It is me, Suckubeth, the infernal dream that always makes you cream.  With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”
“Beware! Tonight is Halloween!  The one time of the year that demons can steal your soul just by flashing their tits!

“Oh Burny, that is just an old whore’s tale.  You only loose your soul if you motorboat a demon’s tits.” 

“Today mortals we have an extra special story for you.  It is that rare sex story that has monsters, not-so-innocent girls, sex AND foreplay.  Scary!  It is a story I like to call, ‘House of Tremors’.”
“No! Not that story!  Is it too sexy!  It will turn every reader into a raging sex maniac!” 

“Burny, you’re overreacting.  If they are reading this blog, they are already a sex maniac.”

“Read on, mortals.”


Kalea looked at the carnival haunted house.  It looked pretty cheesy.  Painted ghosts peeked out of broken windows.  A mural of a top-heavy witch decorated the entrance.  The sign read ‘House of Tremors’. It didn’t look like the kind of place that Kalea would enjoy.

Her friend, Sara, swore otherwise.  “Trust me,” Sara had said.  “You want to go in there.  Just make sure you go in alone, alright?  I promise it will blow your mind.”

So here Kalea was.  The county carnival had come to town and there wasn’t much to do.  The rides looked like deathtraps and the half the carnival games had already been shut down by the local sheriff.  Kalea might as well see what the haunted house had to offer.

A couple of giggling teenagers were in line ahead of her.  The boy promised his girlfriend that he would protect her.  The girlfriend promised she would need to be protected.  The man dressed as a hunchback let them in.

“How many in your group?” the hunchback asked Kalea.  Up close, Kalea had a feeling that might actually be hunched backed.  He looked very bored.

“Just me,” she said.

The hunchback smiled.  His eyes went from boredom to excitement in a heartbeat.  “Make sure you look behind the cocoon for a special part of the house,” he said.

“Alright,” Kalea said.  Maybe this is what Sara was talking about.

The door opened and Kalea stepped into a dim hallway.  Skeletons were painted on the walls.  A zombie mannequin held tattered hats like some sort of human hatrack. 

The hallway turned and the light was replaced with a black light.  Glowing white cobwebs filled the hallway.  A human shaped cocoon was on the right wall.

Kalea walked over to the cocoon.  Red eyes appeared above her and dropped rapidly.  Despite herself, Kalea screamed at the sudden approach.  A giant spider, all in glowing white, dangled above her before receding. 

“Cute,” she said.  She was annoyed with herself for screaming.  Cheap tricks were easy scares.  Kalea began to wonder if Sara was more easily impressed than Kalea knew. 

She did look behind the human cocoon.  There was a narrow door with a glowing doorknob.  Now she was intrigued.  Maybe there was a separate route for people by themselves.

Kalea went through the door.  Painted arrows in the floor led onward.  Grunting sounds came from up ahead.  Kalea was a little afraid but also strangely aroused.  She closed the door behind her and went down the hall.

There was a light up ahead.  An entire section of the wall was glass and it revealed a room on the other side.  The grunting sounds came from a speaker.  Kalea looked through the glass and gasped.

A naked woman was bent over a bench.  The woman wore a cat mask that covered her face completely.  Behind her was a naked man who wore a black hood like an executioner’s mask.

The man was fucking the man from behind.  He was covered in muscles like a body builder and he was pounding the fuck out of her.  The grunting sounds were the woman moaning from each thrust.  The cat mask concealed her face entirely but the way she slammed her body back into the executioner told Kalea how much she was enjoying it.

The executioner paused and pulled his cock out.  Kalea’s eyes widened.  The executioner’s cock was as massive as the rest of him.  It was a monster of a cock and he slammed it back into the woman.

“Holy shit,” Kalea whispered.  This is what Sara had been talking about.  There was a damn live sex act in the House of Tremors! 

Kalea kept watching.  The executioner was like a machine.  His body glistened from sweat or body oil.  In and out, in and out, he rammed.  It was unreal.  Sometimes he would fuck slowly and the woman would tremble on every inch that was being put into her.  Sometimes he was would furiously fast and the woman shook from the onslaught.

Eventually Kalea couldn’t watch anymore.  It was too vivid.  It was too unexpected. 

More importantly, she wondered what else waited for her in the House of Tremors.

Kalea left the glass wall.  The sounds of woman screaming in pleasure faded.  Glowing arrows guided Kalea to a door.  In dripping red letters, a message was written.

“Kiss the Mummy.”

Kalea opened the door.  It was a brightly lit dining room.  Cobwebs covered a dining table.  A grotesque menagerie of mannequins were in the act of eating gross looking food.  

She heard the scream of teenagers from up ahead.  Kalea followed the sound out of the dining room.

Another dark hallway led to room with a sarcophagus.  A mummy laid in the sarcophagus.  Faux Egyptian decorations adorned the room.  Mannequins of men with the heads of jackals leered at Kalea.

A hallway led out but Kalea ignored it.  The instructions said to kiss the mummy.  With the image of the executioner pounding the car masked woman still in her head, Kalea knew she just had to kiss the mummy.

Two steps in, the Mummy swung to an upright position.  Kalea jumped but the Mummy didn’t move.  It was just a mannequin.

Her heart pounding a bit faster, Kalea approached the Mummy.  She expected it to come to life.  The Mummy’s lips were cracked and rotted teeth grinned at her.  She kissed it anyway, as best she could.  She was relieved when the lips didn’t kiss back.

She heard a grinding noise.  Another doorway had opened.  Kalea looked to make sure no saw her before ducking into the new entrance.

This area was brightly lit.  A narrow hallway loomed before her.  There were holes in the walls and from every hole was an arm wrapped in bandages.  The arms moved.  There would be no way to go down that hall without the arms grabbing her.

Kalea checked the door behind her.  The knob turned and the door cracked open.  She could turn back at any moment.  It was good to know.

She walked down the hallway.  The hands reached for her.  They didn’t tug at her shirt or play with her hair; they went straight for her tits.  They reached between her legs.  A hand went around her throat and playfully squeezed.

Kalea froze.  She was scared.  She was also very turned on.  The door was right behind her.  She could leave right now.

She stayed.  The hands cupped her breasts.  The groping hands squeezed her ass.  The seeking hands rubbed at her crotch.  The fearless hands reached under her shirt.  She was covered in fondling admiration.

A set of bold fingers opened her mouth.  The fingers slipped over her tongue as her lips sealed around them.  The fingers gently fucked her face.  Kalea surprised herself by sucking them back.

More hands touched body.  Curious hands felt their way along her thighs.  Mischievous hands tickled her under the ribs.  Evil hands pinched her nipples through the material of her shirt and bra.  Strong hands gripped her wrists as if they were imprisoning her.  Knowing hands stroked her crotch from outside her pants.

Without warning, the hands drew back.  Kalea nearly fell from the sudden absence of hands.  The narrow hallway was devoid of life except for her. 

Kalea took a deep breath.  Her heart was pounding and her pussy was wet.  That was scary but damn, she didn’t want it to stop. 

She couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

At the end of the hallway was another door.  A tombstone was painted on the door. 

The inscription read “Ask the vampire where to go.”

Kalea went through the door and back into the main part of the House of Tremors.  She was in a bathroom where a mass of tentacles was coming out of the toilet.  The silhouette of an unsuspecting woman showered behind a curtain.  The sound of running water played on a recording.

She lefty the bathroom and went down another hallway.  Kalea was almost running down the hall to get to the next secret part. 

Around the corner was a bedroom.  Plastic bats were everywhere.  A mannequin of a woman slept in the bed.  Posed above her was a man dressed as Dracula.  He made menacing motions towards the woman.  When he saw Kalea, he turned and stalked towards her.

“I am supposed to ask you where I go next,” she said.

The Vampire smiled.  Fanged teethed sparkled at her.

“I will tell you, for a bite!” he said.

Kalea shuddered.  The teeth looked painful.  “Okay,” she said.

The Vampire pulled her to him.  He pushed her head to the side and his mouth descended on her neck.  Her fingers clutched his arms as she waited for the bite.

It was a nibble.  It was a delicate bite on the pulse of her neck.  Kalea moaned.  He was kissing and nibbling all the right spots.

“Dude! He’s biting that chick!” someone yelled.

Kalea jumped.  The Vampire held onto her and didn’t let her escape.  He bit down harder and she felt the fake teeth presh against her skin.  She cried out in anticipation.

“Come on Steve,” another voice said.  “I don’t want to watch them neck all day.  Maybe the next part has some blood!”

The Vampire let her go and Kalea took a step back.  He had bit down hard on one of her favorite spots.  She was torn between a need to fuck and a need to run away.  She checked her neck and there was no blood.  His bite wasn’t nearly as hard as she imagined it.

“Go through this door,” the Vampire said.  His hand pointed to what Kalea thought was just a painted door, but no, it was real.

“Go, before others come,” he said.

Kalea followed the Vampire’s instructions.  The door opened and she was in another short hallway.  A few feet away was another door.  She pushed through it and into the next room.

This room was set up like a mad scientist’s lab.  Electrical gear lit up and made lightning sounds.  Fake thunder rolled on a recording. 

The center of the room held Kalea’s attention.  A Frankenstein was strapped to the table.  The table was slanted so that the Frankenstein and Kalea were eye level.  Green paint covered his skin and shoddy clothes adorned his body.

His cock however, was completely exposed.  Unlike the rest of him, it wasn’t green.  It was a fleshy pink and red around the tip.  It was a little thicker than she had seen before.  She thought it was fake until she saw it throb.

 “Hmm,” Kalea said.  She took a closer look at the Frankenstein.  He was strapped in tight.  A gag went across his mouth.  His eyes were staring at her. 

“So I am allowed to touch you?” Kalea asked.

Frankenstein nodded.  Inarticulate moans came from the gag.

“So many people groped me in the hallway,” Kalea said.  “I guess it would only be fair if I wanted to grope you back.”

The Frankenstein whimpered.  The eyes grew wider.

Kalea reached for the cock.   It was hot in her hand.  She gave him a good squeeze and enjoyed the thickness of the cock.

Frankenstein moaned.

Kalea traced her finger around the tip.  It was a beast of a cock.  It was too thick.  It was more than a mouthful.  It would tear her up if it was inside her. 

She wanted it.  The bite on her neck still had her lightheaded.  The groping hands had more her so hypersensitive.  Watching the Executioner fuck had made her so wet.   

Frankenstein wanted it too.  He moved his hips but the straps held him tight.  He was helpless.

Kalea enjoyed herself.  She stroked him for a minute and laughed as the Frankenstein moaned.  When she opened her mouth, Frankenstein throbbed with lust.  Kalea pretended to go down on him but stopped at the last second.  Frankenstein moaned with frustration. 

“See you later,” she said.  Kalea was too horny.  She almost did take him into her mouth.  She left now while she could still control herself.

There was one door leading out.  A torn piece of cloth stretched across the door.  Letters had been embroidered onto the cloth.

“Flash your tits at the werewolf.”

“We’ll see,” Kalea said out loud.

The door opened into a noisy hallway.  Recorded screams were pumped into he hallway.  Lights cycled on and off to create a chaotic feel.  Kalea could hear screaming people rushing ahead of her.

Kalea walked slower.  Heads decorated the walls.  Here was a head with a hockey mask and there was a head of some sea monster.  The heads sometimes moved and other heads lit up.

Around the corner was the head of a werewolf.  Kalea knew that this was the one.  Was she really going to flash her tits at it?

Kalea looked both ways down the hallway.  She grabbed her shirt and yanked it up.  Her black bra covered her tits but hey, she wasn’t going to strip for it.  This would have to be enough.

The werewolf’s head moved away as the wall it was mounted on swiveled.  There was another hallway.  Kalea pulled down her shirt and went in.

This hallway was brightly lit.  It was a narrow hallway and the walls were covered from floor to ceiling in cloth of all kinds of colors.

They were panties.  Boring white panties hung alongside intricate lace panties.  Lycra thongs hung alongside panties the size of Kalea’s head.  Green panties, blue panties, white panties, yellow panties, red panties, black panties, purple panties, striped panties, sparkly panties and all sorts of cartoon characters on panties hung on the walls.

The end of the hallway was a door.  A locked box with a narrow slit sat beside it.  Written in black paint were the following words.

“No panties past this point.”

Kalea tried the door.  It wouldn’t open.  She went back to the door she came through.  It opened easily.

She had a choice.  Was she really going to give up her panties to this carnival haunted house?  Would her panties add to the ones already nailed to the walls?  Just how curious was she about the next part?

Kalea was very curious.  She was also horny as fuck.  She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants.  When her fingers grabbed the waistband of her black panties, she paused.  Were people watching her at this very moment?

She kind of hoped so.  Kalea pulled the panties down slowly.  The panties slid over her round ass, down her legs and off her feet.  Holding onto the panties with one hand, she pulled her pants and shoes back on.

The black panties fit into the narrow slot of the box.  The door clicked open.  Kalea continued.

A mirror dominated the far wall.  A bench was set up in the center of the room.  The mask of a cat sat beside it.  The Executioner stood silently by in his hood.  His condom covered cock throbbed with menace.

“Oh shit,” Kalea said.  This was it.  Every step in the House of Tremors had led to here.  She should of have seen it coming.

Another door led out.  It was marked ‘Exit’.  She could leave right now.  It was her choice.

Kalea smiled.  She had made her choice quite a while ago.  She just didn’t know it yet.

She peeled off her clothes.  This time she did take off her bra.  Naked, she reached for the mask and slid it on.  The rubber covered her face completely.  She could smell the heat and sweat of all the women who had been here before.

Kalea bent over the bench.  The Executioner stood behind her.  She spread her legs and lifted her ass in the air.

The Executioner entered her.  His massive unbelievable cock slid right into her very ready pussy.  He filled her completely and Kalea had never felt so fully penetrated.

Kalea settled into the bench as the Executioner fucked her.  He was starting slow and Kalea was enjoying every second.

She thought about the Vampire who knew just where to bite her neck.

She thought about her panties decorating the wall.

She thought about some stranger standing on the other side of the mirror, watching her be fucked.

She thought about Frankenstein’s cock in her hand.

She thought about the countless hands that groped her in the narrow hallway.

The Executioner fucked her faster.  Kalea grunted loudly.  It was relentless.  She was ready for it. 

Kalea moaned.  She remembered that people might be listening and she moaned louder.  She thought of people watching and she arched her back and slammed back against the Executioner. 

She hoped the whole haunted house was watching.  She wanted Frankenstein to be jacking his cock.  She wanted the Vampire to hear her cries.  She wanted the wall of hands to be stroking themselves while watching her.  She wanted to fuck them all.

Kalea remembered Sara.  Her friend must have done this.  Sara must have been fucked right here on this bench wearing this same mask.

“Fuck!” Kalea yelled as she came.  The orgasm rippled through her body.  She felt her toes curl and her breasts shake as she climaxed. 

“Enough,” she said a moment later. 

The Executioner pulled out.  His glistening cock was smeared with her juices.  It was still rock hard.

Kalea slid off the bench and put on her clothes.  The Executioner watched silently as she got dressed.  He watched as she stumbled to the exit.  Only then did he say something.

“Be sure to come back next year.” 


“Mmm, I don’t know about you but I am certainly in the mood to go into a strange place and follow scandalous suggestions.”

“I must admit that even my decapitated form has someone formed an erection.”

“Who knows Burny? You might just get lucky tonight, if a Flaming Skull on a Stick could actually get any.”

“I still have a mouth and that is all most women need.”

“We’ll see about that later, Burny.  As for you mortals, our time together is at an end.  Your month of free stories from me is an end.  You will now return back to your mundane existence free of sexy slashers, possessing perverts and trembling haunted houses.  You poor bastards.

“On the other hand, if you make a wish tonight while playing with yourself, I just might appear.  I might offer you more stories or perhaps, I will offer to let you star in your own perverse tale of the supernatural.  The price will be steep but the reward will be very worth it.”

“I’ll catch your souls, later.”

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  1. Definitely made my work day more… interesting. Very fun escalation.

  2. I loved this one *so* much. I didn’t see the executioner coming until the end, but I thought it was fantastic! Yummy, yummy.

    (Like the mummy kissing though. :P)

  3. Yummy~~~~ Tons of fun! ^^

  4. Jason – Thanks!

    t’Sade – Mummy kissing may have sorta been ripped off of Cabin in the Woods :)

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