Sep 092012

My step-father attempted to commit suicide this past Saturday night.  He’s had some health problems, both with his heart and his recently diagnosed bipolar condition.  Right now he is in stable condition in the hospital but my mom is a mess.  Long time readers of the blog may remember my brother attempting to commit suicide and failing and the psychic trauma that inflicted on the family.  The fact that my step-father would do that after all the discussions we have had about how suicide harms the survivors is mind boggling. 

Anyhoo, I will be driving up to North Carolina to be with my mom for a few days.  I will still update a story on Wednesday because heck, life goes on, right? 

I don’t have much of a relationship with my step-father so I am not hurt by him but I am mad as hell at what he has put my mom through.  I just hope he gets the help he needs.

  5 Responses to “Why do Motherfuckers Keep Suiciding?”

  1. I am so sorry. You and your family have our best wishes.

  2. I know it can be frustrating and easy to get angry, and I’m sorry you had to go through it. I hope that your mother finds the comfort she needs and you have as pleasant of a trip as possible.


  3. All the best through this tough time, I’m sure your mum appreciated you being there.

  4. My mom is pretty tough. I didn’t realize how bad their marriage had become for the past 5 years. This suicide attempt was actually good for my mother as it gave her the proof she needed that her husband had no interest in improving their relationship.

    Still, freaking exhausting.

  5. Ah hell. I am sorry to read this Shon. *hugs* to you and to your mom as well.

    xx Dee

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