Sep 212012

The nymphs dance inside the bottle.  They spin and swim inside the wine with a carefree grace.  They are always smiling.  When you pick up their bottle, they look right at you.  They smile and mouth words you will never hear but you know what they want.  They want you to drink them.

When you drink the wine, you can feel some of that happiness slip into you.  The nymph stays inside the bottle, shrinking as more and more wine disappears until they get so small that you would need a microscope to see them.  Of course that point, you would be so drunk with happiness that most finish the bottle without looking.

Of course people have tried to get the nymph out of the bottle.  It never works.  Pour of all the wine into a glass and the nymph disappears.  Pour it back into the bottle and she will not reappear.  Where do missing nymphs go?  That is the subject of more than one song.

Some try to save their nymphs.  Who can blame them?  They are always beautiful.  They are always so damn happy.  They are always swimming within the lake of wine that is their home.  Who wouldn’t want to keep such a perfect expression of beauty and happiness for ever?

The longer a wine nymph is not consumed, the more beautiful she gets.  Her dancing becomes more intricate.  Her body turns into a perfect expression of femininity that it hurts to look at it.  The older a wine nymph becomes, the more impossible it is to resist drinking her.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

  6 Responses to “Play With This: Wine Nymphs”

  1. Oh! This gives me an idea.

    I’ll let you how it develops.

  2. Timothy – Awesome! Go forth and play!

  3. I’ve yet to sit and read all of the the ‘play with this’ series, but this one has a place in my heart, I would love to make use of it someday if I get a chance :)

  4. Mystqiue – When I get enough of these, I’ll put together a free ebook of them.

  5. Na, charge a small amount just to have them collected. “I bet you’re wondering why you are paying for something you can get for free?” introduction to XKCD 0 is great.

    I love the idea of never being able to chase down the nymph. I used the same idea in my Chocolate Basket story. But, I love the idea of a translucent woman (or a guy in the bottom of my beer) that youc an never chase. Like a perverted little Ratolli scene (mouse in a jar).

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