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Long, long, long ago, small child Shon Richards saw a movie that changed his life.  It wasn’t Star Wars, it was Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond the Stars.  It was a science fiction version of the Magnificent Seven and it defined for me what an epic story was.

See, there is this planet in trouble.  A big bad guy is going to come by and blow them up so the planet goes looking for help.  They find a motley group of people that no one could consider to be heroes.  This ragtag group comes together, becomes freinds and fight off the bad guy.  It is about doing the right thing against impossible odds.  It is about dying because evil is never easy.

Now I know this movie is a knockoff of the original Japanese movie, Seven Samurai.  I have seen that version along with a dozen other versions, updates and revisions.  I love them all.  It is a central piece of what I consider to be a hero.

I had an idea a long time ago to do Seven Magnificent Doms but the idea never really gelled.  It lurked in the back of my mind until I realized I had this one Western character, Texanah, that I only did short stories with.  I realized I could tell an all female version of the Seven Samurai and I could do it in a time when women were treated like shit.  I could make heroines in a genre that is sadly lacking in heroines.

Seven Magnificent Sluts is a story about a small town in Texas.  They are attacked by mysterious pale women who drink the blood of men and kidnap most of the womenfolk. They spare one survivor, a man by the name of Henry Bardin, and tell him that they will be back next year to kill him.  Henry realizes that he is going to need some bad ass women of his own.  He goes looking for female gunslingers.

This book is almost an all star cast of ancestors of other characters that I have written.  Amy and Bethany’s great-great-etc grandmothers are in this one.  Otto Von Madd’s ancestor in this story.  An ancestor of the Volputmancer is in this story.  Some monsters I have written about before appear as well.

This is also the book that I wrote during most of my chemo treatment and I think it shows.  There is a lot of writing about life and death.  There is a lot about courage.  There is a lot about how fucking unfair life is.  There is also a ton of sex.

George Sportelli did the cover and the awesome back cover.  I told him I wanted a dirty Justice League style cover and he nailed it.  

I will be positing the first chapter this Wednesday as a teaser.

You can buy a hard copy of Seven Magnificent Sluts from Lulu by clicking this link.

You can buy a Kindle version of Seven Magnificent Slut from Amazon by clicking this link.  

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  1. Trying out the Kindle version, because you knew I was going to buy it.

    (All these writers who can finish things… *pout*)

  2. t’Sade – Doing a weekly serial in my mind is far, far, far more impressive than finishing something :)

  3. getting the kindle version now!!

  4. Oh, excellent! *downloads to Kindle*

    xx Dee

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