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Explorer’s Log: After seven long weeks, I have finally reached the star system designated Queen’s Beloved Torture Device by Royal Astronomers.  Six of the worlds appear to be devoid of atmospheres and I have launched micro-probes to survey their geological contents.  The fifth planet appears to have heavy vegetation and an active weather system.  No intelligent life has been detected but I will land and give the place a more thorough survey.  There might be some unusual plants worthy of harvesting.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Seven weeks is a long time to go without getting out of the ship.  I am about to go ship crazy here.  The last time I landed on a mostly plant world, I got fucked by a nasty flower that mistook me for a stamen.  I’m going heavily armed this time.

I also need to find some more materials to make dildoes with.  The weather looks clear and sunny.  It should be a pretty day.


Vaquel Di sighed.  The rain was coming down hard.  Her skin tight purple space suit insulted her from the cold but she could still feel the tiny patter on her body.  The glassteel helmet that encased her head also protected her from the rain but the sound of rain hitting the helmet was echoing in her helmet.  It was quite annoying.

She tried to strike a pose in the rain.  The survey camera floated beside her and tried to take flattering pictures.  Vaquel knew it was important to look impressive when sending back information to the Deep Space Explorer’s Processing Center.  Sure, explorers got a commission for every profitable discovery they make but they also got a percentage for every report that was used in merchandising.  Vaquel knew that the people back home loved to buy images of explorers looking brave and heroic.

The rain continued to fall.  Vaquel tried to look valiant.  The purple suit showed off all her curves and hopefully the rain just made her already delicious body look even more impressive.  She had spent an hour getting her pink bangs to look that perfect balance of straight and bouncy but now she wasn’t even sure of the camera could see her hair through all the rain.  She was tempted to strip down because she knew her brown body would contrast better with the rain but running naked on an alien planet was not good protocol.  

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said.  “I’m here and I am going to enjoy myself.”

She had landed in a clearing near some trees.  Vaquel was happy to walk on grass once more, even if the grass seemed a bit uneven and thick in places.  Her enjoyment from walking on a solid planet didn’t last long.  She slipped and stumbled on the wet grass.  At point Vaquel swore that the grass moved out of the way so she would take a bad step.   The camera recorded every second as she fell flat on her chest.


“Hell with this,” Vaquel said.  She marched towards the trees.  At least there she would be sheltered from the rain.  She kept tripping and stumbling over the weird grass.  By the time she made it to the trees, she was getting tired.   

“Okay, that was a bad start but now it will get better,” Vaquel said to herself.  The rain mercifully disappeared inside the forest and the echoing taps within her helmet faded.  The camera zoomed back a respectful distance now that it didn’t have the rain in the way.  Vaquel couldn’t wait to go through the footage and edit out all the tripping. 

For now though, Vaquel was all business.  The explorer was also on the hunt for dildo material.  Space could get awfully lonely and she had broken or burned out all her sex toys.  She wasn’t picky.  A good branch, weird seed cone or amusingly shaped fruit would be enough.

The explorer pushed and poked her way through the forest.  The leisurely walk soon deteriorated.  Roots got in her way.  A nasty shrub that seemed to be mostly thorns kept snagging on her space suit.  Branches seemed to grow at head height and she had to duck them.


Vaquel looked up and saw that the trees were unusually thin.  She frowned.  She swore that the rain was blocked just a minute ago but now it seemed like all there was quite a bit of open space.  It was damn weird.

“What is going on?” Vaquel said out loud. 

The camera got into a position for a wide angle shot.  Vaquel unconsciously sucked in her stomach and posed for a shot.  A gust of wind splashed her helmet with rain. 

“This planet sucks,” Vaquel said. 

Then she saw it.  It was hung from a tree and was shaped like a cock.  It had a slight curve and a little too much girth.  Vaquel clenched at the sight of it.  That was just the kind of thing she was looking for.

It hung low enough that Vaquel could reach it.  She took out her portable scanner and analyzed it.  The scans revealed seeds, some botanical matter that probably did something important and best of all, a very tough exterior that could withstand some serious pussy fucking.  Once Vaquel got it back to the ship and sterilized, it would make a perfect sex toy. 

Vaquel pulled on the wooden cock.  It was stuck to the branch.  She took out her vibration blade and turned it on.  The blade vibrated at a thousand times a second and easily cut through the wood.  The cock fell heavily in her hand.     

The rain turned into a downpour.  The sound of rain hitting her helmet became deafening.  The rain was so thick that she couldn’t see a thing. 

Something grabbed each of her arms.  The pressure exerted made both her hands open and drop the vibration blade and the wooden cock.  Something grabbed her ankles as well and her feet were locked into place.  In seconds Vaquel had been immobilized.

“Shit, not again!” Vaquel said.

The rain lessened and Vaquel got a good look at what was going on.  Two separate trees had grabbed her arms.  The grass at her feet had wrapped around her ankles.  The shrubs moved towards her and surrounded her.

The camera moved into a better position to watch.

“You plants are going fuck me too?” Vaquel said.  “You know, I wouldn’t mind if you did.  Just go ahead and do it because I don’t have all day!”

Vaquel was surprised at herself.  It had been a long voyage but Vaquel didn’t realize just how horny she was.  She really needed some new dildoes.

She looked for any cock shaped branches but she couldn’t see any.  What kind of raping plants were these?

Something painful struck her ass.  Multiple lines of pain rippled across her round buttocks.  Her skintight spacesuit provided no protection.  Vaquel screamed at the sudden pain.

She turned as much as the branches would let her.  A tree behind her had branches that were little more than thin rods studded with thorns.  The tree swung the branches again at Vaquel’s ass.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried out.  The thin branches crossed her ass with ruthless force.  The thin material of her space suit protected her from cold, heat and toxins but gave her zero protection for an ass whipping.  Streaks of tender pain blazed across her ass.  The tiny thorns didn’t cut her skin but she felt the extra little sting that they gave.

The tree struck her ass again.  She struggled against the branches but her big curvy ass was too big a target.  The thin branches whipped across her ass as easily as an asteroid smashing into a planet. 

“What do you want?” Vaquel yelled. 

The tree struck her again.  Before her scream was over the tree stuck her again.  Back and forth, the thin branches tore into her ass with a fury.

Vaquel struggled.  The other trees held her tightly and the grass refused to give up her feet.  The most she could do was wiggle her ass but the tree had no problem switching a moving target.  The thin strips of wood tore into her and she wiggled even harder.

“What do you want?” Vaquel yelled again.  She noticed that the flying camera was closing in for a better shot.  The damn thing was still recording.

WHISH! The branches struck over her head and down onto her breasts.  Vaquel recoiled in pain as news sensations rippled across her tits.  Her eyes clenched shut in pain. 

TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP. The rain continued to harass her despite her pain.

“I will kill this entire planet!” Vaquel screamed.  She was getting desperate.  “I will unleash all sorts of herbicidal poison into the atmosphere!”

There was a pause in the switching.  Vaquel allowed herself a smile.  Her back and ass were a mess of tender pain but she felt triumphant.  Now she was getting to whatever was controlling this mess.

WHISH! The branches struck upwards between her legs.  The thin punishing branches struck against her vulnerable sex.  The space suit offered no protection as the thorny wood slapped against her. 

Vaquel screamed.  She screamed so loud that she drowned out the tapping of the rain.  The scream was so loud that her ears hurt.

“Fuck!” Vaquel said when she could speak again.  That hurt.  That hurt a fucking lot.  Her entire crotch was on fire. 

Worse, she was wet.  Her sex starved cunt was actually wet from the abusive attention.  Vaquel realized that she really needed to get some new dildoes.

The branches struck again between her legs.  Vaquel’s cunt clenched with desire and then clenched in pain as the branches struck her.  She tried to jump but the grass held her feet.  There was nowhere to go.

“This planet will be a ball of fire when I am done with it!” Vaquel screamed.

The trees didn’t care.  In fact, the trees crowded closer.  Bark strained as more trees reached for her.  Instead of just the one set of branches, there were now close to a dozen.  All of them were thin, thorny and cruelly accurate. 

Branches struck her ass and stung the already sensitive flesh.  Her ass was turning into hemispheres of pain.  No matter how much she wiggled, no matter how much she tried to dodge and no matter how much Vaquel tried to escape, the stinging branches connected with her ass. 

The branches in front of her struck her tits.  Some of the branches were thick and the force of their impact flattened her brown globes against her chest.  One of the branches was very small yet it had an eerie ability to strike her nipples with deadly precision.  Vaquel cursed her large breasts; alien creatures always seemed to sense it was a weak spot for her. 

The cruelest branches were the ones striking her cunt.  The stinging swipes were paralyzing her sex with pain and desire.  Even the lightest hit was enough to make Vaquel scream.  Her sex was already so sensitive from need and desire, having them struck so roughly was flooding her with sensation.

In the midst of the fury of branches; Vaquel swore a promise.  If she ever met the designer of these skintight space suits, she was going to fuck them up with ass with a sonic rifle.

The branches swung faster.  New branches struck the inside of her thighs.  Some branches struck the underside of her arms.  The trees were covering her body with a network of stinging stripes.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Vaquel yelled.  “I’m fucking sorry! I’ll never cut another tree again!  I swear!”

The branches suddenly released her.  She fell to the ground and landed on her tender breasts.  Vaquel’s body ached.  She reached for her vibration blade and her ass, tits and cunt protested at the movement.  Vaquel had second thoughts about getting her weapon.  She doubted she could move enough to escape much less fight.

TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP.  The rain continued to harass her even if the trees had stopped.

“All right,” Vaquel whispered.  She slowly picked herself up.  The camera helpfully recorded every struggling moment.   She got back to her feet and tried to ignore the stinging existence that was her skin.

Vaquel saw the cock shaped seed cone that started this mess.  She knew she should have left it alone but then again, her ass, tits and cunt had paid for that dildo.  She earned it.  The exhaustion she felt slipped away and was replaced with anger.

Vaquel snatched it up.  The trees started to move but she was ready for it.  The grass tried to grab her but she was already running.  The camera flew along side her as she ran for her life.

“Fuck you, plants!” Vaquel yelled.  She dropped an incendiary grenade behind her.   A fountain of flame erupted behind her. 

The trees wailed behind her.  The wind surged to dangerous levels.  The rain was hitting her straight on.  Vaquel clutched her precious wooden cock and kept running.

She made it back to her ship and dived through the door.  The flying camera came in a second later.  Vaquel kicked the door shut and commanded the computer to begin emergency launch procedures.  Vaquel’s body was on fire and she didn’t have the strength to get to the navigation chair. 

The ship took off.  Vaquel sighed with relief as she felt the artificial gravity kick in.  She unclamped her helmet and breathed in the recycled air.  She took a moment to enjoy the hum of machinery instead of the fucking tapping of rain.

“Fuck nature,” Vaquel said. 

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