Sep 262012

Explorer’s Log: I am in week three of my five week voyage to the star system designated Queen’s Enviable Fashion Sense by Royal Astronomers.  Not a fucking thing has happened for a fucking long time and I am about out of my fucking mind.

I know I am supposed to send back reports on a regular basis but do you know how hard it is to do that when I never get a message back?  I know the Bwog Transmitter only works one way and I know that it might take months for my logs to reach Royal Navy Headquarters depending on the amount of deep space particle interference but I am so fucking bored from sending back these messages about how fucking bored I am.

Who listens to these things anyway?  I know the Royal Navy processes all the information I send back so they can send Warships out to conquer the words I find, but who actually does the listening?  Is it by artificial intelligence?  Is some Navy analyst sitting in his cubicle listening for my latest report on the dirt I find on some barren planet?  Fuck, you must be more bored than I am.

How about we do something to make this damn log more interesting?  I’m here in the Relaxation Bunk and I am completely naked.  I have got a wooden dildo in my hand that I cut from some really hostile plant organism.  I am going to fuck myself silly with it and you are going to listen. 

Now I am wondering about you.  Are you sitting in a cubicle with a bunch of other Royal Navy technicians?  Or maybe you get your own office?  Are you a man, or a woman?  I would really love to know.

Not that it matters.  Either one is fine with me.  Deep space exploration has a funny way of blurring sexual preferences.  Man or woman, I would fuck the shit out of you right now.

So let’s play a little game, listener.  I want you to drop your pants.  I want you to stroke your cunt or jack your cock.  Fuck yourself along with me.  I will never be able to hear you but I can imagine it.   

I guess I should describe myself.  I have brown skin.  It is a rich sort of brown except for my nipples which are black as night.  My hair is pink and I keep it short with some really cute bangs.  My pubic hair is pink too and I let it grow into a healthy bush just like our beloved Queen’s.

You should know I have got really good breasts.  They are plump and just a little too big for my body.  They are also all natural.  There are no genetic enhancements or flesh surgery here!  I have to tell you, the aliens out here love these tits.  I wish you could see them.  If you were here, I would let you smother your face between them.

I’m letting you know how my breasts look because I am grabbing one right now.  My fingers are sinking into my tit and I am squeezing it like all the aliens do.  I like it when they play rough with my tits.  It makes me come so much faster.

I need to get my dildo wet.  It is a thick long piece of botanical matter.  I could use lubricant but why do that when I have a mouth?  I am going to slide it into my mouth and suck on it.  I am going to pretend that it is your cock.  And if you are a woman, let’s pretend I am sucking your dildo; wet with your pussy juices.

(Wet slurping sounds)

There we go.  Now it is nice and damp.  I am opening my brown thighs now.  My thighs are very strong.  I spend so much time in the Exercise Pod.  Not only do I have fit thighs, but I can open them so very, very, very wide.

The dildo is right at my cunt lips.  Are you stroking?  Good.  Now listen as I penetrate myself.

Fuuuck.  Oh that is good.  The dildo is just a little too big but I can take it.  I’ll take it and more.  I am such a slut after all these months in space.

Let’s stroke together, shall we?  I am plunging it into me.  I got one hand on my tit and I am pretending it is your hand.  My other hand is sliding the dildo in and out of my body.  I am going slow because it is so big that I need to adjust to it. 

Stroke slowly with me.  Come on.  Let’s time it together.  Listen closely and you can hear the wet sound of it going in and out of my cunt.


Imagine that is your cock and listen.

Imagine it is your dildo that I am using fresh from your cunt and listen.

Fuck that feels good.  Let’s go a little faster now.  My hips are fucking the dildo now.  My heels are digging into the bed and I am rolling my hips in ways that you can not imagine. 

Oh yes, this is so much better than the usual boring explorer logs.  I should have done this weeks ago.

I let go of my tit so I can use both hands on the dildo.  My cunt is ready to go a little faster now.

How about you?  Ready to use both hands?  Ready to pump that cock or stroke that cunt?  Just make sure you don’t climax until I do.  It might seem unfair, but I am the one out here in deep space risking my life for the glory of Queen Erishella.  Wait to climax with me.  Do it for me.

Here we go.  Fuck.  I am ramming it into me now.



Oh this dildo is still too big but I will take it.  I will take it for you.  Just make sure you keep jacking that cock.  Make sure you are fucking that cunt.  Fuck yourself with me.



Oh shit this dildo is big.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck FUCK!    

I am about to climax so get ready.  I knew it wouldn’t be long.  I hope you can hear how wet I am.  I hope you can hear this alien plant dildo fucking my cunt.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Glory to the Queen!

(Inarticulate moans)

Oh shit that was good.  Give me a moment.

Fuck that really took it out of me.  Usually I can come multiple times but knowing you are listening really made it special.  I wish you were here right now.  I would so eat your cunt or suck your cock.  Fuck that was nice.

I’m going to take a nap.  Maybe I will do this again real soon.  I bet you can’t wait.

End Explorer’s Log.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Extended Log Entry”

  1. Either she just made someone’s day… or they’ve been dealing with this type of log post that they have an entire category of it. :)

    Either way, very fun story.

  2. t’Sade – Knowing the Euphorians, I suspect it is the latter. I also suspect that the Royal Navy has a black market where they sell x-rated log entries.

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