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Jason had a problem.  There was a new book series about BDSM relationships sweeping the nation and no one is a bigger fan than his girlfriend.  She loved the dark brooding dominant character and longs for the nights of cruel demanding sex.  Jason’s girlfriend wanted him to dominate her and stay his sweet romantic self at the same time.

Jason had no idea how the fuck to do that.  He liked the idea of doing a little spanking and maybe some rough sex but his attempts were failures.  His girlfriend said that he wasn’t doing it right and she nitpicked his experiments into being a charming psychopath dominant.  Worse, she was spending a lot of time online with fetish groups and seemed to be doing a little too much flirting with a local guy who had his own spanking bench and leather pants. 

Lucky for Jason, there was an ad in the paper.  For just one hundred dollars and a three day weekend, the Strict Institute was willing to give him all the training he needs to become the dominant his girlfriend wants.  Desperate, Jason signed up for it.

The Strict Institute wasn’t what he was expecting.  There were a lot of doctors.  There were a shitload of drugs.  He spent the entire three day weekend in a drug induced haze as electrodes were hooked up to his body and fetish videos were projected into his open eyes.  He wasn’t taught how to do anything; he was reformatted on the subconscious level.

Jason has a new identity now.  It’s just under his conscious surface.  When he is at work, on the toilet or out in public, he is still Jason.  When it is time to dominate his girlfriend though, a new personality emerges.  It is still Jason but now he has new skills, new instincts and a new lust for making a slave do where they are told. 

He spanks his girlfriend with expert precision and the muscle memory of an old professional.  Stern commands leap to his lips without a second thought.  His fingers know a hundred different knots and rope is nothing but a tool in his hands.  His eyes detect weakness, his ears detect desire and his brain knows just how far to push a person.

His girlfriend doesn’t know what to do now.  She is a bit afraid of the new Jason but the sex is too amazing to let go.  He’s experimenting with her in directions she had never considered before and she wonders if she can keep up.  She’s forgotten the name of the guy with his own spanking bench and leather pants.  She’s too busy submitting to the latest demand of Jason.

And what about Jason?  How does he feel about this?  Is he glad to be a part of this new sexy Jason?  Is he afraid of how far he will go?  Or does he embrace it?  Is he starting to wonder that maybe his skills are wasted on just his girlfriend?  Is there a Strict Institute treatment for submissives?

You tell me. 

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

  2 Responses to “Play With This: The Dom Identity”

  1. That idea has a lot of potential. I’ve read (and written) a number of stories from the submission point of view (yeah, I’m shallow but I also put myself in the sub’s position more than the dom’s), but never from the dominate’s.

  2. t’Sade – The absence of dom pov stories saddens me greatly. I certainly understand the appeal of a sub pov story because the plot happens to the reader and the sub equally. I just feel there is a huge opportunity to be writing stories on the other side of the relationship.

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