Aug 172012

Remember when you were a kid and you first heard about Narnia?  It was a magical land with witches, preachy lions and every fantasy creature you could imagine.  It was located somewhere else and you got there by walking into the right piece of furniture.  It is a totally preposterous idea yet when we were children, that shit was possible.  It is a fantasy land that only a child could create and therefore as children, we expected to find it.  We checked our closets in search of wonder.   

As we grow older, we exchange the fantasy lands of our youth for the fantasy lands of our sexual desires.  We stopped dreaming of mermaids and started dreaming about classmates.  We stopped dreaming of magic swords and instead turned our attention to tits that we were pretty sure could cure anything if we just got to touch them.  We stopped worrying about witches and ogres and worried about pregnancies and STD’s. 

This explains why we stopped looking for fantasy worlds.  We no longer check our closets as often as we should.  We open our sextoy boxes and see exactly what we expect to see instead of what could be there.  We longer look for fantasy worlds because we settle so easily for the fantasies on our computers and in our ebooks.   

Somewhere, in another place, is Delightia.  It is a land of adult fantasy with the boundless imagination of a child yet none of the crippling editing of an adult’s cynicism.  We glimpse it briefly in that split second before orgasm when our desires are unchecked and anything we want springs to mind.  It is Narnia grown up.  It is Narnia with an erection and a wet pussy.

How we get there is up to the person.  Open your bedside dresser drawer, reaching for that vibrator, and you might get sucked into Delightia.  Open the door to your dungeon in the basement and you might step into a world that tests the limits of your imagination.  Hell, fuck the right hole and that might be enough to enter a place beyond reasoning.

Delightia cares little for your logic or your concept of biology.  There could be giant women walking the lands in search of the right man to cram in a needy hole.  There could be grim accountants who audit you stroke for stroke for some mysterious account.  It could be as simple as a land where lovers are not jerks.  Anything could happen.

The key to understanding Delightia is to remember the wonder you had as a child and imagine what it would take to induce that same kind of wonder in your sexualized adult mind.  Regain that wonder and imagine a world that lives up to that expectation.

Who knows?  Maybe once you have wonder, you can find Delightia yourself.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

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