Aug 032012

Sometimes in erotica, two people will fuck.  In better erotica, two people will fuck despite a complication.  They really shouldn’t be fucking but they are doing it anyway.

Why shouldn’t they be fucking?  Generate a random number.

1 – The couple is married, just not to each other.

2 – The brother/sister of one of the lovers is going to be really jealous.

3 – Their place of employment really frowns on these two fucking, especially during work hours.

4 – The lovers belong to two different crime families/ninja clans/soda companies.

5 – The supreme diety will literally destory the world if these two fuck.

6 – People don’t usually fuck during a divorce proceeding.

7 – Their operating systems are incompatible.

8 – The lovers are supposed to be working on solving that murder case.

9 – The lovers are supposed to be working on murdering someone.

10 – Space Herpes.

11 – One of the lovers is an asshole.

12 – Family reunions are a really awkward place to have sex.

13 – A fast food chain has condemned their fucking.

14 – One of the lovers is 900 years old and the other lover is barely legal.

15 – The lovers are separated by a couple of thousand miles.

16 – One of the lovers is a grim avenging hero type while the other lover is a carefree sexy thief.

17 – The reality show cameras will not turn off for one fucking minute.

18 – The hate these two lovers have for each other could burn an entire world.

19 – Surprise threesome!

20 – Shit got really complicated.  Generate two random results and combine.

  3 Responses to “Play With This: Complications”

  1. In my writing group, we got into a big discussion about conflict. I want the writer to abuse the crap out of their characters, to throw road block after road block. And I try to write that way, something that gets int he way.

    Though, space herpes is a wonderful nod to Ice Pirates. :)

  2. Some writers don’t seem to understand that we can only appreciate heroes by the obstacles they overcome. Besides, as erotica writers we can also grant our characters a more than happy ending.

    Ice Pirates will always be one of my favorite movies.

  3. I rolled a 14. I’m off to change my name to Stephanie Myer.

    Oh, wait, I still need to write a better version of 50 Shades of grey. I’ll do that after, I guess.

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