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Queen Erishella stepped onto the flight dock.  The motors in her armor buzzed and kept her fearsome form moving.  The suit covered her body in gleaming silver armor, heavy weapons, antigravity flight projectors and enough spiky bits to give anyone who came close to her a bad case of tetanus.  Despite the terrible weaponry, the suit still maintained a feminine form with glorious shiny breasts, a marvelous metal ass and long black ribbons that were an approximate recreation of her own magnificent black hair.  She was a walking weapon of mass devastation but she was also instantly recognizable as a woman.

Two other women in power armor flanked the Queen.  Their weapons and curves were just as terrible but they were each a head shorter than the Queen.  They were members of the Queen’s personal guard and everyone feared the Queen’s Whips.

“Is my invasion ready?” Queen Erishella asked.  She looked down from the flight deck.  Beneath her was the last of the resistance of the Gem Moon of Rubyion.  The stubborn populace were preparing for a final stand around the Rubyion Palace.  It was going to be a bloodbath of flesh and technology.  She couldn’t wait.

“It is ready, my Queen,” General Blux began.  “I am concerned by your plan to lead the invasion yourself.  If you were to fall in battle, the hearts of every Euphorian soldier would die with despair.”

The Queen’s Whips raised their arms.  A dozen targeting lasers appeared on General Blux’s crotch.  The General’s right hand woman, Captain Lurna Kath, took a step back. 

“Your concern is noted, General,” Queen Erishella said.  “Do you remember the Battle of Aferic that occurred under the command of my father?  The battle that lasted two months?  The one where an entire continent was the site of vicious hand to hand fighting between soldiers from both sides and the unexpected appearance of the Blood Bears?  Do you remember that atrocity of war?”

“Why of course,” General Blux said.  He started to put his hands in front of his crotch but thought better of it.  One of the Queen’s Whips growled when his hand moved.

“My father, the wise and merciful King Zarn the Enslaver, decided 2 weeks into the war that I could use some more training.  He dropped me off in the center of the continent with no clothes, no weapons and no equipment.  He told me to survive if I was worthy of being his daughter.  He told me to die if I was not.”

“I survived, General.  I survived despite my own army refusing to believe I was their Princess.  I survived an encounter with a Blood Bear and I spent the cold night inside its warm corpse.  I survived and I learned a thing or two.  My father was a cruel bastard but I must say that I don’t fear going into battle today in a suit of amour and an army behind me.  I shall lead.”

“Still,” General Blux said.  “No sense in taking chances, my Queen.  I for one could use your guidance here in the Command Center.”

Queen Erishella curled her smallest finger on her left hand.  A signal went to both of the Queen’s Whips.  Twin blasts of plasma incinerated General Blux, starting at his crotch.

“Captain Kath?” Queen Erishella said.  “You are now a General.  Shall we begin the invasion now?”

General Kath smiled.  “We shall, my Queen!”

Queen Erishella shook her head.  No one understood what it meant to be a daughter of Zarn.  It meant she had suffered more than one who enjoys a quick death could never understand.  Perhaps General Kath would understand.

The Queen stepped off the flight dock.  Antigravity motors activated and guided her fall.  The Queen’s Whips fell behind her.  Together they plummeted towards the battle field.

Seconds later, missiles, plasma and lasers cut across the battlefield.  The assembled might of Erishella’s navy and army attacked with a single mind.  The front lines of the resistance evaporated into blood and dust.

Queen Erishella moaned with delight.  Her moan was transmitted into the ears of every one of her soldiers.  They heard their Queen’s delight and they fought all the harder.

She aimed her descent at a tank.  The red Rubyion battle tank was holding off the advance of the Queen’s foot soldiers. The Queen’s own tanks were out of position to protect the soldiers.  Queen Erishella made a note to her computer to make sure the commander of the tanks, if he survives the battle, will not survive the night.

Queen Erishella hovered above the tank.  She held off on attacking for a moment.  The enemy tank fired at her with several automatic lasers.  They bounced harmlessly off her armor. 

She waited until the main cannon of the tank pointed up at her.  The end of the cannon glowed hot with plasma fire.  Now would have been a perfect time to fire any of the assorted weapons that Erishella carried.  It would have been the best action of a soldier.  Erishella however, was a Queen.

The cannon fired.  A giant ball of proto-solar matter flew up at her.  Queen Erishella dodged to the left.  Her antigravity motors protested with a high pitch whine at the sudden action of her command.  The ball of plasma flew harmlessly into the sky.

The Euphorian soldiers gasped and then cheered.

Queen Erishella smiled and fired back.  Eight missiles flew from her shoulder mounted harness.  Three of the missiles exploded on the armor of the tank.  Four of the missiles crashed through the weakened amour and detonated from the inside.  The eighth missile found the plasma generator and caused a chain reaction.  The battle tank, the soldiers around it and part of the city block it was protecting turned into a crimson fireball.

She groaned with naked delight.  The sight of the magnificent explosion made her clench her thighs.  The sound of her groan was broadcasted through every military channel.  The entire Euphorian army groaned with her.

A defiant cheer went up from the Rubyion army.  They weren’t giving up. 

“Good,” Queen Erishella said.  She raised her arm and signaled the Army to follow her.  A million soldiers screamed her obedience.

Queen Erishella led the attack.  She unleashed hundreds of laser shots into the soft flesh of the Rubyion soldiers.  Her armor identified structural weaknesses in fortifications and fired the appropriate explosive warheads.  Noxious gases were ejected into concentrated crowds of Rubyion soldiers.  The devastation directed by her hand was fierce and without mercy.        

The Queen’s Whips hovered behind her.  They killed all members of the enemy who were unworthy of being killed by the Queen.

The Queen should have been in a good mood but she wasn’t.  Queen Erishella scowled as she remembered General Blux, the idiot.  Despite her best efforts, there were still members of her own army that thought of her as a figurehead.  They just didn’t understand the gruesome power of her upbringing.  She doubted any one would.  

An hour into the battle, Queen Erishella noticed that her army on the right flank was lagging behind.  She hovered to a higher height and took a scan of the battle.  There was a bridge where the Euphorian Army just ceased to be. 

Intrigued, Queen Erishella flew to this area.  The Rubyion army was putting up a good defense.  Euphorians charged the bridge and died.  Euphorian tanks shelled the bridge and were in turn destroyed by return fire.  This was something new.

It took the Queen a moment to identify the source of the Rubyion’s strength.  It was a single man.  He was lightly armored but he was a giant.  He stood seven feet at least and his shoulders seemed to be nearly as wide.  The Queen watched in wonder as he picked up a rocket launcher meant to be carried on a vehicle.  The giant fired the weapon one handed and destroyed a Euphorian tank.

The Queen activated a transmission link back to the Command Center.  “General Kath, what am I seeing?” Queen Erishella asked.

The General’s response was instant.  Killing predecessors tended to breed promptness in their successors.

“That is a War Clone,” General Kath said.  “The Rubyions breed them for battle.   They are created in gene incubators, raised in hostile environments and then unleashed on their enemies.  I was about to order an orbital bombardment on that sector.”

“Hold that bombardment,” Queen Erishella said.  “I will deal with him personally.”

“But, my Queen,” General Kath said.  There was a long pause.  Erishella wondered if it was a survival instinct or maybe a loyal underling stopping the General.

“Yes, General?” Erishella asked.   

“I just wanted to wish you good luck,” General Kath said.

Erishella smiled.  Maybe this one will learn.  “Thank you, General.”

Queen Erishella flew towards the War Clone.  A group of Euphorian soldiers had rushed the giant.  The brute dropped his rocket launcher and picked up a broken cannon to use as a club.  The Queen watched in approval as the War Clone killed the highly equipped soldiers with nothing more than savage force and a blunt instrument.

“Fall back,” the Queen ordered the Queen’s Whips.  They stayed a respectful distance away.

The Queen landed on the ground.  She waved her own soldiers away and pointed at the War Clone. 

The grim giant was choking one of her soldiers.  He saw the Queen signal to him and he broke the soldier’s neck.  He pigged up a long jagged piece of metal and started to run towards the Queen.

Telescopic scans took a better look at him.  The Queen was amazed by how ugly the damn creature was.  His nose had been broken a thousand times.  One eye was almost swollen shut from multiple injuries.  There was no hair on his body and it was probably bred out of him.  He didn’t have many teeth left but those that remained were sharpened.

The Queen was impressed.  Muscles rippled across his body.  He was covered in scars.  This was no pampered tool.  This was a sharp weapon tempered with abuse. 

Queen Erishella was wet between her thighs.  That was normal.  Killing machines made flesh turned her on.  What was different was that she felt a small pain of understanding.  She felt a flicker of pity for this creature. 

Pity was an alien emotion and one that she couldn’t identify.  It confused her greatly.

The Queen turned off her protective force fields.  She deactivated the many anti-personnel weapons that were targeting the War Clone.  She flipped up the visor of her helmet so she could see her enemy face to face.

The War Clone paused when he saw her face.  Lust flickered across his horrible face.  It was replaced with anger.

“Leave,” he growled. 

“Fight me,” Queen Erishella said.

The War Clone yelled and swung his jagged piece of metal at her.  He wielded it like a crude sword and Erishella saw his hand bled from where he held it. 

The Queen blocked the makeshift sword with her right arm.  The metal shattered on her armor but the force of the blow sent her stumbling.  The Euphorian army gasped behind her.

The War Clone kicked her.  His boot crashed into where her chest should have been but Erishella was already moving.  She grabbed his foot and spun it to the left.  As the War Clone struggled to regain his footing, the Queen was punching him hard in the chest.

It was like slamming her hand into a moon.  The War Clone grunted but he was clearly unhurt.

The War Clone grabbed the surprised Queen’s hand.  With his other hand, he punched her.  The Queen turned her head so that the side of her helmet took the blow instead of her unprotected face.  Her head spun and stars appeared in her eyes.

The brute was already swinging again.  Erishella raised her armored arm just in time to soak the second blow but the shock of blow sent agony down her arm.   She tried to pull away but his grip on her wrist was tighter then her thighs on a lusty night.

The monster swung again.  He was without mercy.  This time he punched her in the stomach and her armor alerted her to several structural fractures in the suit. 

The Queen felt fear.  Unlike pity, this was not a new emotion.  She had known fear back on Aferic.  She had known fear when a group of her father’s own army had tried to rape her.  She remembered the paralyzing stench of fear as the soldiers wagered on who would get to have her first.

The Queen also remembered what made the fear go away.  It was the sight of the first soldier’s blood as it spilled to the ground.  Her stolen knife had entered him before his cock had entered her.

Queen Erishella punched back.  Her fist, augmented by the motors in the power suit glanced off the War Clone’s head.  The brute didn’t even flinch.

Which was fine.  The Queen just didn’t want him paying attention to her foot.  Powered by motors and a little antigravity force, the Queen drove her boot into the brute’s knee.  She shattered the weak armor the monster was wearing and cracked something under the skin.

The War Clone screamed.  He should have let go of her hand but his grip only tightened.  Queen Erishella was impressed.  She could only imagine the practice that the War Clone had endured in order to ignore such pain.

The War Clone punched her again in the gut.  The amour screamed warnings about internal injuries.  

The Queen drove a spiked elbow into the War Clone’s eye.  The spike turned his eye into a bleeding hole.

The War Clone made a twisting motion with his hand.  Queen Erishella’s wrist turned and broke in his grip.

The Queen lifted a spiked knee into the crotch of the War Clone.  Blood spurted from his amour.

The War Clone finally released her useless hand.  The Queen stumbled back and then delivered a high kick to the beast’s head.  His head snapped to the left and he fell to one knee.

The Queen jumped on him.  She brought her arm down on his head and the spikes tore off his ear.  The War Clone fell to the ground.

He tried to get up but the Queen slammed her heeled boot on his hand.  The heel went through the bones of his hand and pinned it to the ground.

The Euphorian army cheered.  A horrified moan rose up from the Rubyion army.  The Euphorians surged forward and began the slaughter.

The Queen’s Whips descended and formed a shield around the Queen and her pinned War Clone.  Any one foolish enough to approach the Queen was turned to ash by her Whips. 

“You fight like,” the War Clone stopped to spit out one of his remaining teeth.  “You fight like one raised in the War Orphanage.”

“You fight like one abandoned by your own people,” Queen Erishella said.

“My people,” The War Clone spat.  “I have no people.  I have only my Masters and my fellow dead War Clones.  Finish me and end the misery of a failed soldier.”

“What is your name?” Queen Erishella asked. 

“Grim,” he said.

“A good name, I am Queen Erishella.  I can kill you; Grim, but I have a job for you.  One in which you can kill more enemies, destroy those who are weak and be among one of your own kind.”

“My own kind?” Grim said.  “I have no love for other War Clones.”

“I was referring to me,” the Queen said.  “Swear allegiance to me and become my Consort.  I have need of one who has been forged in blood.”

Grim laughed.  “Now you jest with me.  A creature like me could never be desired by one such as you.  Kill me now and end your cruel jokes.”

Queen Erishella reached down and grabbed the armor protecting the War Clone’s crotch.  Her gloves tore into the metal and ripped it free.  The War Clone was bleeding from the spike wound but fortunately the spike had missed his cock.  She was not surprised to see that his cock was already hard.

She gripped his cock.  The War Clone moaned.  His eyes were in disbelief but his cock was throbbing.

Queen Erishella activated a protocol for her armor.  The metal plates around her crotch retracted to reveal the dense bush of her pubic hair.  The most valuable treasure of all of Euphoria was exposed on the field of battle.

Grim barely made a sound as the Queen pulled her heel free of his hand.  She straddled his lap and pointed his cock towards her sex.  Her arm with the broken wrist hung limply by her side as her amour pumped numbing painkillers into it.

The Queen settled onto his cock.  Her sex clenched in ecstasy as his formable weapon disappeared inside her.  She wondered how many women had been impaled by this monster.  She wondered if the War Clone had ever had a willing partner.  For some reason she didn’t understand, she hoped that he hadn’t.

The War Clone reached for her chest.  Queen Erishella wondered if he was going to resist her.  She smiled as his hand cupped the amour outline of her breast.  His hand squeezed and the armor cracked.   His bleeding hand joined the caress, smearing blood across her breastplate.

The Queen rode him.  Armored and laden with weapons, her hips could still move.  She clenched him with her sex.  Her cunt embraced his cock with the passion of a lover. 

Grim continued to bleed and his blood mixed with the juices of their sex.  One of his hands moved to her ass.  She heard the armor groan as his powerful hand crushed the plates there.  He was thrusting now.  Bleeding, injured and broken, his body still had the urge to fuck.     

Around them the battle continued.  The scream of missiles filled the air as another Rubyion fortification was destroyed.  The air reeked of blood and weapon discharges.  The sky was darkened with the smoke of ash and burning bodies.       

Queen Erishella moaned with each thrust.  Across the battlefield, her soldiers were inspired by every moan.

Grim’s eyes softened.  He wasn’t sure what to make of this enemy that had defeated him.  He didn’t feel defeated.  In fact, he felt like he had won.  It was a curious feeling.

They had both been bred to battle their enemies.  The Queen had been bred to lead and the War Clone had been bred to be led.  Today however, they fucked. 

“Yes!” The Queen screamed her orgasm.  A million soldiers answered her cry with a million screams.

Grim answered her cry with his own climax.  She felt her sex fill with his seed.  She clenched and milked it all from his incredible cock.

After a moment of reflection, Queen Erishella rose from Grim’s body.  The armor sealed back over her cunt.  Her visor swung down and protected her face again.  She looked down at Grim’s spent body and addressed the Queen’s Whips.

“Remove him from the battle field and tend to his wounds,” Queen Erishella commanded.  “Let him rest on my Battle Barge with full respect as due his new station as my Consort.”

Grim growled.  He got up from the ground and looked down at the Queen.  His wounds had stopped bleeding and she watched as new scar tissue formed.

“You return to the fight?” Grim asked.

“Yes,” Queen Erishella said.  “My people need my leadership.”

“Then I return as well, at your side,” Grim said.  “You have enemies for me to kill.”

Erishella laughed.  A million soldiers suddenly knew fear for the Queen rarely laughed.  They didn’t realize that she was genuinely happy.

She had found someone who understood her. 

  6 Responses to “Fiction: War and Fornication”

  1. Yay! The queen has a proper consort.

    Vaguely related, have you read Simon Green’s Deathstalker series?

  2. t’Sade- Thanks. I thought I would expand the cast a bit.

    No, I haven’t read Deathstalker. Should I?

  3. Deathstalker is a rather large series. The first part is five books about five hundred pages long. It is an epic and spans a galactic empire. There is magic, science, and a lot of people becoming “more than human” in so many ways. It also has swords and shields along with the laser guns.

    One of the villains is the empress. She lives well-protected from the rest of the world, is deadly even naked, and has a lot of personality trains in common with your empress. She isn’t as much into sex, but she took to kidnapping the daughters of the people who upset her and turning them into her own personal, cybernetic, mind-controlled dog guardians (like the whips).

    I love Green’s Blue Moon Rising but Deathstalker has a wonderful epic feel, along with a lot of interesting ways of uplifting a human (drugs, cybernetics, brain-fucking) that I enjoyed it. It is also bloody (which Fluffy didn’t like) but still alluring (Fluffy actually finished it despite the blood and violence, but then refused to read it).

    Sadly, Green was on a hook to “finish” his plots. He wrote Return of the Blue Moon during this time to fix his plots and I didn’t like it as much. Deathstalker comes to a end where every plot is resolve, but he felt he missed one, so he wrote another 2500 words to blossom out the plot and resolve it all… I have not read the second series.

    But, if you have a chance, I’d recommend Deathstalker.

  4. Wow, I screwed up numbers. Each book is about 500 pages long. There are 5 books in series one and I think 5 books in series two. So, 2500 pages for the first series.

  5. t’Sade- That sounds very cool. I’ll give it a try.

  6. This one has a place in my heart. I forgot about the earlier pieces you wrote about her and how she fought her brothers and father to gain her rightful place.
    After that, I’ve just been seeing her at her cruellest but to touch into her heart and psyche and remember why she is the way she is, drew me a bit closer to liking her.

    Also for her to form a bond through pain, blood and violence had this dark and… sad tone to it, very poignant and bitter-sweet.
    Loved it <3

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