Aug 012012

Explorer’s Log: I am about to make contact with species that lives in the star system designated Queen’s Astonishing Cruelty by Royal Astronomers. They are called the Omigons and the Mur tell me that they are a greedy race with an emphasis on economic strength.  Queen Erishella loves to conquer rich species so I will scout them as best I can for future plunder.  They speak a version of Eras Demi so I expect to communicate with them easily.

The Deep Space Probe ship is still damaged from the encounter with the Space Vagina but I have repaired the ship’s weapons.  I’m not stupid.  I expect this species to be all gracious and welcoming and offer to finish repairs on my ship.  I’ll tell them I am a trade ambassador and I am sure I will get the royal treatment.  End Explorer’s Log

Explorer’s Personal Log: This is my first encounter with a species who is primarily economy driven.  I am hoping that maybe they will give me lots of free stuff to establish relationships.  I might even convince them to give me a sex slave or two for the long voyage.  

Vaquel Di was impressed by the Omigon’s security.  She was still a few thousand kilometers away from the solar system’s furthest planet when a large ship intercepted her.  Good, she wouldn’t have to fuck around to get people’s attention.

She checked herself one more time before answering the communications panel.  She was wearing a bright white suit today that covered her brown body from neck to toe.  The suit clung to the curves of her heavy bursts, wide hips and full ass.  She had trimmed her short pink hair to form perfect bangs above her eyes.  Vaquel was ready to impress and be accepted by these new aliens.

Vaquel pressed the transmit button.  “Greetings from the Euphorian system!” Vaquel said.  “I am Vaquel Di, here to represent Queen Erishella and her glorious kingdom.”

The panel showed the image of an orange skinned female.  She was a plump looking creature with long black hair pilled above her head.  Gems and jewelry decorated her hair.

“You have entered a controlled financial star system,” the woman responded.  “I am Inspector-Regulator Deoffa.  Please state your intentions to profit here.”

Vaquel gave her best smile.  “I am here to open trade negotiations between Queen Erishella and the Omigons.”

Deoffa looked bored.  “We only accept trade negotiations with species that can provide a full audit of trade goods that they have available for business.  The audit must include exact numbers of quantities involved, their physical dimensions and expected price.”

Vaquel’s smile faltered a little.  “That seems a bit exacting.  Surely since we are new to each other, a period of getting to know one another is in order?”

Deoffa played with a jeweled earring.  “The Omigon Federation encounters sentient beings every day who claim to be trade ambassadors when they are really just opportunists and labor agitators.  We have no need to entertain freeloaders and people who explore without projected profit margins.  If you have no real business then this interview is concluded and you are instructed to leave Omigon space immediately.”

“Wait!” Vaquel said.  “My ship’s hull is damaged and I could use some help finding the raw materials to repair it.  What would you require for payment?”

Deoffa stopped playing with her jewelry.  She looked at Vaquel and appraised her.  “Stand by to be boarded for a credit assessment.”

The transmission ended and Vaquel smiled.  She didn’t need the raw materials.  The ship was designed to use just about any metal you could find on an asteroid.  It would give her time for the long range scans of her ship to analyze the Omigon’s system, as well as scan the Inspector-Regulator’s ship.  Every bit of data she could scrap together would be useful to the Euphorian invasion force.

Gravitational beams projected from the Inspector-Regulator’s ship and locked the Deep Space Probe in place.  A flexible airlock tunnel then emerged and sealed over the door to the Probe.  Vaquel wasn’t crazy about the ship being immobilized like this but one took chances when trying to spy on another race.

The door opened and Inspector-Regulator Deoffa appeared.  The woman was short; she barely came up to Vaquel’s tits.  What she lacked in height she made up with curves.  Her entire body looked like it was ready to explode out of the rather drab grey uniform. 

Deoffa looked up at Vaquel.  She said nothing as she walked around Vaquel.  Vaquel didn’t object as the woman took her time examining Vaquel.  Every second that her scanners could work was precious. 

“What materials are you looking for?” Deoffa said when she came back around to Vaquel’s front.  The woman’s hair was taller than Vaquel.

Vaquel listed a few metals.  Deoffa raised her hand and interrupted her.

“Those are easily obtainable for three hundred Omeks.  What do you have to trade?”

“Well, I can give you charts of the planets I have visited already,” Vaquel said.

Deoffa shook her head.  “We only accept surveys from certified explorers.  What about your ship’s weapons?”

Vaquel laughed.  “No way.  I have a twenty year mission and I need all the firepower I can get.”

“Do you care any crystalline carbon products?” Deoffa asked.

“No,” Vaquel said.

“I see,” Deoffa replied.  “Is your culture comfortable with sexual economic transactions?”

Vaquel thought about that.  “You mean, sex for money?  Shit, I am pretty sure Euphorians invented it.  Our money is based on the oral standard.”

“That is good to hear,” the short woman said.  “Your material assets are pathetic but your personal assets are worth investing.  In exchange for sexual satisfaction, I could authorize the materials you need from my personal account.”

Vaquel looked at the shorter woman.  She gets to complete her spying and get laid?  This was the best mission yet!

“Are you sure your race and mine is sexually compatible?” Vaquel asked.

“You have a mouth, right?” Deoffa said.

Vaquel smiled.  She was starting to like this race.  “And who would be using my assets?”

“Myself, of course,” Deoffa said.  “Disrobe immediately.  Time is financial expenditure.”

Vaquel obeyed.  She pressed a button at her collar and a seam opened in her spacesuit.  The seam expanded downwards between her breasts, down her stomach and down to the pink bush of her pubic hair.  Vaquel grabbed both sides of the suit and pulled it open to reveal her large brown breast in all their abundant glory. 

“Exemplarily,” Deoffa said.  The Inspector-Regulator grabbed each of Vaquel’s breasts with her tiny hands.  Her orange fingers sank into the brown softness of her mounds.  The small woman pushed her hands into the giving flesh.

Vaquel bent forward so that her tits were closer to the shorter woman.  “No matter what species I encounter, they all seem to like my tits.”

Deloffa ignored her and bit into one of Vaquel’s tits.  Vaquel winced as the woman’s sharp teeth clamped on her sensitive flesh.  After a few seconds, Deoffa released her bite and turned her head to bite another inch of breast flesh.  Slowly in this manner did she taste Vaquel’s tits.

The explorer needed to stall for time so she took the biting with all the dignity she could muster.  The sharpness of the teeth frightened Vaquel but no blood was ever drawn.  Every bite mark however did leave bruises on Vaquel’s sensitive tits.  The bites also sent a small shiver of desire down to Vaquel’s cunt.  The teeth scared her but they were also turning her on.

After an eternity of biting, Deoffa finally released Vaquel’s tits.  Vaquel stood up and massaged her injured breasts.  She watched as the small woman shed her clothes with a speed that only a bureaucrat taking a bribe could do.

Physically, Deoffa was very similar to Vaquel in body parts.  She had two breasts and a bare slit that looked like a cunt.  Her body was rounder though with skin that looked plush with her orange skin color. 

Vaquel reached for Deoffa’s sex and Deoffa slapped her hand away.  “Lie down,” Deoffa commanded. 

Well, Vaquel was here to barter her sex for minerals.  Vaquel got down on the floor of her ship and lay on her back.  She watched as Deoffa walked around to Vaquel’s head and then stand over her face.  Facing Vaquel’s tits, Deoffa lowered her crotch down to Vaquel’s mouth.

Vaquel took a careful lick of what appeared to be Deoffa’s sex.  It tasted sweet.  She took another lick and went deeper into Deoffa.  The texture inside seemed to lick back.  Vaquel pulled her tongue back in surprise but then went back in.  Her tongue was met with multiple tiny tongues.   

“Deeper,” Deoffa moaned.  “Prove your estimated value!”

Vaquel licked deeper.  She felt Deoffa’s thighs tighten around Vaquel’s face.  She licked the strange responding cunt and felt her tongue being licked in return. 

The juices from Deoffa’s cunt were amazing.  Vaquel had to keep swallowing to take it all.  Near the lips, the juices were sweet but deeper in Deoffa’s cunt, the juices were tangier.  Vaquel alternated between shallow and deep licks to taste it all.

Meanwhile, Deoffa was slowly relaxing onto Vaquel’s.  Deoffa’s heavy body crushed Vaquel’s poor bruised breasts.  Vaquel was impressed by the softness of Deoffa’s body.  The woman was like a warm pillow pressing against Vaquel’s.  She felt the jewelry in Deoffa’s hair scratch her thighs as the Inspector-Regulator put her own mouth closer to Vaquel’s sex.  Vaquel opened her thighs in eagerness.  Despite the difference in height, their torsos were made for each other.

Vaquel shuddered as Deoffa licked her cunt.  The alien had a much longer tongue and it flicked deep inside Vaquel.  The contractions of Vaquel’s cunt surprised Deoffa but Vaquel was relieved to feel Deoffa keep licking. 

The two women ate each other.  Vaquel licked the strange cunt with micro tongues.  Deoffa licked the strange cunt that kept clenching at her.  The two women moaned at the mutual pleasure they gave each other. 

Vaquel felt Deoffa’s mouth move away.  Vaquel moaned in frustration but she kept licking.  After all, Vaquel was the one selling her mouth for ship parts.  The explorer kept licking at the alien’s strange cunt.  Her own cunt humped the air in frustration.

Deoffa must have pitied her because Vaquel felt Deoffa’s fingers push inside Vaquel’s cunt.  Four of Deoffa’s tiny fingers stroked Vaquel’s greedy sex.  The alien curled her fingers into a small fist and Vaquel gasped in pleasure.

Vaquel licked.  It was hard to lick with any sort of skill while being fisted but Vaquel kept at it.  She had to keep the Inspector-Regulator distracted and by the Queen, Vaquel was going to do it.  Vaquel tried to ignore the fist that was pumping in and out of her stretched sex.  Vaquel ignored how the alien’s body was crushing her poor tender breasts.  Vaquel kept licking and licking and licking.

Deoffa’s cunt froze for a second and then a gush of liquid filled Vaquel’s mouth.  Vaquel choked as an immense amount of sweet liquid was shot down her throat.  Deoffa’s thighs clenched around Vaquel’s face and there was no escape.  A near endless amount of the alien’s sex juices filled Vaquel’s mouth.

Vaquel climaxed.  The strangeness of it all got her off.  Her cunt clenched tightly around the alien fist inside her and rode out the orgasm. 

Finally, Deoffa’s thighs released Vaquel’s face.  The short woman climbed off of Vaquel’s body and stood up.  Vaquel rose to a sitting position and coughed until her lungs were clear.  That was the closest she had ever come to drowning.

“You have paid in full,” Deoffa said.  Vaquel noticed that the alien’s hair was still immaculate and appeared untouched. 

“Good,” Vaquel said.  “Always glad to do business with a new species.”

“Inform your government that they may send formal representatives when they are ready for trade,” Deoffa said.  She picked up her clothes and left through the airlock without another word. 

Vaquel smiled.  The scanners had more than enough information about the technology of the Omigons.  It would be up to the Queen to decide how to treat them.  She might order a trade delegation or she might order an invasion fleet.

Either way, Vaquel was pretty sure that oral sex would be involved.

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  1. “Eras Demi” – love it!

    Now all I need is someone with a spectacularly long and prehensile tongue…

  2. Ditto on the tongue. There are some lovely little quips in there, but “estimated value” was probably the bes. I liked this one a lot! Thank you.

  3. Caramella – I’m not sure when I got the idea to use fonts as languages but it may be my best idea ever.

    t’Sade – I am so glad as I worried the Omigons might be a smidge bland.

  4. I was fine until I got to this part:

    Vaquel took a careful lick of what appeared to be Deoffa’s sex. It tasted sweet. She took another lick and went deeper into Deoffa. The texture inside seemed to lick back. Vaquel pulled her tongue back in surprise but then went back in. Her tongue was met with multiple tiny tongues.

    And I felt my own thighs clamp and I shrank and thought: How the hell does this guy come up with ideas like this, it’s insane! ><;; I was wondering, especially the more I read, with every new species, you come up with a lexicon to suit their personalities or way of life and the most fascinating, you come up with the wackiest sexual organs and responses unique to all. Are you planning and keeping record of each race you write for and use that info to plan the next, or do you just wing it and let your inner muses give you new ideas each time? She’s only on week 4 outta 7, I think my hook must be what kinda sexual organs or practices each new race will have, but it’s definitely an interesting way to get attached to a story :) (Been away for a month, so playing catch up, forgive me) ;)

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