Aug 212012

Explorer’s Log: I am currently in week four of a seven week voyage to the star system designated Queen’s Beloved Torture Device by Royal Astronomers.  I finished the repairs to the ship this week and we are operating at full strength.  I am charting several interesting deep space particle phenomenon and should have a report ready for the Academy of Science sometime next week.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has been four weeks since I got licked and fisted by the Inspector-Regulator of the Omigons.  As nice as it was, I could really go for a big cock right now.  Let’s be honest, I would go for a tiny cock at this point.  The next place I land, I am making a dozen dildoes.  Space is too empty.  Much like my cunt.

Vaquel Di was naked on her space ship.  The brown woman sat frustrated in her cockpit seat.  She had unscrewed one of the flight control handles and was trying to screw it into her cunt.  It wasn’t nearly as good a fit as she thought it would be.  It was too slender and it slipped way too easily in and out of her sex.  It didn’t stop her from trying.

“Warning! Sensors detect an interspatial wormhole forming!”

Vaquel froze in mid thrust. Wormholes were bad news.  They were gateways connecting two places in the space time continuum.  A large one could suck Vaquel’s ship into an alien quadrant of space, billions of light years away from home.  A small one could rip a structurally superfluous exhaust hole in her ship’s engine.    Deep space explorers were warned to stay the fuck away from wormholes.

“Computer, where is the wormhole forming?” Vaquel asked.

“Wormhole has formed one meter from your location.”

Vaquel turned slowly in her chair.  At waist height, a shimmering distortion of light appeared.  Vaquel really wished she was wearing her spacesuit.  The wormhole could open into a toxic atmosphere or the vacuum of space.  She didn’t know any way to stop a wormhole and if she tried to fly the ship away, the hole might rip out the hull of the ship as it passes through.  She was fucked.

Something emerged from the wormhole.  Something long and green.  It was about a foot in length.  It pushed through the hole and hung limply.

It looked a lot like a cock.

“Seriously?” Vaquel said.  The cock just hung there.

Vaquel wondered if she was going through some sort of space dementia.  Perhaps she had finally lost her mind after all the long weeks of space travel.  Here she was, just wanting a cock, and now one was here.

She moved closer to the cock.  Ignoring about a hundred rules of space travel, she touched the cock with her bare hand.

It pulsed.  Vaquel gripped it and it grew harder by the second.

Vaquel wondered about the other side of the wormhole.  Did someone see a wormhole and decide to just stick their cock through it?  How desperate would they have to be?

“About as desperate as me,” Vaquel said.

She stroked the cock.  Vaquel wished the wormhole was bigger so she could see the balls, if there were any.  She also wished that the wormhole was bigger so she could see the creature on the other side.  All she had on this side was a cock.  Maybe that was enough.

Vaquel spit on the cock and then stroked with both hands.  The cock was fully erect now.  A head emerged through the alien foreskin.  Vaquel was amused to see two slits on the head.  When this thing climaxed, it would be a double barrel blast.

That was assuming this was really a cock.  Maybe Vaquel was stroking some sort of hideous space snake that was going to spray her with poison.  It could happen.

The green thing pulsed in her brown hand.  No, this was a cock.  Vaquel knew what a cock felt like.  It was hard, warm and throbbing with need.  This is what Vaquel needed between her thighs.  This was a cock.

She gave it a lick.  The cock twitched in her hands.  Vaquel licked it again and this time and the cock thrust towards her.  She opened her mouth and took it between her lips.  The smooth head slid over her tongue and towards her throat.

The cock tasted like a man.  It was musky and a little sweaty.  Vaquel closed her mouths around the cock and sucked.  Her tongue danced over pulsing veins.  Her lips sealed around thick flesh. 

Vaquel took as much as she could into her mouth.  It was too long for her but her hands stroked the rest.  She stroked, stroked and stroked the cock in the direction of her mouth.  Her hands were urging the cock to fill her mouth with its alien mysteries.

The cock pulsed.  It thrust forward in short motions.  It moved barely an inch as it tried to fuck her mouth.  The wormhole was limiting their contact but not their desire.

Vaquel took the cock out of her mouth.  She pressed the slick cock between her heavy brown breasts.  Wrapping her breasts around the cock, she laughed as the thrusting grew more urgent.  She was teasing him.  It was nice to tease someone for a change.  She kept her breasts wrapped tight around the cock as it fucked her generous mountains.

After a few minutes of teasing the cock with her breasts, Vaquel realized that ultimately she was just teasing herself.  Her sex needed cock and here she was breast fucking some stranger.  This was not a good use of a perfectly fuckable cock.

Vaquel pulled the cock out of her breasts and stood up.  The cock twitched wildly in the few seconds that it wasn’t touching her.  It was panicking.  It made Vaquel smile. 

Vaquel turned around and bent over.  She didn’t want to touch the wormhole directly.  There was no point gambling with rips in time and space.  The cock she trusted. 

She grabbed the cock and aimed it at her cunt.  Slowly and ever so patiently, she slid back into it.  The immense cock pushed inside her, filling her even more than that woman’s fist did back in the Omigon system.  Vaquel kept sliding backwards until her cunt was utterly and completely filled with cock.

The cock began to thrust.  The alien on the other side must have been near his breaking point.  Gone were the short controlled thrusts; now the cock was sliding almost completely out before slamming back in. 

Vaquel struggled to keep herself upright.  She was bent over with her hands flat against the ground.  All the stretching routines she did in the Exercise Pod were paying off.  Her legs were a wide upside down ‘V’ as her hands and arms gave her all the support she needed. 

The cock rammed into her.  It was a fierce speed.  If Vaquel hadn’t personally tasted the cock, she would have suspected it was a machine.  In and out as rapidly as Vaquel’s own need, the cock fucked her. 

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.  She climaxed and her cunt squeezed around the incessant cock.

The climax weakened her arms.  She almost fell face forward but she caught herself.  She had to stay on this cock.  There was no telling when she would get another one.

The cock brought her to a second orgasm.  Vaquel screamed in the tight confines of her ship.  The cock never ceased fucking.

Vaquel thought about slipping the cock into her ass.  It was too big and it would destroy her if she tried it but the thought was decadently enticing.  Imagine, a cock from somewhere in space was pushing through a wormhole and into her asshole.  

She climaxed again just thinking about it.

The cock froze.  Vaquel froze as well.  Was there something wrong?

A flood of liquid filled her sex.  The cock was ejaculating.  Alien goo was being propelled into her body.

Vaquel’s race was famous throughout the galaxy for their resistance to disease.  The concept of sexually transmitted diseases was considered a myth to most of her people.  Still, there was always the possibility that Vaquel could be the first.  Who knew what was in this foreign spunk?

She didn’t care.  Vaquel clenched tightly around the cock.  Her pussy milked his cock for every drop. 

The cock pulled out of her.  Vaquel let herself fall to the floor.  She looked behind her just in time to see the cock retreat through the wormhole.  A second later, the wormhole vanished.

Vaquel sighed.  Her sex ached from being filled and fucked.  The cock was gone and so was the wormhole.  She knew nothing of where it came from or why it had appeared in the first place.  Worse, she had no way of making both of them come back.   

It was just another day in space.

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  1. Yay! Surprise Tuesday Word Porn, and very very sexy word porn at that. :) Made my day.

  2. Anon – Yeah, I thought it was Wednesday for most of the day. I blame wormholes :)

  3. “Lucky” is defined as simply taking advantage of what (the throbbing, transdimensional cock) is in front of you. :)

    Very fun.

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