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A Tale of Sex and Swords is a Choose Your Own Erotica ebook by Jane Amber.  You take one the role of Eve Nighthawk and your magical sister has requested that you come to her aid.  You travel the world and are now arriving at a port town where you will need to hire a boat for the next leg of your journey.  Unfortunately you are broke so you will have to do some quests in the port city to earn enough cash.

This book is high fantasy of the kind instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever played Dungeons and Dragons, Fighting Fantasy or ever watched an episode of Xena.  Some fantasy writers drown the readers in lore and history but the author is smart enough to tell you just enough to keep the story moving.

 The choice are implemented using hyperlinks, which is something I really need to do for my next book.  It works really well on the Kindle.  It also asks you to write down keywords at certain points for record keeping. For example, if you beat a dragon, it would ask you to write down Dragonslayer. Later in the book, if you have Dragonslayer written down, then the book will instruct you to click on a link that wouldn’t ordinarily be available.  It is not a bad system and it helps enrich the story.     

These kind of stories usually go in one of two directions.  Either the warrior woman kicks ass and picks her sexual conquests, or the warrior woman becomes a victim and is dominated and assaulted by superior forces.  I was curious which choice the author would make and was pleasantly surprised to see that she included both.  If you want to kick the ass of a group of rough types, or be overcome by them and forced to engage in some rough sex, the author lets you pick.  I was pretty impressed by this.  Almost every encounter had a Xena choice or a Victim choice.  That was cool.  Different readers want different things and the author accommodates.

So let’s talk about the sex.  Like I said, there are encounters that cater to the type of reader who wants to be in control, and there are encounters for those who want to lose control.  I was amused to see that there were a few choices where you can skip the quests and try to seduce what you need out of people.  When sex does happen, the author writes the entire sex scene and doesn’t try to break it into choices.  That is something I wholeheartedly approve of.  When sex happens, you have a nice few pages to read.

 So let’s talk about the adventure.  The adventure takes place in the city and you get a pretty free range of choices.  There is some monster killing, a few mysteries and multiple ways to earn the money you need.  I read if off and on over the weekend and I enjoyed playing it several times.

 My only criticism is the adventure ends when you get on the boat.  I was expecting to reach my sister and solve her problem, but this story is just episode one in a bigger story.  A story by the way that is not available for purchase yet. 

As a writer of a choose your own erotica type story, I can tell you that they are a lot of work.  I can see why the author might want to test the waters and see if there is an interest.  It still doesn’t conceal my disappointment that this ebook only contains the first part of the journey.

Having said that, I really enjoyed it.  There are quite a few parts that I am dying to tell you about but I am leaving that for you to enjoy. $4.99 Might seem pricey but man, these kinds of books are such a pain to write that I fully support the pricing.  

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers.

  3 Responses to “Dirty Books:A Tale of Sex and Swords”

  1. I decided writing a chose your own adventure should be on my bucket list. But, I’m still going to grab this. I think the Kindle/EPUB format is fantastic for this type of books.

    Interesting, there is a beta website purely for creating this type of story.

    Looks like a fun book, though.

  2. Call me “out of the loop”, but I had no idea they had such things. I remember reading choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid and eating them up. I’d devour one of these. Yum.

  3. t’Sade- I cannot reccomend doing one enough. It is a wonderful thing to do. Also a bitch lol

    Lustful Literate – They can be pretty rare. Most I have seen are pretty poor but this one was superb. You know I wrote one, right? The prisoner of the Wizard’s harem.

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