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I had a friend who had a very geeky daughter.  This tiny tot devoured Tolkien, Harry Potter and anything else she could get her hands on.  She was like barely 9 if I remember correctly and she had already decided that kids her age at her school were useless.  She wasn’t depressed though.  She was patiently waiting for her invitation to Hogwarts to be delivered.  The parent often confessed to me that even though he told her that Hogwarts didn’t exist, she merely accepted his denials as a test of her faith.

As sad as that story is, the kid has a point.  Real life is way too boring.  There just has to be a place where people just as interesting as her exist.  She just hadn’t found it yet.

Which brings us to erotica.  Current fads aside, often the regular society that surrounds us is not nearly as interesting as the people who read erotica.  The average reader has to feel this same sort of longing.  If only they could get an invitation to where all the other dirty people hang out.  

As all erotica writers know, desire is the most inspiration for writing.  We should be creating these secret societies and we should be taking advantage of that longing for an invitation. 

What kind of secret society is it?  It doesn’t have to be a place of learning like Hogwarts, although sex schools appeal to a large number of readers.  The secret society can be dedicated to goals as lofty as bringing sexual freedom to their members to goals as simple as getting its members laid.  The underlying theme I think is most important is that whatever the goal is, it coincides with the secret wishes of the character that receives the invitation.   Few things are more euphoric than finding out yes, other people like the same perverse things that you do.  Society at large may not approve of you and your sick ways, but your secret society does.

Secret societies is a term that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.  Shit, the Klu Klux Klan is a secret society and who wants to be like those assholes?  It usually evokes images of the Templars, or bad History Channel specials.  But you know who else was a secret society?  The Underground Railroad.   You know who else is a secret society?  A BDSM club in most states.  They do not want their names known. 

Just because a group is organized and secretive doesn’t make them evil assholes who want to take over the world.  It could mean they just don’t want anyone noticing who they are fucking.

Here are three examples of possible Secret Societies for your writing.

The Happy Housewives Club – Being a stay at home housewife can be terribly boring unless you join this Club.  Their goal is simple; let their husbands enjoy all that work stress and social climbing while the housewives get fucking laid.  Most of the housewives fuck each other, engaging in complex lesbian games that would blow the minds of their vanilla husbands.   The Club usually invites new members with a neighborhood house warming party that involves casseroles, local coupons and strap-ons.

The Secret Society of Submissive Sluts – Sometimes a submissive decides that fuck it, they are not in the mood to date and they just want to get dominated with no string attached.  Or maybe these submissives want to be owned for the weekend by someone who doesn’t want to psychoanalyze them.  Or maybe they are just horny and once a week, they call the S.S.S.S. and take the plunge.

Whatever the reason, this society is something of a placement agency.  They put the sluts in a challenging environment with no long term commitments.  The society itself becomes the dominant. 

The League of Sex Bloggers – You don’t think sex bloggers just make all that shit up do you?  Of course not.   Founded by Anais Nin, the League hopes to sponsor sexy writers so that the world is always supplied with new porn.  To aid in this, the League sends struggling writers on expeditions to sexy places.  They give sex bloggers new sex toys and strange artifacts from a sexier time.  In desperate situations, they even provide sex bloggers with alluring sexual partners to inspire them.

The membership fees however, are brutal.

  2 Responses to “Play With This:Secret Societies”

  1. Oh, the last one sounds like fun but it would be hard to “keep it up” as it were. I love the wife’s club.

    I would also include the pet play groups (I know of a few in the Chicago area), including the pony farms. They are wonderful, inclusive people but very… cliquish.

    In the Dolcett fantasies, you frequently have the secret society for sex and cann stuff. Leo’s Belinda series is a light-hearted cann with very little graphic ickyiness. Also also my inspiration for insane “spit muffins” and a love for large, curvy women.

    But, I also love the secrecy of this type of society. There is such wonderful opportunity for discovery, which is sometimes the best part of a story.

  2. t’Sade- You’re right, the discovery is such a vital part. Being invited and having the veil pulled back is always attractive.

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