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The Purple Emporium opened in 1996.  I am sure about that because I had just graduated from college with a business degree which meant I was highly qualified to be an assistant manager at the fried chicken restaurant in my home town.  I was pretty depressed by how I was 23, single and smelled like fried chicken and biscuits.   I was the ideal customer for a new brothel.

Since this was North Carolina and not Nevada, they didn’t actually call it a brothel.  The official description was Lingerie Modeling and the unofficial description was Jack Shack.  It was located a foot outside the town limits and the lobby had a jar where customers could contribute to the sheriff’s department monthly bribe.   It was a quasi legal place with a one hundred percent real place to get your rocks off.

They had the best shit there.  Other places would charge you 40 dollars for a back rub and a handjob but the Purple Emporium was the only place where you get could a double blowjob from a pair of Siamese twins for just twenty-six dollars.  Their names were Clea and Cleo and Clea preferred to take the facial.  Thirty-six dollars would get you a handjob from a horny virgin and forty-six dollars would get you a titjob from a woman with tits bigger than your head.

That wasn’t even the specialty shit.  Eighty-six bucks got you a blowjob from your best friend’s hot mom.  Ninety-six dollars got you half an hour of spanking the celebrity of your choice but you got to call an hour in advance.  You could pay a hundred and six dollars and get an hour with your High School crush.  It was worth every penny to finally see Theresa Thompson’s tits, but I got to tell you, she didn’t fuck half as well as I imagined.

Six dollars could get you the best sex of your life but not many guys were willing to try it.  I knew one guy who did, Denny, and afterwards he was as depressed as a kid who slept through Christmas.  He said that once you’ve had the best, you realize that all the sex you will ever have will never be as good as that one time.  That is some deep shit there.

The lady who ran the place was real nice.  She told people that her name was Sephorella Bliss but the girls just called her Mama Bliss.  One night she was drunk and confided in me that her real name was just Jean so I can see why she went with Sephorella.  Anyway, Mama Bliss was a big woman with big tits and the best damn black hair you ever saw.  She ran the cash register and she never fucked the customers. 

At least, that was the official story.  See, I was a frequent customer there.  I was making good money and I didn’t really have anything to spend it on.  I couldn’t date because I was working the night shift and I never liked fancy cars so I had plenty of money for the Purple Emporium.   I went there so often that if you blindfolded me, I could recognize them just by touching their tits; which is something I did one Christmas when business was slow.

Anyway, one day I go there and Mama Bliss asks me what I am in the mood for that night.  I looked at their list and I was staring and debating what I wanted.

“How about I let you pop your load in my hair for sixty-six dollars,” she said.

“Sure,” I said.  I wasn’t big into hair but Mama Bliss had the best damn black hair you ever saw.  I paid her the money and she took me by the hand and we went to her office.

I never saw the office before.  The rest of the Purple Emporium was all fancy.  They had the Graveyard Room with actual graves, they had the Steam Room with all the marble tiles and they had the Cheese Room which I am not sure is all that hygienic but the office was pretty plain.  It just had a desk, a couple of chairs and a couch.  I mean, there wasn’t even a tastefully nude painting anywhere.  It was really normal.

Mama Bliss Sat on the coach and told me to stand by her.  She unzipped my pants but I had to get my own cock out.  She let me wrap her long black hair around my cock and I jacked myself.  Mama Bliss looked up at me and smiled.

Her hair was nice and soft but you know, it’s just hair.  It took me a little while to come.  Mama Bliss said lots of nice things about how nice my cock looked, and how all the girls there loved my cock and that she was getting wet just looking at my cock, so that helped. 

I finally shot my load in her hair.  Mama Bliss turned her head and made sure I got all into her hair.  It was like she was showering and my sperm was the water.

Then shit got really odd.  Her hair soaked up my sperm like a sponge.  Now she always had the best damn black hair you ever saw; all glossy and thick, but now her hair became something else.  It looked like outer space.  My sperm turned into stars that settled into strange orbits and little planets appeared and some of my sperm flew around like comets trapped in a celestial journey that would last ages.

At first I thought maybe I was going through some sort of afterglow delusion but no, I saw stars in her hair.  I saw my sperm turn into a galaxy in the empty space of the best damn black hair I ever did saw. 

Mama Bliss gave me a washcloth and I cleaned myself up before zipping up.  She gave me a nice kiss on the cheek while the stars turned in her hair.  I don’t remember leaving but since I woke up in my bed the next day I guess I got home.

I kept going to the Purple Emporium until they closed about two years later.  Just because you see the universe in a woman’s hair is no reason not to keep getting laid.  I never brought it up with Mama Bliss and Mama Bliss never offered to let me come in her hair again.  That was okay.  Once was enough.

Eventually we got a new sheriff and he was a Born Again Dick so the Purple Emporium had to close.  It was a real sad time but in their final week, everything was sixty-six percent off so I got some sweet deals those final days.  They closed up and most of the girls filtered into the community.  They took jobs as school teachers, nurses and one really hot librarian. 

I heard Mama Bliss went to Florida and opened another place down there.  I am not sure about that but it might be worth checking out.

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  1. Oh, lovely. A bit sad, actually, put sounds like a fun thing. The numbers seemed a bit precise though. I don’t know why, but they stood out for me.

  2. t’Sade – The numbers were something I played with but went with in favor of the odd details people tend to relate in oral stories.

  3. On our last sojourn through NC, we were shocked by the sudden explosion of “video sweepstakes” joints… Finding that there may be other, far more interesting joints is, well, ok, I suck with language today, interesting. ;)

  4. (As an aside: FU the Goog for not allowing non-Goog logins. Yeah, there are plenty of buttons, but only teh Goog works from Chromium. blah.)

  5. This put me in mind of the Spider Robinson ‘Lady Slings the Booze’ stories. Which is very complimentary!

    xx Dee

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