Jul 182012

Holly Valentine was breaking the first rule of what it meant to be a good reporter; she was becoming part of the story.  That was not good for her career or her credibility.  She had a hard enough time being taken seriously with her awesome body and kick ass red hair.  If her old college professors could see her now, they would tell her to run from this story as fast as she could.

“Fuck them,” Holly said.  “I’m hanging out with mother fucking Bobbi from ‘Johnson’s River’.”

“What was that?” Annie said. 

“Nothing,” Holly said.  Holly corrected herself.  Bobbi was the name of the character played by Annie Watson.  She had to keep this professional.  After all, it wasn’t every day you got to hang out with one of your idols from a 90’s teen melodrama. 

Annie Watson smiled.  It was the same heartbreaking warm smile that made millions of teenage boys cream their pants in the late 90’s.  Jesus Christ, she looked just the same as she did back on the show.  Her shoulder length brown hair, those cute dimples and her tomboyish body were far too familiar to Holly.  Being in the same room as her was bringing back all those feelings Holly had back in the day when she used to hang out in lesbian bars and bitch about the patriarchy.

 “I am so glad you helped me, Holly,” Annie said.  “I don’t think I could have ever escaped Ed or his crazy cult without you.  I can’t believe I am finally free!”

Holly couldn’t believe it either.  Just a week ago, Holly had tried to get a fluff interview with Annie about the incoming Johnson’s River reunion.  She got ten minutes with the actress, accompanied by six suspicious looking men who claimed to be “assistants.”  When Holly had shaken Annie’s hand at the end of the interview, the actress had slipped her a note.  It read simply, “save me”.

Now a week later, Holly had helped Annie escape her controlling husband.  The reporter had rented a car under an assumed name, bought disposable cell phones and picked Annie up a mile away from her husband’s reclusive compound.  They had driven all night and were now hiding in a seedy motel to plan their next move.

“We have to be careful, Holly,” Annie said.  “Ed would not hesitate to have us killed to protect his secrets.”

Holly nodded.  Ed Tunt was one of Hollywood’s most lucrative actors.  The guy was a one man action movie franchise.  He was also a spokesman for the controversial self-help cult, Alchemism.  The group claimed they could heal anyone from their problems if they would just give their money, time and their children to the cult’s teaching. 

It was hard to worry at the moment though.  Annie had stripped off her concealing overcoat as well as her pants and shirt.  The television star was sitting in her panties and bra on the motel sofa.  She had stripped because the air conditioner wasn’t working but her sweaty body was a hell of a distraction to Holly.

“Is it true that Alchemism believes that aliens are harming us?” Holly said.  She thought that maybe engaging her reporter’s mind would distract her from her horny body. 

“No,” Annie laughed.  “That rumor is completely untrue.”

“Oh,” Holly said. 

“Alchemism believes that there is a secret race of men that live underground and that they poison our water to make us more promiscuous,” Annie said.  “They call them the Secret Perverts.  Alchemism is concerned with coming up with ways to free your mind from the poisons.”

“Oh my,” Holly said.  “That is even weirder than what has leaked out.”

“Oh yeah, only the top levels of the church know the truth,” Annie said.  “The lower levels are just told that they are being purged of additives that Communists planted in the 50’s.  That is easier for them to believe.”

As Holly digested that, Annie laid her back on the sofa and stretched her legs to the ceiling.  Holly had a sudden vision of herself kissing down Annie’s legs.  She would start at her cute toes and down to her knees and then down to her thighs and then down to her . . .

“What about the rumor that Ed Tunt is gay?” Holly said.  “A lot of people think the Church of Alchemism hired you to provide a beard for Ed’s gay rumors.”

Annie spread her legs, stretching them as far as they would go.  They could go quite far.

“Oh he is not gay,” Annie said.  “He is actually very asexual.  He married me because he loved being with me but he hated sex.  He said sex was just something the Secret Perverts created.  Sex was only for children and fuck that, I didn’t want children.”

Annie ran her hands up and down her thighs.  Holly wished to hell that air conditioner would work.  To help cool off, Holly opened a few buttons on her blouse.  She wished she could strip ass naked but she didn’t trust herself around Annie.  That girl was bisexual kryptonite.

“Did you know this before you married him?” Holly asked.  There, keep asking questions.  Stay a reporter and not a fangirl.

“Well, a little,” Annie said.  She looked at Holly with that heartbreaking smile.  “But I got him to give in to me a few times while we were dating.  I thought after we were married, I could change him, you know?  He was Ed Tunt, I had to try.  I thought I could get him between my thighs every day if I tried hard enough.  You know?”

“Yes,” Holly whispered.  She wanted to gay marry Annie right now and fuck her every day.

Stay professional.  Holly crossed her legs as tightly as she could.  “Is it true that the Church of Alchemism has made people disappear?”

Annie sat up.  Her long legs were now touching the floor but they were still decandetly wide.  Holly could see the faint bush of hair under Annie’s white panties. 

“I know they have,” Annie said.  “I can name names and where they are buried.”

“Holy shit,” Holly said.  This could be the scoop of the century!  She could be the reporter that broke the Church of Alchemism wide open and fuck their tight pussy!

Holly shook her head at that last thought.  God, she needed to masturbate if she was going to keep her wits for the next few days.

“Holly?” Annie asked.

“Yes?” Holly answered.  She tried to sound as professional as possible.

“Holly it has been over a year since I have gotten laid,” Annie said.  “Could we fuck already?”

“Stay professional,” Holly thought as she stood up and crossed the motel room.

“Be a reporter,” she thought as she sat down beside Annie on the couch.

“Be good!” her mind screamed as she took Annie’s face in her hands and leaned in for a kiss.

Holly trembled as she kissed Annie’s lips.  She remembered the first time Bobbi, Annie’s character on ‘Johnson’s River’ kissed Johnson.  Holly remembered the first time Bobbi kissed Johnson’s best friend, Jason.  Holly had wished so many times that it was her kissing Bobbi and here she was.

Annie grabbed Holly by the back of the head and pulled her to her mouth.  Holly moaned as the actress opened Holly’s mouth.  Annie’s tongue reached into and savaged Holly.  The reporter felt herself melt as her mouth was used.

Holly felt her shirt being ripped open.  Holly helped while she kept kissing Annie.  She felt her bra being torn from her breasts and Holly gasped.  Who knew demure Annie could be such a horny girl?  It was like all of Holly’s wet dreams had come true.

Annie stopped kissing her and Holly tried to pull her back.  Annie was stronger.  Her mouth dipped down and sucked on one of Holly’s nipples.  Holly groaned as the eager actress suckled.  Holly reached under Annie’s mouth to grab a handful of Annie’s breast for herself.  The sweaty bra was in the way but Holly still got a shiver when she touched that famous breast.

It was like touching heaven.  It was like touching her roommate’s breast one drunken night in college.  It was like having your favorite show cancelled and then renewed.  Holly couldn’t be happier.

“I want to taste you,” Annie said.

Oh wait, Holly found that she could be happier after all.

Annie pushed Holly back against the couch.  The actress got down on the floor on her knees before Holly.  She tugged at Holly’s pants and tossed them away.  Sharp fingernails tore Holly’s black panties to shreds.  As soon as Holly’s red bush was exposed, Annie dived in.

Holly cried out.  Annie pushed deep into Holly’s sex and was licking deeply of the juice there.  Holly gripped Annie’s head with both hands as the actress licked faster and faster.  Holly has had her pussy eaten by professionals but Annie was amazing.  She was insatiable.

“This is wrong,” Holly whispered.  Annie kept licking.  “I shouldn’t be getting eaten out by Annie Watson.  I should be eating Annie Watson.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!”

Annie kept licking.  Holly wasn’t sure how the girl could breathe.  She also didn’t care.  Annie ate pussy like a woman dying of thirst.  Holly guessed that was what the Church of Alchemism did to people; it made them pussy starved sex freaks.

“I guess the church was good for something,” Holly said.  Annie kept licking.

Holly couldn’t resist her idol.  Her body raced towards one of Holly’s fastest orgasms ever.  Annie’s brown hair felt great against Holly’s thighs as Annie sucked, licked and bit Holly’s clitoris.  Holly’s hips gyrated with pleasure and Annie’s mouth followed her sex everywhere.

“Fuck!” Holly yelled.  She climaxed as Annie lapped up her juices.

“Fucking A!” Holly yelled as she came again.  Annie’s tongue discovered new depths inside Holly.

“Fuck me!” Holly screamed as she came a third time. 

Annie rose from between Holly’s legs.  The former teen idol’s face was smeared with Holly’s juices.  The look in her eyes was worlds away from the sweet innocence she once portrayed on television.  The smile however was pure Annie 

“Fuck me, Holly,” Annie said.  She sat beside Holly and draped her legs across Holly.  “Feel how warm and ready I am for you.”

Holly was too exhausted to move but this was Annie Watson.  She reached between Annie’s thighs and her fingers went where so many boys had wished they could.  Her fingers entered Annie and the actress shuddered. 

“Deeper, deeper, deeper,” Annie said.

Holly was glad to accommodate.  Her fingers probed deeper into the actress.  The heat and wetness that greeted Holly was astonishing.  This poor woman must have to wait forever for sex.  Holly’s objectivity as a reporter slipped away.  She had to help Annie.  She had to get her off.

“Fuck me, Holly,” Annie said.  “Fuck me like that asshole, Ed, can’t.”

Holly finger fucked Annie.  Holly found new reserves of energy as she plunged her fingers in and out of Annie.  The actress closed her eyes and moaned.  Holly pulled Annie’s breast out of her bra cup and then leaned over to bite it.   She sank her teeth into Annie’s breasts while her fingers fucked.

“Faster,” Annie moaned.  Holly fucked faster.

“Harder,” Annie begged.  Holly rammed her fingers in and out.

“Make me come,” Annie whispered.  Holly released Annie’s breast and moved her entire body so she could get between Annie’s thighs.  While her fingers kept fucking, Holly licked the actress’s clitoris.

“Fuck Alchemism!” Annie screamed.  She grabbed Holly’s head and kept her pinned to her pussy.  The actress fucked Holly’s fingers and face for a solid two minutes until her orgasm was finished.

Holly was exhausted.  She was appreciative for Annie helping her to the bed.  A night of driving and great sex had worn her out.  Annie tucked her in and Holly drifted gratefully off to sleep.

The sound of chanting woke Holly up.  She tried to sit up but her wrists and ankles were restrained.  She snapped to full alertness.  Had the Church of Alchemism found them?

Annie was standing above her on the bed.  The actress was naked except for the butcher knife she held in her hands.  It was Annie that was doing the chanting.

“Annie?” Holly asked.  “What’s going on?”

“Shh, Holly,” Annie said.  “I am trying to summon the Secret Perverts.  I want them to take me away to their secret lair under the earth.  I want to be fucked by their hellish decadence for ever and ever.  Only be sacrificing the ones I care for will they listen to me.  I am sorry but it will be worth it.  Your death will grant me a lifetime of fucking.  I am sure you are the last sacrifice needed.  Isn’t that worth it?”

“Uh,” Holly said.  She was still too tired to process all of this.  “I thought the Secret Perverts were just something the Church of Alchemism made up.”

“Oh no,” Annie said.  “The Church is trying to stop the Secret Perverts.  Once Ed explained it all to me, I realized how wrong the church was.  We should be serving the Secret Perverts, not fighting them.  It is all so clear to me.  The Secret Perverts have been sending me voices to help guide me.”

“Well, shit,” Holly said.  This was unexpected.

The motel doors burst open.  Three masked men with guns rushed in.  Annie screamed and all three men fired.  Darts appeared on Annie’s body and she dropped in a drugged stupor.  One of the men rushed forward to catch her before she fell.  Once he had her, he took his mask off.  It was Ed Tunt!

“My poor baby,” Ed said.  “I am so glad we got here before you killed another one.”

“Another one?” Holly asked.  One of the other masked men cut her free.  She stood up and rubbed her sore wrists.  “Has Annie killed before?”

Ed looked at Holly.  “She’s a really sweet girl.  She just needs the right treatment of mental preperation.”

“To protect her from being a schizophrenic or from the Secret Perverts?” Holly asked.

The two masked men raised their rifles.  Ed shook his head.

“The Church of Alchemism can not discuss internal religious matters with outsiders,” he said.

Holly sighed.  “You know what? I don’t give a shit.  Thank for saving me.  I won’t write about any of this.  No one would believe that sweet Annie Watson is a serial killer.  Just keep that bitch locked up.”

Ed smiled and left with his unconscious wife.  The masked men followed.  They were nice enough to close the door behind them.

“This is why you don’t become a part of the story,” Holly said.  She picked up the butcher knife.   Where did Annie even get this thing?

“Also, don’t fuck with celebrities,” Holly said.  “They’re crazy.”

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  1. That last line cracked me up, Shon. At least Holly got some awesome sex out of it :)

    xx Dee

  2. Heh, that was funny as hell and the twist was fantastic.

  3. Dee- Thanks :)

    t’Sade- I made a joke about the twist to my wife and as soon as I said it, I knew I had to write the story.

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