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The hood came off.  Holly Valentine shook her head because if she was going to die, she didn’t want to die with hood hair.  Her long red hair fell around her pale face like shimmering fire.  There, now that she looked good, she could deal with what was happening. 

She had been abducted as soon as she stepped into her hotel room.  These things happen.  She was an investigative reporter for INX and her list of enemies was as long as her shapely legs.  The expose she wrote on Nazi Super PAC’s last week was just asking for assassins.  

The man who took off her mask walked around to the front of her.  He wasn’t what she was expecting.  He had long curly hair and was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.  Where were the shiny leather pants and the aerodynamic bald head?  What kind of assassin was this? 

“Dude,” Holly said.   “Don’t you know that long hair means you have a greater chance to leave behind DNA evidence?”

The man slapped her.  His hand moved so quick that she didn’t have time to brace herself.  His hand smacked her head around and left a sting on her cheek.  The fucker was fast.

“Call me, Villain,” he said.  “And only sloppy assassins don’t take the time to bleach, vacuum and sterilize their work environment.”

“Good point, Villain,” Holly said.  She always believed in cooperating with the people who have her tied up.

Holly took a good look at her location.  Well this was odd.  Instead of a dark cellar or an empty warehouse, it appeared that she was in someone’s house.  She was tied to a chair in the living room to be exact.  Several lights had been set up to illuminate the place, most likely to help the camera that was sitting on a tripod.  There was another guy operating the camera and he was dressed just as casually as Villain was.

“What’s the camera for?” Holly asked.  She was a reporter, she had questions. 

Villain slapped the other side of her face.  Holly felt the sting of his hand a split second before her head spun around. 

“Ahhh,” Holly groaned.  “I meant, what is the camera for, Villain?”

“Some clients like to see their targets die,” Villain say.  “I also make extra money selling clips on web sites.”

“Damn, assassinating reporters doesn’t pay all the bills?” Holly asked.  “Villain,” she added quickly before the hand could fly.

Villain shook his head.  “The economy is tough, man.”

Holly nodded in sympathy.  Her hands however were in constant motion.  She couldn’t see the rope that had bound her hands but she was an expert in escaping bondage.  She twisted her wrists into the Zombie Clutch, then rolled them into the Robber’s Swirl and followed through with the Spookshow Pull.  There, that outwitted every decent knot.

She went to pull her hands free but the rope held on.  The perky redhead frowned with concern.  Shit, this wasn’t your average professional hitman’s knot.  This guy was actually good!

“Say, Villain,” Holly said.  She let her voice get husky and friendly.  “Maybe this is a misunderstanding.  Can you tell me who hired you and maybe I can clear this up.”

Villain ignored her.  He pulled out a nasty looking knife.  What frightened Holly about the knife is it lacked the weird serrated curves and dragon motifs on the hilt.  This was a knife from someone’s kitchen.  This wasn’t a knife for show; this was a knife for fucking cutting something.

Villain grabbed her blouse and placed the knife tip at her collar.  He cut through her 120$ blouse like it was fucking saran wrap.  With one quick slice he tore open her pricey blouse to reveal the even more expensive green bra underneath. 

“Oh shit, not the bra, Villain!” Holly said.  “You know how fucking hard it is to find a good bra for someone with my tits?”

The cruel bastard ignored her.  His knife cut into the middle of her bra and both cups popped free.  Holly heard the camera zoom in to focus on her heavy pale freckled breasts.

“Son of a bitch!” Holly yelled.  She was furious now.  Her life in danger was something she had gotten used to but tearing up her bras was just plain mean.  Her wrists twisted, rolled and turned against her bonds.  The rope held on like it was glued to her hands.

Villain grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed.  Holly winced as his fingers mauled her soft flesh.

“Is this for the porn site or the client?” Holly asked.

“To tell the truth, this one is for me,” Villain said.

He was grabbing both breasts now.  Her nipples were caught between his fingers and he cruelly twisted them.  Holly kept from screaming as he did his damn best to twist her nipples off.  When he released her nipples it was only so he could grab fresh handfuls of her tits. 

He groped, pulled and squeezed her for the camera.  The breast handling hurt but maybe not as much as the thought of this being recorded.  She hated the idea that some bastard executive who ordered her death was now wacking off to her debasement.  Hell, she wasn’t fond of a bunch of internet perverts getting their rocks off to her near death experience either.  She might escape death today but it was doubtful that she would escape the humiliation of this getting on the internet.

What really bothered her was how turned on she was.  It had been awhile since someone had abused her tits like this.  It had been even longer since she had been tied up in a way that wasn’t easy to escape.  For that matter, it had been ages since someone hated her enough to want her killed.  It had been like, a month at least.  The abduction, bondage and abuse were one hell of a turn on and it was distracting from her escape plan.

Holly’s escape plan was simple if a bit time consuming.  It was called the Brenda technique.  Holly kept moving her hands in complicated pattern of contortions that were designed to weaken the hold of restraining ropes.  It would wear through any rope in time but the trick was to keep doing the routine without stopping.  It was hard to keep up the rhythms when her pussy was clenching non stop. 

An older reporter had taught Holly the trick one torrid night in Vegas.  The older reporter said that she learned the trick from a reporter who used to get tied up by Railroad Barons in the Twenties.  It was an escape routine passed down from female reporter to female reporter through the decades.  Holly expected the trick was passed down from mouth to mouth and hand to pussy.     

“Hey Villain, you seem like a nice guy,” Holly said through gritted teeth.  His hand really knew how to crush a breast.  “Can’t we work something out?  Just between you me, and Hell, the camera man if he wants.”

Villain let go of her breast and moved behind her.  Holly allowed herself a smile.  She was getting good at this.  She had talked an assassin out of her ropes in record time!  All that practice in front of the mirror was paying off!”

Her glee turned sour as Villain walked back into view.  He had a gun now. 

“Holy shit!” Holly said.  “You’re just going to waste me?  Can’t we come to some sort of agreement?  I don’t have much money but shit, I can get you Lindsey Lohan’s sex dungeon address!  Just tell me what you want!”

Villain tilted his head to the side.  “From what I had heard about you, Ms. Valentine, I would have thought that you would have offered me a blowjob by now.”

“Shit, is that all you want?” Holly said.  “Unzip those jeans and stick your cock in my mouth already!  I will suck the evil right out of you, Villain!”

Holly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.  Sure, it was vulgar and slutty, but she was a reporter.  This wasn’t even in the top ten of trashy things she had done for a story much less for her life.  It would also buy her more time for the Brenda technique to work.

Villain didn’t take much convincing.  His jeans unzipped and he pulled his hard cock out for her.  Holly realized that the chair she was sitting in was the perfect height for a good blowjob.  The guy definitely planned ahead.

He grabbed her by her red hair and pulled her onto his cock.  Holly’s open mouth slid right over his cock until she was face first in his jeans.  He was hitting the back of her throat but Holly didn’t gag at all.  She was an experienced reporter.

Villain fucked her face.  He had her by the hair and there was nowhere for her to go.  Holly noticed that Villain positioned himself so that the camera could see every moment.  She tried to ignore it and just suck but damn, that was pretty humiliating.  He had turned her from a reporter into a porn star. 

It was pretty fucking hot.

Holly kept working through the Brenda combination.  Her hands kept moving while Villain fucked her face.  She had a hard time licking his cock and moving her hands at the same time but she came up with a solution.  Her tongue did the same series of movements as her hands.  Judging by the way that Villain was thrusting into her face, it was working.

Holly’s thighs clenched together.  She had soaked through her panties.  She briefly wondered if she could convince Villain to fuck her pussy next.  It wouldn’t be a good idea as it would be impossible to hide the Brenda combination while being fucked but damn it, it was pretty damn tempting. 

Villain reached down and grabbed on of her tits as she sucked.  Holly moaned as his relentless fingers pinched and squeezed.  Every pinch sent a fresh signal of desire to her poor neglected sex.  She was awfully tempted to give up on the escape and just beg to be fucked.

Right as her will was about to broken, she felt a surge of seed in her mouth.  Villain grunted as he filled her mouth with come.  Holly swallowed because kidnapping assassins really hate it when you spit.    

Villain pulled his cock out.  “Damn, I have had my cock sucked by reporters, nurses and congresswomen, but you are the fucking best.”

“Thanks,” Holly said.  “If you think my mouth is good, let me go and I’ll show you how much better my pussy is.”

Villain smiled.  “Sorry, I’m on a deadline.  And so are you.”

He pulled the gun back out.  Villain pointed it at her and placed it on her temple.

“Oh come on!” Holly said.  She meant to sound helpless and sad but it came across more as bitchy and defiant.  Holly hadn’t mastered being helpless yet.

Behind her back, she felt the ropes loosen.  She was almost there!  She just had to stall for a minute longer!

“Give me five minutes with your cock,” Holly said. “Give me five minutes and I will make you come so hard that-“ 

Villain pulled the trigger.

The gun clicked.  It was empty.

Villain turned to the camera.  “And that concludes this demonstration.  As you can see, I captured famed reporter, Holly Valentine, molested her and even had her beg to suck my cock.  I had a gun to her head and she still didn’t escape.  I didn’t kill her because I don’t kill for free.  If you would like to see me kill one of your enemies, please contact the email appearing on your screen now.  Good bye.”

The ropes fell from Holly’s hand.  The Brenda combination had finally freed her.  She stood up and grabbed the chair she was sitting on.  Her blouse still open and her bruised tits exposed to the camera, Holly swung the chair at the back of Villain’s head.

The chair shattered on Villain.  The asshole dropped like a rock and fell to the ground. 

Holly looked at the camera guy.  “This was a fucking demonstration?  What am I?  A goddamn preview clip?”

The camera guy held up his hands.  “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, he wasn’t going to let anyone hire him to kill you.  He just wanted to show he could.”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t he kill me for money?” Holly said.

The camera guy looked at the fallen Villain.  “Don’t tell him I said this, but he’s a big fan of yours.  He loved your report on how banks got were using orphans in sweatshops to process mortgage foreclosures.”

“Oh, Holly said.  She was pissed but the man was a fan.  She was conflicted.  She was also really horny.

“He’s going to be pissed when he wakes up, right?” Holly said.  “Probably want to tie me up and do all sorts of things to my body, right?”

The camera guy nodded slowly.  “My car is out back.  You can have the keys if you promise not to hurt me.”

“Fuck the car,” Holly said.  “Help me wake Villain back up.  I want to see what happens next.”

Villain appears courtesy of Tim Woodman, a fine bondage/kidnap/villainy enthusiast.  I highly recommend any of his work.  If Holly Valentine was a porn clip series, it would be on his site.

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  1. I *love* villians with morals. And the desire to prove themselves. This was a lovely and very hot story. Thank you!

  2. t’Sade- I have had this story kicking around for ages. I thought it would be nice to show the harsh economic times these poor kidnapping killers are going through.

  3. That was hot, and sexy – and a great twist. And how did I not know about Tim Woodman before now?

    xx Dee

  4. Tim is the man. He makes bdsm videos that I actually enjoy rather than fast forward through.

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