Jun 132012

Isaac Cox held his hand up.  It was shaking.  At six and a half feet tall, that was a lot of arm to be shaking.  The black man looked at his hand in a sort of wonder.  He had been scared plenty of times in his career as a bounty hunter and even more in his earlier time as a male stripper, but he had never been this scared.  It was fascinating.

“What’s the matter, Sweetballs?” Olivia asked.  Sweetballs was her new nickname for him.  She usually came up with a new one every other month.  It was one of the reasons he loved her so much.

Olivia Pusse’ was his fantastic girlfriend, even more fantastic lover and even better partner.  For a college cheerleader turned private detective, she was a hell of woman.  The only thing bigger than her gorgeous tits and blonde hair was her heart.

He flashed her smile #21, the one that said loved every second that he was with her.  “Maybe we should call for backup,” Isaac said.  “The NRKKK will all be packing and we know there will be at least fifty of them.  I know they’re having a meeting in a church but to these Bible humpers, that just means they want Jesus to bless their bullets.”

Olivia shook her head.  “You really think the police will just arrest them?  We’re in Arizona.  You’ve had to show the police your birth certificate four times since we got here.  For all we know, the NRKKK is made of police.  Either we get them now, or this cock-regation is going to break up and go back underground.  Remember what these hood fuckers did to that adult toy store?”

Isaac remembered.  The National Rifle Klu Klux Klan was targeting any adult businesses that were operated by minorities.  Not content with a simple drive by, these paramilitary fuckers were taking their time to capture, torture and execute the employees.  That usually took an hour and Olivia was right, not a single policeman had shown up in time to stop it.  It was up to them.

“I’m not afraid for me,” Isaac said.  “I just don’t them to get their hands on you.  You know what they would do with a white woman who worked with a black man?  You saw the kind of sick shit they do.”

Olivia shook her head.  “It’s sweet that you’re worried about me, Sweetballs, but you got to girl up and deal with it.  Either we kill these fuckers tonight or they might get away clean. “

“Yeah, you’re right,” Isaac said.  He looked at his hand and tried to will it to be still.  It wasn’t working.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Olivia said.  “Back when I was a cheerleader, I would get nervous before a game.”

“Oh God, you’re not going to tell me picture all those pale white rednecks naked are you?” Isaac said.

“Great, make me throw up before we go in there,” Olivia said.  “No, I was going to tell you how before a game, I would go to my Happy Place.  You know, a mental place where everything is perfect.  I used to fantasize about being in a shoe store and naked Olympic swimmers would wait on me.”

Isaac laughed.  “My happy place is balls deep in you while we watch cop shows.”

Olivia laughed.  “I am pretty sure that is your Happy Fucking Place.”

She kissed him.  It was out of the blue and unexpected.  Their tongues danced with each other as if they knew this might be their last kiss.  When they came up for air, Olivia spoke first.

“Now go to your Happy Killing Place,” she said.

Isaac picked up his twin steel pistols.   He took a look at Olivia as she unzipped her leather jacket to reveal more cleavage.  He heard laughter coming from the church.  He was with his girlfriend about to hurt some very bad people.  Yes, a Happy Killing Place.  He could do that.

Isaac imagined Olivia getting ready this morning.  She had put on a blue thong because few things made her want to shot something more than having a thong up her crack all day.  She put on black jeans and then strapped on four guns along her thighs.  A blue sports bra went on top of her lovely breasts.  Olivia was a firm believer that a lot of cleavage distracted people trying to kill her.  She was also a firm believer in proper tit support during a fight.  She put a leather jacket over them and then filled her pockets with bullets.  Her long blonde hair went into a tight bun so her enemies would have less to grab.  She was a murderous beauty queen.

Isaac kicked the church doors open.  A mass of rednecks wearing their white hunting cap hoods turned around.  Isaac raised his pistols and didn’t bother to aim.  He just pointed in the direction of the crowd and pulled the trigger.

Racists started screaming.  Wet spots appeared on dozens of pants.  A black guy with a gun was their worse nightmare come to life.

Olivia made the nightmare worse.  She walked out from behind Isaac and leveled her shotgun at the racists.  The ones in front ducked behind pews and the ones behind them were cut down by the spread of her shotgun rounds.  Racist slurs turned into screams of mercy.

The surprise lasted for only a few seconds.  Hundreds of guns were drawn from holsters, carrying cases and portable gun racks.  Confronted with a black man and a white woman, the racists’ fears gave way to unspeakable rage.  The looks of hatred were more intense than the look of hundreds of guns pointed at them.

Isaac moved to the left.  Olivia went to the right.  He couldn’t watch her as he fought but she was on his mind.  He thought about Olivia going down on him.  He pictured his cock disappearing in slow motion between Olivia’s hungry lips.  The flicks of her tongue were burned into his memory.  The fear melted away as his cock hardened.

He kept shooting as he walked.  His old stripper moves kicked in and his body twisted, turned and move in a rhythm that the racists found impossible to draw a bead on.  They were used to shooting cardboard targets, running immigrants and crying victims.  Shooting someone who moved was a challenge that most couldn’t handle.  Their bullets missed as the walls around Isaac disintegrated.  A tremor of fear ran up his leg.

Isaac thought of Olivia punching a drunk last night.  The guy was kicked out of the NRKKK for dating a Hispanic and he had some information.  Olivia had put the guy’s head between her thighs and squeezed.  The poor bastard started crying for his momma and said that his skull was cracking.  He told them everything. 

He holstered his pistols when they ran out of bullets.  He pulled out an Uzi from his trench coat without even breaking stride.  He aimed low and kneecaps disintegrated.  Racists blacked out from the pain while their friends used their fallen bodies for cover.

Isaac thought of Olivia on her laptop.  She was one hell of a researcher when it came to tracking gun sales.  College must be good for something after all.  Isaac loved to see a smart woman work.  The fact that the blonde liked to work naked on her laptop was just the cream in the pastry filling.

He pulled a grenade from his belt and lobbed it at the back door.  A crowd of cowardly NRKKK members were trying their best to make a strategic bug out.  Too bad for them that Isaac and Olivia had chained the door shut just a few minutes ago.  The grenade bounced into the crowd and reduced them to hamburger paste.

The bullets were coming closer.  Either the NRKKK were becoming better shots or Isaac was slowing down.  A single bullet could cripple him and with him down, Olivia would have a much harder time.  She might even get captured.  The terrible things they would do to her were enough to turn Isaac white. 

A group of NRKKK members rushed him.  Maybe they smelled fear.  Maybe they just couldn’t resist putting a boot to a black man.  More than likely, they knew what awful shots they were and needed to get in point blank range.

Isaac thought of Olivia.  He thought of her perfect bouncing tits when she rode his cock.  He thought of the way her lips get tight when she fired her guns.  He thought of the way Olivia smiled at him when he said something nice about her.  He thought about how much he loved that crazy white girl.

He stuck his leg up and the closest NRKKK member ran face first into his boot.  He used the grip of his Uzi to smash in the skull of the second closest racist.  He grabbed the hood of the third closest asshole and slammed his head into the nearest pew.

The fourth fuckwad lost his courage.  He turned to run but Isaac hooked an arm around his neck and dragged him close to him.  His new human shield screamed as Isaac fired his Uzi into the racists.  When the racist felt Isaac’s erection pressing into his back, the NRKKK member wept like a baby.

Unable to dodge, Isaac was an easy target for the NRKKK.  They had no hesitation to shooting his meat shield because they were damn happy to at least be hitting something.  Isaac used that opportunity to get a better aim on the rapidly shrinking group of racists. 

Ten seconds later, it was over.  The entire NRKKK was dead.  Isaac dropped the dead weight he was carrying.  The smell of gunpowder and blood was strong but not nearly as strong as the overwhelming smell of piss.

Olivia walked over to him.  She had changed out her shotgun for a nasty looking assault rifle that Isaac didn’t recognize.  Her jacket was open and her blue sports bra was exposed. 

“What do you think of my new gun, Sweetballs?” Olivia said.  “The thing punched a hole through a guy deeper than when you ass fuck me!”

“Oh yeah?” Isaac said.  He flashed her smile #76, the one that said everything is right in the world because she was here.  That smile was easier and easier to do every day. “Why don’t you drop your pants and we’ll do a comparison right here?”

Olivia wiggled out of her jeans.   Now it was time for Isaac to go to his Happy Fucking Place.

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  1. Love the descriptions during the fight and how he was obsessing about two things. The erection in the middle of the racist’s (extra S in that section) back when he was used as a meat shield was just appropriate.


  2. t’Sade- Thanks :)

  3. Nice mix of fear and adrenaline rush during that fight. It definitely adds an intensity to what otherwise is a already tense situation given history and all.

    Lovely little fix there, many thanks ^^

  4. Mystique – Thanks :)

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