Jun 272012

Explorer’s Log: I have spent six days with the Mur, the dominant intelligent species in the star system designated Soft Moan of the Queen by Royal Astronomers.  The Mur are a race that prize scientific achievement above all other things.  They pose no threat to the Queen and they are likely to provide many advances in science and philosophy under proper negotiations.

I have spent six days as their guest and they have shown me every courtesy.  They stand at twice my height and yet have a gentle nature about them.  I have been taken on tours of their finest museums, research laboratories and debate coliseums.  I have been given luxurious quarters and as much food and music as I can gorge myself on.  I shall spend two more days here before moving on.  End Explorer’s Log     

Explorer’s Personal Log:  Fuck me with a comet, I am so damn bored.  Six days here and not a single one of these Mur have tried to fuck me.  If I don’t get laid soon, I am going to recommend a Class Four Humiliation Conquest on these lanky assholes.

Vaquel Di took the hand of the Mur scientists and placed it directly on her brown breast.  She was wearing the traditional Euphorian casual wear, which was a thong and push up bra.  She pressed the Mur’s fingers against her buoyant breast.

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” Vaquel said.  “I’ve seen the breasts on your fems.  I may only have two instead of their three, but mine are much larger.”

The Mur licked his lips with his three tongues.  His name was Qu-ee and he was her primary contact for his species.  He was some sort of biologist and science politician.  He was a nice guy and Vaquel really wanted to fuck his face and feel all three of his tongues inside her.

“Va-quel, please!” Qe-ee said.  He tried to pull his fingers away but Vaquel held onto them.  “I shouldn’t touch you without at least observing the seven rites of decontamination, much less touching your fleshy parts!”

“You should only touch her breasts with a regulation distance probe!” We-ee said.  He was Qu-ee’s brother and assistant.

“And only then with three observers to maintain scientific purity!” Ee-ee said.  He was Qu-ee’s other brother and assistant.  The Mur felt siblings were very important to efficiency.

“Don’t we have enough observers now?” Vaquel asked.  She pointed at the glass panels in the ceiling of her quarters.  A dozen Mur scientists stood above the ceiling looking down.  All of them were taking notes.  Vaquel hadn’t complained when she first saw the scientists a week ago because after months of being alone, she found the constant observation to be kind of nice.

“Please let go, Va-quel,” Qe-ee said.  “If contact is prolonged, I might lose the next election!”

“What is with you guys?” Vaquel yelled.  She pushed Qu-ee’s hand away.  The frantic scientist pulled out a spray bottle and disinfected his hand.

“I don’t get you guys at all,” Vaquel said.  “I met three Mur orbiting a gas planet and they fucked me in less than five minutes.  Not a single one of you fucks have even groped me!”

“Those were low citizens!” We-ee said.  “That is why they were on a mining station.  Their low test scores, lack of fealty to testing procedure and blatant disregard for scientific purity makes them good candidates for remote missions!”

Ee-ee nodded frantically.  “They shouldn’t have had intimate relationships with you at all!  That is how germ hybridization starts!”

Vaquel sighed.  “Look, I need to fuck, okay?  I travel alone and all my dildoes are getting old.  I need to get laid.  I’m sure you can find some way to get one of your Mur, or several Mur, to fuck me and call it a science experiment.  Right?  You’re smart guys, help me out.”

The Mur looked down on her.  Qe-ee sprayed his other hand with disinfectant for good measure.  As he washed his hand, he kept staring at her bountiful dark breasts.

“Your species appears to have a high sexual drive,” Qe-ee said.  “That would explain your vulgarity and forwardness.”

“Such a high sexual drive might be unhealthy to frustrate,” We-ee said.  “We could be risking harm to her by denying her pleasure.”

Ee-ee almost reached down to touch her breast before stopping himself.  “Making sure Va-quel achieve sexual satisfaction is the only humane thing to do.”

Vaquel nodded.  “What he said.  Fuck me for my own good.”

The three Mur smiled.  Vaquel smiled.  She had them!  Praise the Queen!

“Come brothers!” Qe-ee said.  “Let’s go form an exploratory committee!”

The Mur left in a hurry.  Vaquel stared at them and growled. 

“Make that a Class Five Humiliation Conquest,” Vaquel said.  “With Castration Camps.”

An hour later, three Mur that Vaquel didn’t recognize came into the room.  They carried a heavy object between the three of them.  It was a ball made of some sort of plush material.  Several funnels projected from random sides.  When she looked closer at it, the plush material seemed to be some sort of fur.

“You press this button,” one of the Mur said.  All three rushed out of the room.

Vaquel looked up.  There were a lot of scientists watching from the ceiling.  She counted thirty at least. Only half of them were taking notes though.  The other half seemed to just be leering.

She took a look at the fur ball.  The funnels attracted her attention.  They wear soft to the touch.  When she pressed down on one, a little fluid appeared.  She rubbed her fingers together and noted how slippery it was.

A smile broke across her face.  Was this a Mur sex toy?  She would prefer a real cock but hey, this will do nicely.

Vaquel pressed the button.  Nothing happened.  The scientists above her watched intently.  For one brief moment she worried that this was some sort of intelligence test and she was the one being tested.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said.  She didn’t need fancy gizmos to get off.  All she needed was a soft place to rub and she was good to go.  Vaquel wiggled out of her thong and tossed it aside.  She straddled the furball and lowered herself on one of the funnels.  The funnel molded against the pink bush of her pubic hair.  At least part didn’t need a button.

Vaquel moved her hips and pressed her sex against the funnel.  It was nice, but not quite stimulating enough.  In annoyance, she tried the button again.  This time there was a hum of motors and the ball lifted six feet in the air.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried.  Her space explorer training kicked in and her thighs tightened around the ball.  She kept her balance as the ball bounced slowly in the air.

“This would be just about crotch height on a Mur,” Vaquel said out loud.  She wanted to scientists to know she was smarter than she looked.

She forgot about the scientists as the funnel came to life.  What felt like multiple tongues began licking at her sex.  They licked at her rapidly as if she had an entire Navy squadron between her legs.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried out.  This is what she needed.  She grabbed two tufts of fur with her hands and held on.

The tongues vibrated and Vaquel tossed her head back in delight.  She looked up at the Mur scientists watching her.  Thirty males and females of that frigid species watched her with inquisitive eyes.

“Like what you see?” Vaquel said.  She stripped off her bra and tossed it aside.  She grabbed her brown breasts and squeezed.  Her fingers sank into her soft flesh as she showed them what they were missing.

The ball bounced slowly in the air while Vaquel held on with her thighs.  The funnel vibrated as the mechanical tongues licked at her sex.  The funnel edges moved and nibbled in a close approximation of a real mouth.  Unlike a real mouth, this one never had to come up for air.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel cried.  She leaned back on the floating ball so the scientists could see better.  She grabbed her nipples and pulled on them so the Mur could appreciate her large breasts.  Some of the scientists had dropped their notes while one trio was on their knees.

The tongues moved away and Vaquel pouted.  She looked for another button to press.  Before she could find one, she felt something new touch her sex.  It was long, thin and vibrated.

“Fuck me, you magnificent fur ball!” Vaquel cried.  The thin rod penetrated her.  It grew longer and longer until her cunt was completely filled.  When she couldn’t take anymore, the rod moved back and forth like a passionate lover.

Vaquel laughed with pleasure.  The top half of her body undulated on top of the fur ball.  She threw every bit of her flexibility into it as she put on a show for the scientists.  Those assholes needed to know what they were missing.

She felt something pressed against her ass.  Vaquel turned around and saw one of the other funnels was snaking towards her anus.  The funnel applied itself to her ass and she soon felt more tongues licking her asshole.

“You’re best species ever!” Vaquel yelled to the scientists.  “Seriously, I love you guys!”

More of the Mur were on their hands and knees to watch.  Quite a few had given up the pretense of taking notes.  Vaquel was amazed by how many of their heads moved in perfect synchronicity with her tits.

The rod in her sex increased in speed.  The vibrations grew stronger and the funnel produced more lubricant.  The tongues on her ass were getting bolder and were opening her anus.  The bottom half of Vaquel’s body was an orgy of sensation.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.  Her orgasm blossomed within her and she almost fell off the fur ball.  After days of waiting to get laid, she had a lot of tension to release. 

The tongues kept licking her ass while the rod gently eased out of her.  The fur ball sank to the ground where Vaquel slid off the ball.  She lay on the floor for a good five minutes and watched the frustrated scientists above her.

“Okay, maybe just a Class One Humiliation Conquest,” Vaquel said.  “On second thought, if they don’t let me take this ball with me, it is Class Five for sure.”

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  1. She’s going to break it if she keeps it. But, good to know that high science is good for getting off oversexed aliens. :)

    Reminds me of a RPG game I played for a while called The Fifth Cycle (or something like that). It has a little supplement about the sex lives of the various species in the world. The gnomes were obsessed with toys and would make things like “Daddy’s Little Helper” or “Brass Framework for Multiple Orgasms in the Reclining Position.”

    Loved it.

  2. t’Sade – Now I wish I used such highly over descriptive names for Otto Von Madd

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