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Yolanda: The Girl from Erosphere is a 1975 science fiction erotica book written by Dominique Verseau although rumor has it that this is just a pseudonym for much more famous writer, Henri René Guieu.  It is book one in a series that I am pretty sure never saw a book two.  That is something of a problem as book one ends on a cliffhanger. 

What is it about?  See, in the future, humanity gets a hell of a lot less uptight about sex and gets very open minded.  Not open minded enough for male homosexuality apparently, but enough for casual sex between men and women and girl on girl action.  Yolanda is a sexologist and she is picked to join a crew of three astronauts to go to a mysterious destination on a new space ship.  The mission is top secret to the point that the astronauts are not told where they are going, but one of your crew is a sexologist, another is a linguistics expert and the other two are virile male mechanic types, the odds are you are going to sexy planet.

During the space flight, the four astronauts have a lot of sex.  The female linguistics expert is what passes for a prude in this society as she take a little convincing before she will have sex but trust me, everyone is having sex in this book.  I’d say 90% of the book is about sex acts but I am not a sexologist like Yolanda.

The other ten percent is interesting science fiction.  Although it is not explicitly stated, it occurred to me that the premise of this society is that what if the sexual revolution of the 1970’s kept going.  Clothing is most transparent lingerie, people have an Age of Consent day where they discard their virginity and science is working hard on pills to help women’s sphincters relax during anal sex.  It is an interesting idea and one that could only have been written in 1975 before the sexual revolution ran into the AIDS terror of the 80’s.

I also whole heartedly approve of the use of science in a lot of the sex scenes.  I have this pet peeve about fantasy and science fiction erotica.  A lot of writers will use the setting as a place for people to get laid without thinking about how people in a world with magic or super science would be using their setting to help them get off.  This book is full of sexual aids that are unique to the setting.  Artificial gravity is turned into a sex aid.  Pills are made to relax your anus or flavor your sperm.  This is not a book where people in funny costumes have sex just like you do.  This is a book about space sex.

Which you better like because man, there is a lot of it.  The majority of the book is about the casual fucking that takes place on a space ship.  When aliens show up, they just join in the sex.  It took me a week to read this slim book because sex, sex, sex just bored the shit, shit shit out of me.

Funny aside, the sex aliens in this book look an awful lot like the Engineers from the Prometheus movie.  Which is hilarious in a kind of spoiler way that you will only get if you have seen the movie.     
The other downside is that after 180 pages of frolicking casual sex, the books end with a gangbang rape of the main characters by other, nastier sex aliens.  It was a real mood changer.  I can only imagine that in the 70’s, rape was just another sexual position because I keep running into fucking rape scenes in 70’s porn books.

It is a shame that there never was a book two because I am pretty sure it would have been like Anne Rice’s Beauty book except in space.  Although I was often bored by the endless sex, I did enjoy the non-sex bits and I thought the imagination and science fiction was quite neat. 

I give it Two out of Five Pam Griers.

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  1. Um, YOU could write the sequel. I can’t think of anyone better qualified, in fact.

    Regarding the fascination with rape back in the ’70s, I see it as a cultural backlash reaction to the Women’s Rights movement. Anytime something changes within a system, there’s stress, which manifests as pressure to “Change back!” and reestablish the status quo. Rape scenes could be seen as a societal attempt to “put women back in their places.”

    That’s an academic view, of course, with ideas borrowed from people far smarter than me. Nor does it constitute an endorsement of rape. Just a thought I had after reading your review.

  2. It is really weird when you contrast it with the rest of the book. There was 180 pages of casual sex, foursomes, sixsomes and talking about sex and then it is ended with a ruthless gangbang rape of men and women. I was especially surprised of the men getting raped after the book spent so much time talking about how sexually enlightened the men were but they were almost homophobic when it came to being in contact with each other during the orgies.
    This book was pretty equal opportunity when it came to rape.

  3. He wrote the sequel right afterwards:

    Yolanda: Slaves of Space
    Dominique Verseau

    ISBN 10: 0802101216 / 0-8021-0121-6
    ISBN 13: 9780802101211
    Publication Date: 1976
    Binding: Softcover
    Much harder to find but not impossable.

  4. Richard – Oh cool, thank you very much!

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